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"The power of the Allose is not in its weapons." — Ishtar

"Luck is one of my skills." — Ismau

"I am Colonel B.D. Andrews speaking for the supreme military command of the United Earth Government. The time has come to refute a preposterous rumor that is spreading throughout the population. Recent military maneuvers in the northern province have been misinterpreted by irresponsible people as evidence that we have been attacked or invaded by an enemy power. If you hear these rumors, ignore them. We have not been invaded, nor are we at war!"


           Days after
           Carl Macek created protoculture as a MacGuffin to unite the storylines of the three separate anime that composed Robotech

History of The Anime TV Series & Movies
           Days after

"Robotech" anime franchise [est. 1982]
This is a mare's nest of cancelled series & sequels and aborted spinoffs and renamed duplications; we will start with the American TV series,
and the several feature films, and gradually add the rest later franchise entry at Wikipedia

official 'Robotech' website [est. 1998]
'Robotech Saga Wiki' fansite
'The (unofficial) Robotech Reporter' fansite [est. 2010]
RobotechX fansite [est.2007] - By The Fans For The Fans

Robotech Protoculture Collection DVD box set  "Robotech: Protoculture Collection" DVD Box Set [2005]
Section 23 color DVD set [11/2005] 21 disks - out of prodn/used
contains the complete TV series (85 episodes) on 14 disks, plus 7 disks of extras including: unaired "Genesis Climber Mospeada" pilot, "Codename: Robotech" 1985 TV movie, original "Macross" pilot, "Robotech II: The Sentinels" feature film, promo film "Galaxy of The Stars", comic book covers gallery, character bios, and more
Robotech: The Complete Set 20-disk DVD box set  "Robotech: The Complete Set" DVD Box Set [2013]
A&E Home Video slipcase color DVD set [11/2013] 20 disks for $49.95
includes remastered versions of all 85 episodes from the three Robotech Wars: "The Macross Saga", "The Robotech Masters", and "Robotech: The New Generation", with two feature films: "The Shadow Chronicles" [2006] and "Love Live Alive" [2013], as well as a bonus disk

Television  Series

"Codename: Robotech" TV movie [1985]
a 73-minute pilot made from the first 13 episodes of the TV series

"Robotech" animated TV series [March-July 1985]
series credits at IMDb series entry at Wikipedia on 17 disks trailer [3.07]

"Robotech: The Macross Saga" animated TV series [] 36 episodes

"Robotech: The Masters" animated TV series [] instant video

"Robotech: The New Generation" animated TV series []
Trailer [0:47] 28 episodes

'Robotech' Movies
film credits at Internet Movie Database
film entry at Wikipedia

Robotech 2-Movie Collection on DVD  "Robotech: 2-Movie Collection" on DVD [2013]
containss "The Shadow Chronicles" [2006] and new release "Love Live Alive"
[2013]; bonus material includes outtakes, trailers, photo gallery, 6 featurettes

LionsGate O-ring case DVD set [7/2013] 2 disks - out of prodn/used

"Robotech: The Movie" animated feature film [July 1986] /tt0091862/
re-edited version of a Japanese TV serial combined with new anime, released in the U.S. as a feature-length film movie trailer [1.14]

"Robotech II: The Sentinels" animated feature film [Sept 1988] [1:09:50]

"Macross II: The Movie" animated feature film [11/2000]

"Macross Plus: Movie Edition" animated feature film [5/2002]

"Robotech Masters" animated short film [Dec 2004]
13-minute 'showcase' short film directed by Kji It /tt0448715/

"Macross Plus" The Collection" (Two-Disc Set) [5/2005]

"Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles" animated feature film [8/2006] trailer [2.02]

"Robotech: Love Live Alive" animated feature film [7/2013] [0:29]

"Robotech: The Inside Story" 15-minute documentary [Oct 2013] /tt3125986/

Games  &  Other Media

"Robotech RPG Tactics Starter Board Game" [12/2014] by Palladium

"Robotech 30th Anniversary Roy Fokker VF-1S Transformable Action Figure [4/2015] by Toynami
1:100 Scale (Series 1) 7" tall

"Robotech 30th Anniversary Rick Hunter VF-1S Transformable Action Figure [4/2015] by Toynami
1:100 Scale (Series 1) 7" tall

"Robotech 30th Anniversary Miriya VF-1S Transformable Action Figure [4/2015] by Toynami
1:100 Scale (Series 1) 7" tall


Tatsunoko Productions

Harmony Gold U.S.A. [est. 1983]
official company website company entry at Wikipedia
"Harmony Gold's Galaxy of The Stars" promo reel [2012]
"Don't Support Harmony Gold"

writer-producer Carl Macek [1951-2010]
"Carl Macek's Robotech Universe" docufilm [Oct 2011] /tt2007934/

hotshot pilot Rick Hunter
Rick's war hero mentor Roy Fokker
girl pilot Miriya
villain Max Sterling

Books  &  Comics
search for books & audio {returns over 1,200 items} on keyword 'robotech' at Amazon
search for Kindle Edition ebooks on keyword 'robotech' at Amazon

"Robotech / Voltron" crossover comics

Image  Gallery


'Robotech' Links
'Robotech Saga Wiki' fansite
Robotech Unofficial Reference Guide: 2060 Edition" website [est. 1995] {last update 2012}
RobotechX fansite [est.2007] - By The Fans For The Fans
'The (unofficial) Robotech Reporter' fansite [est. 2010]

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