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American Cinema of The 1960s  
"American Cinema of The 1960s: Themes & Variations" [2008]
Edited by Barry Keith Grant

Rutgers Univ Press pb [2/2008] for $24.95
Rutgers Univ Press hardcover [2/2008] for $70.00
Making Waves Cinema of the 1960s  "Making Waves: New Cinemas of The 1960s" [2007]
by Geoffrey Nowell-Smith

Continuum International Publng 9x6 pb [12/2007] for $16.46
Continuum International Publng 9x6¼ hardcover [12/2007] for $66.70
Glamour Girls of Sixties Hollywood  "Glamour Girls of Sixties Hollywood: Seventy-Four Profiles" [2007]
by Tom Lisanti

interviewees include Edy Williams {"Beyond The Valley of The Dolls"}, Victoria Vetri {"When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth"}, and Inga Neilsen {"In Like Flint"}
McFarland & Co. 10x7 hardcover [9/2007] for $39.95
Sixties Photographs by Robert Altman  "The Sixties: Photographs by Robert Altman" [2007]
Santa Monica Press 12x9¼ hardcover [9/2007] for $26.37

Magic Lantern's auteur Robert Altman [1925-2006] Page

Revolution! / World Cinema  "Revolution!: The Explosion of World Cinema In The Sixties" [2004]
by Peter Cowie

Faber & Faber 9x5¾ pb [6/2005] for $9.75
Faber & Faber 9¾x6½ hardcover [6/2004] for $25.00
The 1960s   "The 1960s: American Popular Culture Through History" [2003]
by Edward J. Rielly

Greenwood Press 9½x6¼ hardcover [5/2003] for $55.00
Movies of the 60s   "Movies of The 60s" [2003]
by Jürgen Müller

Taschen 10x8 pb [5/2003] for $26.39
The Sixties   "The Sixties, 1960-1969" [2000]
by Paul Monaco
(History of The American Cinema, Vol. 8)
Univ CA Press 10x7 pb [6/2003] for $20.08
Scribner's 10¼x7¼ hardcover [12/2000] for $99.00
Hollywood Musicals of the 60s TV special  "Hollywood Musicals of The 60s" [2000 video release]
Passport Video b&w/color DVD [5/2000] for $9.99
full credits from IMDb
interviewees include Julie Andrews; featured films include "A Hard Days Night" [1964], "A Funny Thing ... Forum" [1966], "Camelot" [1967], "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" [1968], "Funny Girl" [1968], "Let's Make Love" [1960], "Mary Poppins" [1964], "Oliver!" [1968], "Star" [1968], and "Thoroughly Modern Millie" [1967]
Essential Movie Posters  "Film Posters of The 60s: The Essential Movies of The Decade" [1998]
Edited by Tony Nourmand & Graham Marsh

Overlook 12½x10¼ hardcover [1/98] out of print/used
Overlook 11¾x9¾ pb [6/99] out of print/used
Hollywood's Best: The Sixties  "Hollywood's Best: The '60s" music CD [1997]
artists include The Animals, Ray Charles, Petula Clark, Connie Francis, The Stan Getz Quartet, Astrud Gilberto, Herbie Hancock, Herman's Hermits, Debbie Reynolds, Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs, Mel Torme, The M.G.M. Studio Chorus & Orchestra, and the orchestras of Riz Ortolani & Nelson Riddle
Rhino Records/W.E.A. music CD [10/97] 16 tracks - out of prodn/used
Films of the Sixties book by Douglas Brode  "The Films of The Sixties: From La Dolce Vita To Easy Rider" [1990]
by Douglas Brode

Citadel Press 11x8½ pb [5/90] out of print/used

Best of The 60's Collection DVD box set  "Best of The '60s Collection" DVD Box Set [2003]
Warner Home Video DVD set [12/2003] 4 disks - out of prodn/used
contains 4 feature films: "Bonnie and Clyde" [1967] starring Warren Beatty & Faye Dunaway - film won 2 Oscars; "Cool Hand Luke" [1967] starring Paul Newman; "Bullitt" [1968] starring Steve McQueen; and Sam Peckinpah's "The Wild Bunch: The Director's Cut" [1969]

Sensational Sixties 50 Classic Features DVD box set  "The Sensational Sixties: 50 Classic Features Movie Set" DVD Box Set [2012]
Mill Creek Ent. DVD set [7/2012] 12 disks for $9.49
contains 50 feature-length films, 1959-1969; four are TV movies, 35 are in color, 15 are b&w: "Alexander The Great" TV movie [M.G.M. color 1968] starring William Shatner, Adam West & John Cassavetes; "Anatomy of A Psycho" [Unitel 1961]; "The Avenger" aka "War of The Trojans" [Italy Eastmancolor 1962] starring Steve Reeves; "The Ballad of Andy Crocker" TV movie [ABC-TV color 1969] starring Lee Majors, Joey Heatherton & Jimmy Dean; "The Battle of El Alamein" [color Europe 1969, USA 1971] starring Frederick Stafford, George Hilton, Robert Hossein; "The Battle of The Last Panzer" [Spain Telecolor 1969] starring Guy Madison; "Bloody Pit of Horror" [Italy Eastmancolor 1965] starring Mickey Hargitay; "The Cape Town Affair" [Fox color 1967] co-written by Samuel Fuller, starring James Brolin, Claire Trevor & Jacq-ueline Bisset; "The Choppers" [Fairway Intl. 1961] starring Arch Hall Jr.; "Constantine and The Cross" [Eastmancolor 1962] starring Cornel Wilde, Christine Kaufmann & Belinda Lee;
"Criminal Affair" [Eastmancolor 1968] co-produced, co-written & directed by and starring Rossano Brazzi, also starring Ann-Margret & Barbara Nichols; "Dangerous Charter" [Technicolor 1962]; "David & Goliath" [Eastmancolor 1960] starring Orson Welles, Ivica Pajer, Eleonora Rossi Drago & Aldo Pedinotti; "The Deadly Companions" Western [Pathécolor 1961] directed by Sam Peckinpah, starring Maureen O'Hara, Brian Keith, Chill Wills & Strother Martin; "Desert Commandos"
[Technicolor 1967] written & directed by Umberto Lenzi; "The Devil's Partner" [1962] starring Ed Nelson, Edgar Buchanan & Jean Allison; "Diary of A Telephone Operator" [Italy Technicolor 1969] starring Claude Cardinale, Catherine Spaak, Robert Hoffman & John Phillip Law; "The Dungeon of Harrow" [color/b&w 1962]; "Esther and The King" [Italy Technicolor 1960] directed by Raoul Walsh & Mario Bava, starring Joan Collins, Richard Egan & Dennis O'Dea; "The Fat Spy" [color 1965] starring Brian Donlevy, Jack E. Leonard, Jayne Mansfield & Phyllis Diller; "Five Minutes To Live" [1961] starring Johnny Cash, Vic Tayback & Ron Howard; "From Hell To Borneo" [color 1967] co-produced, co-written & directed by and starring George Montgomery, with Julie Gregg & Torin Thatcher; "Guerillas In Pink Lace" [color 1964] co-produced, co-written & directed by and starring George Montgomery, with Joan Shawlee & Valerie Varda; "The Head of The Family (Il Padre di Famiglia)"
[Italy Eastmancolor 1967] starring Leslie Caron, Nino Manfredi, Ugo Tognazzi & Claudine Auger; "Herod The Great" [Italy Eastmancolor 1959] starring Edmund Purdom, Sylvia Lopez, Alberto Lupo & Sandra Milo; "High School Big Shot" [1959] starring Gary Clarke, Virginia Aldridge & Malcolm Atterbury; "High School Caesar" [1960] starring John Ashley, Gary Vinson, Steve Stevens, Lowell Brown & Judy Nugent; "The Jackals" Western [Fox color 1967] starring Vincent Price, Diana Ivarson & Robert Gunner; "Lightning Bolt" [Italy Technicolor 1966] co-produced & co-written by Alfonso Balcázar, starring Anthony Eisley; "The Magic Serpent (Kairyu Daikessen)" [Toei Japan Eastmancolor 1966]; "The Magic Sword" [Eastmancolor 1962] starring Gary Lockwood, Basil Rathbone, Estelle Winwood & Anne Helm; "The Manster" [Lopert 1959]; "The Nasty Rabbit" [Technicolor 1964] starring Arch Hall Jr., Michael Terr, Liz Renay & Richard Kiel; "Night Tide" [1963] starring Dennis Hopper, Linda Lawson & Gavin Muir; "The Poppy Is Also A Flower" aka "Danger Grows Wild" TV movie [ABC-TV Eastmancolor 1966] based on a story by Ian Fleming, star-studded cast; "The Reluctant Saint" [1962] directed by Edward Dmytryk, co-written by John Fante, music by Nino Rota, starring Maximillian Schell, Ricardo Montalban, Lea Padovani & Akim Tamiroff; "The Sadist" [Fairway Intl. 1963] starring Arch Hall Jr.; "Sandy The Seal" [Technicolor 1969]; "Santa Claus Conquers The Martians" [Pathécolor 1964] starring Pia Zadora, John Call & Leonard Hicks; "The She-Beast" [Eastmancolor 1966] starring Barbara Steele; "Shoot Out At Big Sag" Western [1962] starring Walter Brennan, Leif Erickson & Luana Patten; "Sound of Horror" [Spain 1964]; "Sword of Lancelot" aka "Lancelot and Guinevere"
[Eastmancolor 1963] co-produced, co-written & directed by and starring Cornel Wilde, with Jean Wallace & Brian Aherne; "They Came From Beyond Space" [Eastman-color 1967] starring Robert Hutton, Jennifer Jayne & Michael Gough; "Twisted Nerve" [Technicolor 1968] co-written & directed by Roy Boulting, music by Bernard Herrmann, starring Hayley Mills, Hywel Bennett & Billie Whitelaw; "Two Women" aka "La Ciociara" [Italy 1960] directed by Vittorio De Sica, starring Sophia Loren {won Oscar & BAFTA & Bambi Awards}, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Eleonora Brown & Raf Vallone; "Wake Me When The War Is Over" TV movie [ABC-TV color 1969] starring Ken Berry, Eva Gabor, Werner Klemp-erer & Jim Backus; "When The Girls Take Over" [1962] starring Robert Lowery, Marvin Miller, Jackie Coogan & Gabriel Dell; "White Comanche" [Spain Eastman-color 1968] starring William Shatner {dual role}, Joseph Cotton, Rosanna Yanni; and "The Wild Ride" [color/b&w 1960] starring Jack Nicholson, Georgianna Carter & Robert Bean

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won Oscar for Best Picture   Robert Wise & Jerome Robbins won a shared Oscar for Best Director   George Chakiris won Oscar for Best Supporting Actor   Rita Moreno won Oscar for Best Supporting Actress   won Oscar for Best Color Cinematography   won Oscar for Best Film Editing   won Oscar for Best Color Art Direction-Set Decoration   won Oscar for Best Sound   won Oscar for Best Color Costume Design   won Oscar for Best Scoring of a Musical Picture

"West Side Story" [United Artists 1961]
Starring Natalie Wood, Richard Beymer, Russ Tamblyn & Rita Moreno; won 10 Oscars including
Best Picture; at end of 2011, holds #66 box office ranking, at 55,970,300 tickets
full credits from IMDbtheme music [4min : 26sec]

1 9 6 2

won Oscar for Best Picture   David Lean won Oscar for Best Director   Freddie Young won Oscar for Best Color Cinematography   won Oscar for Best Film Editing   won Oscar for Best Sound   won Oscar for Best Color Art Direction-Set Decoration   Maurice Jarre won Oscar for Best Original Music Score
"Lawrence of Arabia" [Columbia 1962]
completely fulfills the term 'epic film'
listed on Time Magazine's All-TIME 100 Movies (10/2005)
full credits from IMDb

"To Kill A Mockingbird"  [Universal Dec 1962]
Gregory peck won Oscar for Best Actor  won Oscar for Best Script Adaptation  won Oscar for Best Best Set Decoration  To Kill A Mockingbird open-book movie poster  
To Kill A Mockingbird brown movie poster  
As described by his tomboy daughter, an idealistic lawyer in 1932 Alabama agrees to defend a black man accused of raping a white woman, revealing the depths of local bigotry & racism. Directed by Robert Mulligan; script by Horton Foote, based on the novel; starring Gregory Peck, Robert Duvall, Mary Badham, Phillip Alford, Brock Peters, John Megna, Frank Overton, Rosemary Murphy, Ruth White, Estelle Evans, Paul Fix, James Anderson, William Windom, Alice Ghostley & Kim Stanley; won Oscars for Best Actor (Peck), Best Script Adaptation & Best Set Decoration, nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actress (MB), Best B&W Cinematography & Best Music Score; listed on the National Film Registry (1995), won WGA Award for Best Drama Script
Universal legacy Series widescreen b&w DVD [9/2005] 2 disks for $18.49
Universal b&w DVD [4/98] out of prodn/many used
Universal widescreen b&w VHS [2/98] out of prodn/many used
Universal b&w VHS [3/92] out of prodn/many used
Varese Sarabande Elmer Bernstein soundtrack CD [7/97] for $13.99
full credits from IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia
11"x17" open-book poster from Amazon for $9.99
11"x17" brown poster from Amazon for $9.99

The 50th anniversary of the 1962 film was celebrated in April 2012 with a screening at the White House (sponsored
by A.F.I.) and with President Obama introducing the film for a public broadcast on U.S.A. Network.

more details (synopsis, history, author, books, movies, other media) are on
Spirit of America Bookstore's "To Kill A Mockingbird" 1960 Novel & 1962 Movie Page

1 9 6 3

Tony Richardson won the Oscar for Best Picture   Tony Richardson won the Oscar for Best Director   John Osborne won the Oscar for Best Screenplay Adaptation   John Addison won the Oscar for Best Original Music Score  
"Tom Jones" [United Artists 1963]
full credits from IMDb

won Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film    "Fellini's 8½" aka "Otto e mezzo" [Italy 1963]
Co-written & directed by Federico Fellini [1920-93]
listed on Time Magazine's All-TIME 100 Movies (5/2005)

Magic Lantern's "Fellini's 8½" 1963 Movie Page

"Robert Frost: A Lover's Quarrel With The World" [WGBH-TV 1963]
won Oscar for Best Documentary Feature     Oscar-winning "Robert Frost: A Lover's Quarrel With The World" documentary feature by Shirley Clarke  The acclaimed 87-year-old poet is shown at speaking engagements at Amherst and Sarah Lawrence colleges, touring an aircraft carrier, receiving an award from President Kennedy, and at home near Boston. Produced by Robert Hughes; directed by Shirley Clarke; featuring Robert Frost, John F. Kennedy & Lyndon Johnson; won Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature
available only on DVD-R via streaming license at Milestone Films (2013)
full credits at IMDbofficial movie site

1 9 6 4

   "My Fair Lady"  [Warner Bros. 1964]
full credits from IMDb

"Becket" [Paramount March 1964]
Becket 1964 movie starring Richard Burton & Peter O'Toole  
Becket 1964 movie poster (blue) starring Richard Burton & Peter O'Toole  
Told in flashback as King Henry II is being flogged by Saxon monks as penance for years of opposition to the Pope in Rome. When the Archbishop of Canterbury died in 1161, Henry decided not to appoint a pious cleric in his stead, but to appoint longtime drinking buddy Thomas à Becket, who was already Archdeacon. Henry expected a friendly occupant of the office, but Becket took his new position seriously and stood in the way of Henry's attempts to rule over the Church in England. An angry outburst by Henry led four loyal knights to travel to Canterbury and assassinate Becket, giving Henry years and years of trouble afterward. (The martyred Becket was made a saint in 1173.) Directed by Peter Glenville; script by Edward Anhalt from the play by Jean Anouilh; starring Richard Burton, Peter O'Toole, John Gielgud, Martita Hunt, Pamela Brown, Siân Phillips & Felix Aylmer; won Oscar for Best Script/Adap-tation; won W.G.A. Award for Best Drama; Oscar noms for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (both Burton & O'Toole), Best Supporting Actor (Gielgud), Best Cinematography, Best Music Score, 4 others; won 3 BAFTA Awards (of 7 noms)
M.P.I. Home Video widescreen color DVD [5/2007] for $14.49
M.P.I. Home Video letterboxed color VHS [10/94] out of prodn/many used
27"x40" red poster from Amazon for $19.99
11"x17" blue poster from Amazon for $14.99
full credits at IMDbofficial movie site
Becket playscript by Jean Anouilh  "Becket, or The Honor of God" [1959] playscript by Jean Anouilh [1910-87]
Opened on Broadway in October 1960 and ran for 193 performances; won the 1961 Tony Award for Best Play; began with Laurence Olivier as Becket and Anthony Quinn as King Henry; when Quinn left to make a film, Olivier took over the role of Henry and Arthur Kennedy was brought in to play Becket.
Broadway credits at IBDb
Translation by Lucienne Hill: Signet/NAL mass pb [1960] out of print/many used
Translation by F & S Raphael: Methuen Drama 7¾x5 pb [1969] out of print/used

"Zorba the Greek" [Fox 1964]
full credits from IMDbtheme music [3min : 44sec]

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won Oscar for Best Picture  won Oscar for Best Director   "The Sound of Music" [20th Century Fox 1965]
full credits from IMDb

won Oscar for Best Animated Short  "The Dot & The Line" [M.G.M. Dec 1965]
Ten-minute animated short along classic love story lines – boy meets girl, boy loses girl to another, boy expands his capabilities and wins her – except that the 'people' in question are a dot and a very straight line and a squiggle.  Directed by Chuck Jones & Maurice Noble; narration by Robert Morley; nominated for Best Short Film at Cannes, won Oscar for Best Animated Shortfull credits from IMDbwatch online [10:00] at YouTube

Warner Bros. Academy Awards Animation Collection DVD  "Warner Brothers Academy Awards Animation Collections" [2008]
3-disk set of 15 Oscar-winners & 26 Oscar-nominated cartoons
Warner Brothers Home Ent. color DVD [2/2008] 3 disks for $37.99
1-disk version with the 15 winners only [2008]
Warner Brothers Home Ent. DVD [2/2008] for $16.99
Dot & Line book   "The Dot and The Line: A Romance In Lower Mathematics" [1963]
by Norton Juster

SeaStar 6.6x5½ hardcover [12/2000] for $7.95
Random House pb [1/91] out of print/used

1 9 6 6

  "A Man For All Seasons"  [Columbia 1966]
full credits from IMDb

"Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" [1966] won 5 oscars

1 9 6 7

won Oscar for Best Picture  won Oscar for Best Script Adaptation  Rod Steiger won Oscar for Best Actor   "In The Heat of The Night"  [United Artists 1967]
full credits from IMDb

Pictures at a Revolution book by Mark Harris  "Pictures At A Revolution: Five Movies and The Birth of The New Hollywood"
[2008 New York Times bestseller] by Mark Harris

Entertasinment journalist Harris looks at the five 1967 films nominated for Best Picture Oscars in 1968, showing how the establishment in Hollywood made way for the rising cultural tide of 'modern' cinema. The films are "Bonnie and Clyde" [Warner Bros./Seven Arts], "Doctor Dolittle" [Fox], "The Graduate" [Embassy Pictures], "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?" [Columbia Pictures], and winner "In The Heat of The Night" [Mirisch / United Artists]; also detailed interviews with Warren Beatty, Mike Nichols, Sidney Poitier, and Richard Zanuck.
Kindle Edition from Penguin Publng [2008 edition] for $13.99
Penguin 8¼x5½ pb [1/2009] for $11.56
Penguin Press 9½x6½ hardcover [2/2008] out of print/90+ used
"Scenes From A Revolution: The Birth of The New Hollywood" [2008]
Canongate Books, UK 7½x5 pb [5/2009] out of print/many used
Canongate Books, UK 9¼x6¼ hardcover [2008] out of print/used

"Bonnie and Clyde" [Warner Bros./Seven Arts]

"Doctor Dolittle" [Fox]

"The Graduate" [Embassy

"Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?" [Columbia Pictures]

1 9 6 8

   "Oliver!"  [Columbia 1968]
full credits from IMDb

"Charly" [A.B.C. Pictures/ Cinerama Sept 1968]
Charly movie starring  Cliff Robertson   Charly, a retarded adult, is given an experimental treatment that has raised the intelligence of a retarded mouse named Algernon. Charly becomes a sensation, for his new insight and intelligance are excep- tional. But then Charly notices the latter stages that are showing up in Algernon. {When Cliff Robertson starred in the 1961 "United States Steel Hour" production of "The Two Worlds of Charlie Gordon", based on the novel "Flowers For Algernon" by Daniel Keyes, he bought the rights and later was responsible for turning that story into this film.} Directed by Ralph Nelson; script by Stirling Silliphant, based on a story by Daniel Keyes; original music by Ravi Shankar; starring Cliff Robertson, Claire Bloom, Lilia Skala, Leon Janney & Ruth White; won Oscar for Best Actor (CR)
M.G.M. Home Video widescreen color DVD [3/2005] for $9.99
Fox Home Ent. color VHS [8/92] out of production/used
Moving Image / Comet Records soundtrack CD [undated] out of prodn/scarce
full credits from IMDb

Flowers for Algernon novel by Daniel Keyes   "Flowers For Algernon" [1959 novella, bestseller 1966 novel] by Daniel Keyes
the novella won a Hugo Award; the novel won a Nebula Award
Harvest Books mass pb [6/2004] for $7.99
Harvest Books 7¼x5¾ pb [5/2005] for $9.60
Harcourt 8¼x5¾ hardcover [4/95] for $11.56
"Algernon, Charlie, and I: A Writer's Journey" [2000] by Daniel Keyes
Harvest Books 7x5¼ pb [9/2004] for $13.50
Challenge Press 9¼x6¼ hardcover [2/2000] out of print/used
"Charlie and Algernon" Broadway musical play [Sept 1980]
stageplay credits at IBDb

"The Lion In Winter" [AVCO Embassy Oct 1968]
The Lion In Winter movie poster (gold) starring Peter O'Toole & Kate Hepburn  
The Lion In Winter movie poster (white) starring Peter O'Toole & Katharine Hepburn  
Christmas at the castle of England's King Henry II in France, in 1183. Years of humiliation by Henry of his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine, and her long-running vengeful intrigues, have set up their sons – Geoffrey, Richard & John – for tragedy upon Henry's death. The sons quarrel among themselves, they failed to seize power from Henry some years ago (and are still trying), and now King Philip of France has called a meeting. Directed by Anthony Harvey; script by James Goldman, based on his play; original music by John Barry; starring Peter O'Toole, Katharine Hepburn, Anthony Hopkins, John Castle, Nigel Terry & Timothy Dalton; won Oscars for Best Script/Adaptation, Best Actress (Hepburn, tied) & Best Original Music Score, Oscar noms for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (O'Toole) & Best Costume Design; also won 2 BAFTA Awards (of 8 noms), David di Donatello Award, D.G.A. Award, W.G.A. Award & Writers' Guild of Great Britain Award
M.G.M. Home Video widescreen color DVD [6/2001] for $9.99
Polygram Video color VHS [11/98] out of prodn/used
S.B.M.E. Special Markets soundtrack CD [3/2008] 12 tracks for $6.99
11"x17" gold poster from Amazon for $14.99
27"x40" white poster from Amazon for $19.99
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia
The Lion in Winter playscript by James Goldman  "The Lion In Winter: A Comedy In Two Acts" [1966] by James Goldman [1927-98]
92 performances on Broadway in 1966; Rosemary Harris won the Tony Award for Best Actress
Random House Trade 7¾x5 pb [12/2004] for $9.95
Penguin Plays 7¾x5 pb [3/83] out of print/many used
Random House hardcover [6/66] out of print/used
full-cast recording [2002] starring Kathleen Chaflant & Alfred Molina
L.A. Theatre Works audio CD [2002] out of prodn/used
play entry at Wikipedia

1 9 6 9

won Oscar for Best Picture  won Oscar for Best Director  won Oscar for Best Script/Adaptation  "Midnight Cowboy"  [United Artists 1969]
played for a year at Westwood Bruin Theater in Los Angeles, CA; the only X-rated film to receive the Best Picture Oscar; also won Oscars for Best Director & Best Script/Adaptation; also Oscar noms for Best Actor (Dustin Hoffman & Jon Voight), Best Supporting Actress (Sylvia Miles) & Best Editing; won D.G.A., W.G.A. & 6 BAFTA awards; full credits from IMDb

"Ådalen '31" [Sweden May 1969, Paramount USA Oct 1969]
Swedish film Ådalen 31  Released in USA with X Rating; when Swedish lumbermill strikers beat up several strike breakers, the Swedish military shows up and opens fire on demonstrators: five people are killed (including a young girl bystander) and five are wounded. Written & directed by Bo Widerberg; starring Peter Schildt, Kerstin Tidelius, Roland Hedlund, Marie De Geer, Anita Björk, Olof Bergström & Jonas Bergström; won Grand Jury Prize at Cannes, nominated for Best Foreign Film Oscar, won 2 Guldbagge Awards of Sweden
video/DVD/Blu-ray not available • full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

"The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" [1969]
Best Actress Oscar to Maggie Smith

"Z" [Algeria-France Dec 1969]
won Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film  Costa-Gavras's "Z" poster  A liberal politician is murdered during a peace demonstration, and right wing leaders try to cover up their involvement and also try to hide the murder itself. A chronicle of the overthrow of the democratic govern-ment of Greece, told as a combination of thriller & murder mystery. Directed by Costa-Gavras; script by Jorge Semprún, based on the novel by Vassilis Vassilikos; music by Mikis Theodorakis; starring Yves Montand, Irene Papas, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Jacques Perrin, Charles Denner, François Périer & Pierre Dux; won Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film & Best Editing, nominated for Best Picture, Best Director & Best Script Adaptation
Fox Lorber widescreen color DVD [7/2002] for $18.99
Fox Lorber widescreen color VHS [11/97] out of prodn/used
full credits from IMDb
Vassilis Vassilikos novel "Z" {French edition)  
novel by Vassilis Vassilikos [1967]
Thunder's Mouth Press 8½x5½ pb [5/91] out of print/used
Ballantine pb [9/69] out of print/used

1 9 7 0

   "Patton"  [20th Century Fox 1970]
Directed by Franklin J. Schaffner; starring George C. Scott & Karl Malden
full credits from IMDb
Blu-ray released 11/2012

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