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Magic Lantern's Hollywood Film Festival

Fifty Year Decline & Fall of Hollywood book by Ezra Goodman  "The Fifty Year Decline and Fall of Hollywood" [1961] by Ezra Goodman
Chapter Titles: Flashback; Tom Swift & His Flying Typewriter; Dreams of A Rarebit Fiend; Through A Ground Glass, Darkly; The Great Brain Robbery; The Girl With The Three Blue Eyes; In The Order of Their Appearance; The Little People; The Snows of Yesteryear; The Night Life of the Gods; and Fade-Out
Macfadden mass pb [1962] out of print/used
Simon & Schuster 8¼x5¾ hardcover [1961] out of print/used
Simon & Schuster 8½x6 hardcover [1961] out of print/used

The Studio book by John Gregory Dunne  "The Studio" [1969] by John Gregory Dunne
Non-fiction account of the year that Dunne spent with total access inside Twentieth Century Fox Studios in Hollywood, covering the development of hits & flops, including "The Boston Strangler", "Dr. Doolittle", "Hello Dolly", "Planet of The Apes" and "Star". Reviewed as "Thirty years later, [it] may still be our most minutely observed and therefore most uproar-iously funny portrait of the motion picture business."
Vintage 8x5¼ pb [4/98] for $11.20
Limelight Editions 8¼x5½ pb [4/85] out of print/used
FS&G Book Club 8¼x5¾ hardcover [1969] out of print/used
FS&G 8¼x5½ hardcover [1969] out of print/used
Ambassador Hotel, Cocoanut Grove book by Margaret Tante Burk  
Are the Stars Out Tonight?: The Story of the Famous Ambassador and Cocoanut Grove . . . Hollywood's Hotel" [orig 1980]
by Margaret Tante Burk

Round Table West 11x8¼ hardcover [5/2003] for $30.89
Inquisition in Hollywood  "The Inquisition In Hollywood: Politics In The Film Community, 1930-1960" [1980]
by Larry Ceplair & Steven Englund

Univ IL Press 9x5 pb [9/2003] for $22.45
Anchor/Doubleday hardcover [1/80] out of print/used

more info on Magic Lantern's Hollywood Blacklist Page

Tales From Hollywood stageplay by Christopher Hampton  "Tales From Hollywood" [1984 stageplay] by Christopher Hampton
Many writers and artists and movie people of Germany fled the brutality of the Nazis and settled in Los Angeles in the 1930s, including Thomas & Heinrich Mann, Salka Viertel, Lion & Marta Feuchtwanger and playwright Bertolt Brecht
Faber & Faber 7¾x5 pb playscript [5/2002] out of print/many used
TV movie [P.B.S./B.B.C. Oct 1992]
directed by Howard Davies; starring Jeremy Irons, Charles Durning, Alec Guinness, Elizabeth McGovern, Sinéad Cusack, Jan Chappell, Ian Thompson & Jack Shepherd
DVD/Blu-ray not available; full credits from IMDb

Hollywood Studio System  
"The Hollywood Studio System: A History" [1986]
by Douglas Gomery

British Film Institute pb [9/2005] for $19.29
British Film Institute hardcover [9/2005] for $80.00
City of Nets   "City of Nets: A Portrait of Hollywood In The 1940s" [1987]
by Otto Friedrich

Univ Calif Press 9x6 pb [3/97] for $11.24
HarperCollins hardcover [10/87] out of print/used
The Stars Appear book by Richard Dyer MacCann  "The Stars Appear" [1992] by Richard Dyer MacCann
Brief biograppies of 176 actors & directors of the Silent Era, with more detailed info on 33 of them; major stars include Theda Bara, Richard Barthelmess, Clara Bow, Lon Chaney, Douglas Fairbanks, Geraldine Farrar, Charles Farrell, Greta Garbo, John Gilbert, Lillian Gish, William S. Hart, Ernst Lubitsch, Mary Pickford, Rin-Tin-Tin, Gloria Swanson, and Rudolph Valentino
Scarecrow Press 8¾x5½ pb [3/92] for $34.05
Scarecrow Press 8¾x5½ hardcover [3/92] for $47.30
Hollywood Sixty Great Years book  "Hollywood: 60 Great Years" [1992] by David Castell, Douglas Jarvis, Mark Kermode, Jack Lodge, John Russell Taylor & Adrian Turner
The six authors are all professional screenwriters, and each writes about a decade of Hollywood film history, from 1930 to 1990.
Prion Books hardcover[10/92] for $45.63
Barnes & Noble hardcover [1994] out of print/used
Negotiating Hollywood  "Negotiating Hollywood: The Cultural Politics of Actors' Labor" [1995]
by Danae Clark

A pioneering study of labor struggles in 1930s Hollywood
Univ MN Press 9x6 pb [10/95] for $22.00
Univ MN Press 9¼x6 hardcover [10/95] for $44.95
Movie Time Chronology of Hollywood and The Movie Industry book by Gene Brown  "Movie Time: A Chronology of Hollywood and The Movie Industry From The Beginnings To The Present" [1995] by Gene Brown
Wiley & Sons 11x8½ pb [11/95] out of print/many used
Brown Derby Restaurant Hollywood Legend book by Sally Wright Cobb  "The Brown Derby Restaurant: A Hollywood Legend" [1996]
by Sally Wright Cobb & Marc Willems

Rizzoli pb [2/2005] out of print/used
Rizzoli Intl. 9¾x9¾ hardcover [10/96] out of print/used
official websiterestaurant entry at Wikipedia
Romanoff, Prince of Rogues biography by Jane Pejsa  
"Romanoff, Prince of Rogues: The Life & Times of A Hollywood Icon" [1997]
by Jane Pejsa

Kenwood Publng 9¼x6¼ hardcover [10/97] out of print/used
Mike Romanoff entry at Wikipedia
Balboa Films History & Filmography book by Jean-Jacques Jura & Rodney Bardin  "Balboa Films: A History and Filmography of The Silent Film Studio" [1999]
by Jean-Jacques Jura & Rodney Norman Bardin II

Established in 1913 as Balboa Amusement Producing Company; also known as Balboa Studios & Balboa Feature Films. Comprised of eight acres in Downtown Long Beach, California with an 11-acre backlot in nearby Signal Hill. The company shut down in 1923 and was razed for housing develop-ment in 1925.
McFarland & Co. 10x7 pb [7/2007] for $39.95
McFarland & Co. 10¼x7½ library hardcover [1999] for $65.00
Sins of the City book by Jim Heimann  
"Sins of The City: The Real Los Angeles Noir" [1999]
by Jim Heimann

Chronicle Books 10x7½ pb [7/99] for $13.27
Canadians In Early Hollywood book by Charles Foster  "Stardust and Shadows: Canadians In Early Hollywood" [2000]
by Charles Foster

The stories of eighteen Canadians who were celebrities during Hollywood’s formative years: Al & Charles Christie, Joe & Sam De Grasse, Marie Dressler, Allan Dwan, May Irwin, Florence La Badie, Florence Lawrence, Del Lord, Louis B. Mayer, Sidney Olcott, Jack Pickford, Mary Pickford, Marie Prevost, Mack Sennett, Douglas Shearer, and Norma Shearer
Dundurn Press 9¼x6½ hardcover [9/2000] for $15.59
Vanity Fair's Hollywood book edited by Graydon Carter  "Vanity Fair's Hollywood" [2000]
Foreword by Graydon Carter, Afterword by Dominick Dunne

Viking Studio 12x10½ pb [9/2001] out of print/used
Thames & Hudson 12x10¼ pb [11/2001] out of print/used
Viking Studio 12x10½ hardcover [10/2000] out of print/used
Lost Hollywood   "Lost Hollywood" [2001] by David Wallace
"A treat for Hollywood history buffs."
St. Martin 9½x6¼ pb [3/2002] for $10.47
St. Martin 9½x6½ hardcover [4/2001] for $16.77
Hollywood Noir / Ronald Reagan  "Hollywood Noir: Featuring Ronald Reagan" [2001]
by Richard Olsen

Xlibris 8½x5½ pb [10/2001] for $21.99
Xlibris 8¾x6 hardcover [10/2001] for $31.99

see also Spirit of America Bookstore's Ronald Reagan [1911-2004] Page

Hollywood In The Fifties  "The Bad & The Beautiful: Hollywood In The Fifties" [2002]
by Sam Kashner & Jennifer MacNair

W.W. Norton 8½x5½ pb [5/2003] for $15.15
Konecky & Konecky 9¼x6 hardcover [2/2006] for $10.98
W.W. Norton 9¼x6½ hardcover [6/2002] out of print/many used
Postcard History Series Hollywood Vintage Postcards book  "Hollywood 1900-1950 In Vintage Postcards" [2002]
by Thomas Dangcil

Arcadia Publng 9½x6½ pb [9/2002] for $13.59
Life In Hollywood  "Life: In Hollywood" [2003]
by The Editors of Life Magazine

Time-Life 11½x9¼ hardcover [3/2003] for $18.96
Hollywood In Vintage Postcards  "Hollywood In Vintage Postcards" [2003]
Created by Rod Kennedy Jr., text by Elizabeth Ellis

Gibbs Smith 7¾x7¾ pb [4/2003] for $14.95
Hollywood's Golden Age As Told By One Who Lived It All memoir by Edward Dmytryk  "Hollywood's Golden Age: As Told By One Who Lived It All" [2003]
by Edward Dmytryk, Preface by {his widow} Jean Porter Dmytryk

BearManor Media 9x6 pb [7/2003] for $17.95

more on Magic Lantern's Edward Dmytryk [1908-99] Page,

Shooting Cowboys & Indians book by Andrew Brodie Smith  "Shooting Cowboys and Indians: Silent Western Films, American Culture & The Birth of Hollywood" [2004] by Andrew Brodie Smith
Univ Press of CO 9½x6½ hardcover [1/2004] for $22.02
Movie Star Homes book by Judy Artunian & Mike Oldham  "Movie Star Homes: The Famous To The Forgotten - Over 350 Homes, Photos & Addresses" [2004] by Judy Artunian & Mike Oldham
Santa Monica Press 9x6 pb [5/2004] for $12.71
Journalism in the Movies book by Matthew C. Ehrlich  "Journalism In The Movies" [2004] by Matthew C. Ehrlich
topics include Frank Capra [1897-1991], "The Front Page" [1931], "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" 1939], "Citizen Kane" [1941], "All The President's Men" [1976], and "The Insider" [1999]
Kindle Edition from Univ Illinois Press [2004 edition] for $10.39
Univ Illinois Press 9x6 pb [8/2006] for $19.95
Univ Illinois Press 9x6¼ hardcover [6/2004] out of print/used
Whole Equation  
"The Whole Equation: A History of Hollywood" [2004]
by David Thomson

Knopf 9½x6½ hardcover [11/2004] for $18.45
Story of Black Hollywood book by Donald Bogle  "Bright Boulevards, Bold Dreams: The Story of Black Hollywood" [2005]
by Donald Bogle

One World/Ballantine 8x5 pb [1/2006] for $10.85
One World/Ballantine 9x6 hardcover [1/2005] out of print/used

and more on the subject on Magic Lantern's Afro-American Film Festival Pages

History of the P*rn Film Industry book by Legs McNeil & Jennifer Osborne  "The Other Hollywood: The Uncensored Oral History of the P*rn Film Industry" [2005] by Legs McNeil & Jennifer Osborne
Regan Books/Harper Collins 9x6¼ pb [2/2006] out of print/used
It Books 9x6¼ hardcover [2/2005] out of print/many used
Children of Hollywood, Growing Up As The Sons & Daughters of Stars book by Michelle Vogel  "Children of Hollywood: Accounts of Growing Up As The Sons & Daughters of Stars" [2005] by Michelle Vogel
Drawn from interviews with celebrity offspring – sons, daughters & grandchildren of Eddie Cantor, Douglas Fairbanks, W.C. Fields, Ruth Hussey, Boris Karloff, Mario Lanza, Jerry Lewis & the Marx Brothers – who also provided never-before-published snapshots of Hollywood legends at home.
McFarland & Co. 8¾x6 pb [3/2005] for $35.00
Progressive Hollywood  
"Progressive Hollywood: A People's History of The United States" [2005]
by Ed Rampell

Disinformation 9x6 pb [5/2005] for $14.95
publisher official bookpage
A Gallery of Stars / Hollywood Brown Derby by Jack Lane  "A Gallery of Stars: The Story of The Hollywood Brown Derby Wall of Fame" [2005]
by Jack Lane, the Brown Derby's resident caricaturist

Luminary Press 9x6 hardcover [6/2005] for $25.00
Adventures of a Hollywood Secretary book by Valeria Belletti  "Adventures of A Hollywood Secretary: Her Private Letters From Inside The Studios of The 1920s" [2006] by Valeria Belletti, Edited by Cari Beauchamp, Foreword by Sam Goldwyn, Jr.
Belletti was secretary to Sam Goldwyn in Hollywood, and in spare moments wrote chatty letters to a friend Back East
Univ CA Press 8¼x5½ pb [5/2006] for $24.95
Univ CA Press hardcover [5/2006] out of print/used
Exiles in Hollywood book by David Wallace  "Exiles In Hollywood" [2006] by David Wallace
Profiles of personalities who fled Nazi Germany, including Greta Garbo, Alfred Hitchcock, actor Charles Laughton, Nobel-laureate Thomas Mann, composer Arnold Schoenberg, composer Igor Stravinsky, screenwriter Salka Viertel, and filmmaker Billy Wilder
Limelight Editions 8¾x6 pb [7/2006] for $22.95
Detecting Men: Masculinity and the Hollywood Detective Film book by Philippa Gates  "Detecting Men: Masculinity and The Hollywood Detective Film" [2006]
by Philippa Gates

SUNY Press 8¾x6 pb [7/2006] for $30.95
SUNY Press 9x6¼ hardcover [7/2006] for $89.50
Story of Hollywood / Illustrated History book by Gregory Paul Williams  "The Story of Hollywood: An Illustrated History" [2006]
by Gregory Paul Williams

B.L. Press pb [10/2011] for $35.00
B.L. Press 12x9¼ hardcover [9/2006] for $49.95
"The Story of Hollywoodland" [1992] by Gregory Paul Williams
Papavasilopoulos Press pb [6/92] out of print/used
Drawing The Line: The Untold Story of The Animation Unions book by Tom Sito  
"Drawing The Line: The Untold Story of The Animation Unions From Bosko To Bart Simpson" [2006] by Tom Sito
Univ Press of KY 9½x6¼ hardcover [10/2006] for $24.32
Father of Hollywood book by Gaelyn Whitley Keith  "The Father of Hollywood: The True Story" [2006]
by Gaelyn Whitley Keith

The author's great-grandfather Hobart Johnstone 'H.J.' Whitley [1847-1931] developed the city of Hollywood, and built the Whitley Heights gated community and the famous Hollywood Hotel (1902) – among other amazing accomplishments.
BookSurge Publng 8¾x6 pb [11/2006] out of print/used
Postcard History Series Hollywood Studios book by Tommy Dangcil  "Hollywood Studios (Postcard History Series)" [2007]
by Tommy Dangcil

Arcadia Publng 9x6¼ pb [4/2007] for $15.99
Weimar on the Pacific book by Ehrhard Bahr  "Weimar On The Pacific: German Exile Culture In Los Angeles and The Crisis of Modernism" [2007] by Ehrhard Bahr
Univ CA Press 9x6 pb [8/2008] for $24.95
Univ CA Press 8x6¼ hardcover [5/2007] for $42.00
Postwar Hollywood book by Drew Casper  "Postwar Hollywood, 1946-1962" [2007] by Drew Casper
Sections include: Cultural Overview, Business, Technology, Censorship, Genre, and Style
Wiley-Blackwell 9¾x6¾ pb [9/2007] for $45.95
Wiley-Blackwell 9¾x7 hardcover [9/2007] for $99.95
Hollywood's Hellfire Club  "Hollywood's Hellfire Club: The Misadventures of John & Lionel Barrymore, W.C. Fields, Errol Flynn, and 'The Bundy Drive Boys'" [2007]
by Gregory William Mank, with Charles Heard & Bill Nelson

Among the notable off-screen hell-raisers here are John Barrymore, John Carradine, artist John Decker, W.C. Fields, Errol Flynn, writers Gene & Will Fowler, art critic Sadakichi Hartmann, writer Ben Hecht & actor Anthony Quinn
Feral House 9½x6 pb [10/2007] for $15.61
Images of America Early Hollywood book by Marc Wanamaker & Robert W. Nudelman  
"Images of America: Early Hollywood" [2007]
by Marc Wanamaker {Bison Archives}
& Robert W. Nudelman {Hollywood Heritage Museum}

Arcadia Publng 9x6¼ pb [10/2007] for $13.59
Hollywood's Original Rat Pack, Bards of Bundy Drive book by Stephen C. Jordan  "Hollywood's Original Rat Pack: The Bards of Bundy Drive" [2008]
by Stephen C. Jordan

Parties hosted by eccentric artist John Decker at his home on Bundy Drive in West Los Angeles included notable off-screen hell-raisers John & Lionel Barrymore, John Carradine, W.C. Fields, Errol Flynn, writers Gene & Will Fowler, art critic Sadakichi Hartmann, writer Ben Hecht & actor Anthony Quinn
Scarecrow Press 8¾x6 pb [1/2008] for $45.00
I Thought We Were Making Movies, Not History book by Walter Mirisch  "I Thought We Were Making Movies, Not History" [2008]
by Walter Mirisch

Univ WI Press9x6½ hardcover [2/2008] for $21.86
Hollywood Independents Postwar Talent Takeover book by Denise Mann  "Hollywood Independents: The Postwar Talent Takeover" [2008]
by Denise Mann

Univ MN Press 8¾x5¾ pb [2/2008] for $25.00
Univ MN Press 9x6 hardcover [2/2008] for $75.00
Florida & the Golden Age of Silent Filmmaking book by Shawn C. Bean  "The First Hollywood: Florida and The Golden Age of Silent Filmmaking" [2008]
by Shawn C. Bean

Univ Press of FL 9x5¾ hardcover [7/2008] for $20.90
The Men Who Made Hollywood / Movie Moguls book by Michael Freedland  "The Men Who Made Hollywood: The Lives of The Great Movie Moguls" [2009]
by Michael Freedland

chapters/subjects include Harry Cohn, Sam Goldwyn, Jesse L. Lasky, Louis B. Mayer,
the Warner Brothers & Adolph Zukor

JR Books Ltd 9¼x6 hardcover [10/2009] out of print/used
Inside the Hollywood Fan Magazine book by Anthony Slide  "Inside The Hollywood Fan Magazine: A History of Star Makers, Fabricators & Gossip Mongers" [2010] by Anthony Slide
Univ Press of MS 10x7¼ hardcover [2/2010] for $32.00
Tales of The Origins of Hollywood audio CD by Stephen Schochet  "Hollywood Stories: Short, Entertaining Anecdotes About The Stars & Legends of The Movies!" [2010] by Stephen Schochet
Featuring little-known, wonderful anecdotes about stars such as Lucille Ball, Marlon Brando, Charlie Chaplin, Walt Disney, Douglas Fairbanks, Errol Flynn, Boris Karloff, Marilyn Monroe, Mary Pickford, Shirley Temple, John Wayne, and many more
self-published 9¼x6¼ hardcover [3/2010] for $17.96
"Tales of Hollywood: Hear The Origins of Hollywood!" [1998]
Read by Stephen Schochet

Hollywood Stories audio CD [1/2000] for $14.95
Hollywood Stories audio tape [12/98] for $11.95
Location Filming In Los Angeles book by Karie Bible, Marc Wanamaker & Harry Medved  
"Location Filming In Los Angeles (Images of America Series)" [2010]
by Karie Bible, Marc Wanamaker & Harry Medved

Arcadia Publng 9x6&frac2 pb [11/2010] for $14.95
Bringing Up Oscar book by Debra Ann Pawlak  "Bringing Up Oscar: The Story of The Men and Women Who Founded The Academy" [2011] by Debra Ann Pawlak
Pegasus Books 9¼x6½ hardcover [1/2011] for $18.45
Divided World / Hollywood & Emigre Directors book by Nick Smedley  "A Divided World: Hollywood Cinema and Emigre Directors In The Era of Roosevelt and Hitler, 1933-1948" [2011] by Nick Smedley
Examines some of the important programs of the New Deal and the subsequent response of the film community, and also compares and contrasts the major works of three European directors – Fritz Lang, Ernst Lubitsch & Billy Wilder – with the products of mainstream Hollywood.
Intellect Ltd 9x6¾ pb [2/2011] for $40.00
Hollywood on Strike in the Internet Age book by Jonathan Handel  
"Hollywood On Strike!: An Industry At War In The Internet Age" [2011]
by Jonathan Handel

Kindle Edition from Hollywood Analytics [2/2011] for $7.99
CreateSpace 9x6 pb [2/2011] for $22.95
Hollywood Left and Right / American Politics book by Steven J. Ross  "Hollywood Left and Right: How Movie Stars Shaped American Politics" [2011]
by Steven J. Ross

Kindle Edition from Oxford Univ Press [8/2011] for $10.49
Oxford Univ Press 9x5¾ pb [5/2014] for $19.76
Oxford Univ Press 9¼x6¼ hardcover [9/2011] for $32.44
Location Filming in Long Beach book by Tim Grobaty  "Location Filming In Long Beach" [2012]
by Tim Grobaty

Kindle Edition from The History Press [11/2012] for $9.99
The History Press 8¾x5¾ pb [11/2012] for $15.59
Why Hollywood Went to War over the Internet book by Cynthia Littleton  "TV On Strike: Why Hollywood Went To War Over The Internet" [2013]
by Cynthia Littleton

Kindle Edition from Syracuse Univ Press [1/2013] for $16.47
Syracuse Univ Press 9x6 hardcover [1/2013] for $19.77
Go West Young Women book by Hilary Hallett  "Go West, Young Women!: The Rise of Early Hollywood" [2013]
by Hilary A. Hallett

Kindle Edition from Univ California Press [1/2013] for $16.17
Univ California Press 9x6 pb [1/2013] for $29.95
Univ California Press 9x6 hardcover [1/2013] for $63.00
The Survival of American Silent Feature Films 1912-1929 book by David Pierce & Kathlin Smith  "The Survival of American Silent Feature Films, 1912-1929" [2013]
by David Pierce, Kathlin Smith, and the Council on Library & Information Resources

Kindle Edition from Pennyhill Press [12/2013] for $5.95
CreateSpace 10¾x8½ pb [4/2014] for $17.96
C.L.I.R. and Library of Congress 11x8¼ pb [9/2013] for $24.25
When Hollywood Was Right book by Donald T. Critchlow  "When Hollywood Was Right: How Movie Stars, Studio Moguls, and Big Business Remade American Politics" [2013] by Donald T. Critchlow
Kindle Edition from Cambridge Univ Press [11/2013] for $12.49
Cambridge Univ Press 9x6 hardcover [10/2013] for $24.34
author's faculty page at Arizona State University in Tucson
When Hollywood Turned Left ebook by Greg Mitchell  "When Hollywood Turned Left: The Election Campaign That Changed Politics In Films Forever" [2014] by Greg Mitchell
Author describes the race for California governor in 1934 and the grossly unethical and illegal tactics used by conservative (Republican) studio heads to prevent the election of socialist candidate Upton Sinclair.
Kindle Edition from Townsend Books [3/2014] for $3.79

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