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movie premiere at the Fox Carthay Circle Theater in Los Angeles, circa 1938         another movie premiere at the Fox Carthay Circle Theater in Los Angeles         1927 movie premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd. for 'The Gaucho' starring Douglas Fairbanks

Great cinema, both well-known & unsung,
that you may not be aware of or have forgotten . . .

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W.G.A. list of 101 Greatest Screenplays, 2013

"A Christmas Story" [M.G.M. Nov 1983]
won Oscar for Best Director  won Oscar for Best Script Adaptation    A Christmas Story movie classic directed by Bob Clark  
A Christmas Story movie poster directed by Bob Clark  
Set in northern Indiana in 1940; young Ralphie wants only one thing for Christmas, an official Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model BB rifle with a compass in the stock. His attempts to convince the world of the rightness of his quest run into opposition from his parents, his teacher, and even Santa Claus himself. Co-produced, co-written & directed by Bob Clark; co-written by Leigh Brown & Jean Shepherd, based on stories by Jean Shepherd; starring Peter Billingsley, Melinda Dillon, Darren McGavin, R.D. Robb, Tedde Moore, Yano Anaya & Zack Ward, narrated by Jean Shepherd; won Oscars for Best Director & Best Script Adaptation, nominated for 7 others including Best Picture; W.G.A. nom for Best Adapted Script
Warner Home Video widescreen color Blu-ray [11/2008] for $15.99
Warner Home Video Collectors Edition widescreen color DVD [11/2008] 2 disks for $30.99
Warner Special Edition widescreen color DVD [11/2008] 2 disks for $23.99
Warner Special Edition widescreen color DVD [10/2003] 2 disks out of prodn/many used
Warner Home Video color VHS [9/2000] out of prodn/many used
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipediaofficial movie site

'A Christmas Story House' Museum & Gift Shop in Cleveland, Ohio

more details (synopses, sequels, Broadway musical, posters, books, links, merchandise) on
Magic Lantern's "A Christmas Story" 1983 Movie Page

listed #90 on Timeout London's Best 100 Science Fiction Movies in  2015  "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across
The 8th Dimension (Part 6)"
  [Sherwood/Fox Aug 1984]
Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across The 8th Dimension movie starring Peter Weller  Rapid-fire sci-fi craziness pitting Team Banzai against a race of evil Lectriods from Planet Ten in a weird and brainy comic book world full of overlapping jokes and toss-away one-liners – wacky and bizarre and original. Directed by W.D. Richter; written by Earl Mac Rauch; starring Peter Weller, John Lithgow, Ellen Barkin, Jeff Goldblum & Christopher Lloyd
MGM/UA color DVD 'Special Edition' [1/2002] for $14.99
MGM/UA color VHS [2/2001] for $9.94
Pocket 8x5 pb [12/2001] for $10.36
full credits from IMDb

"Amadeus"  [Orion Sept 1984]
Best Picture Oscar   Best Director Oscar   Best Script Adaptation Oscar   Best Actor Oscar to Murray Abraham  
Best Set Decoration Oscar   Best Sound Oscar   Best Makeup Oscar   Best Costume Design Oscar  
Amadeus video  
First there is the music, then the period ambience, and the story of a mad, immature genius, and his destruction from within and from without. Directed by Milos Forman; script by Peter Shaffer, based on his stageplay; starring F. Murray Abraham, Tom Hulce, Elizabeth Berridge & Jeffrey Jones; nominated for 11 Oscars, winning eight: Best Picture, Best Director, Script Adaptation, Best Actor (Murray Abraham), Best Set Decoration, Best Sound, Best Makeup & Best Costume Design; also won A.C.E. Eddie Award, Best Foreign Language Film Award of the Japanese Academy, 4 BAFTA Awards, César Award for Best For-eign Film, 3 David di Donatello Awards, D.G.A. Award & Kinema Junpo Award for Best Foreign Film
Warner Video widescreen color Blu-ray [2/2009] 2 disks for $13.99
Warner Video widescreen color DVD [12/97] for $15.99
Warner Video color VHS [1/2001] out of prodn/many used
Warner Video widescreen color VHS [3/2001] out of prodn/used
full credits from IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia
stageplay [1980-83] entry at IBDbstageplay entry at Wikipedia
Amadeus soundtrack   eine kleine Mozart [5min:41sec midi file]
Fantasy soundtrack CD box set [12/97] 3 disks for $24.97
Fantasy soundtrack CD [12/92] for $14.99
Fantasy soundtrack cassette [10/90] out of prodn/used
Fantasy soundtrack on vinyl [4/95] out of prodn/used
Fantasy "More Music.." soundtrack CD [6/91] for $14.98
Fantasy "More Music.." soundtrack on vinyl [4/95] out of prodn/used

"American  Film  Theatre" [1973-75]
I was a participant in the American Film Theatre experiment back in 1973-75 set up by TV & film producer Ely A. Landau; the tickets were sold like a Broadway play, including season seating, and the films were shown under 'four-wall' contracts across the U.S. And given the quality content – the stageplays, the Broadway and movie star actors & directors – it is wonderful that these fourteen films are finally available to all.

"American Film Theatre: Complete Collection" [2008]
Kino Intl. widescreen color DVD set [7/2008] 14 films on 15 disks for $179.99

American Film Theatre Collection DVD box set 1  "Collection One" [2003]
Kino Video widescreen color DVD set [4/2003] 6 disks for $114.99
includes "Butley" [1974] directed by Harold Pinter, written by Simon Gray, starring Alan Bates; "The Iceman Cometh"
on 2 disks directed by John Frankenheimer, based on the play by Eugene O'Neill, starring Lee Marvin, Fredric March & Robert Ryan; "Luther" [1973] written by Edward Anhalt, based on the John Osborne play, starring Stacy Keach; "The Maids" [1975] co-written & directed by Christopher Miles, bssed on the Jean Genet play "Les Bonnes" starring Glenda Jackson & Susannah York; and "Rhinoceros" [1974] based on the Eugène Ionesco play, starring Zero Mostel, Gene Wilder & Karen Black
American Film Theatre Collection DVD box set 2  "Collection Two" [2003]
Kino Video widescreen color DVD set [7/2003] 5 disks for $107.99
includes "A Delicate Balance" [1973] directed by Tony Richardson, written by Edward Albee, starring Katharine Hepburn & Paul Scofield; "The Homecoming" [1973] directed by Peter Hall, written by Harold Pinter, starring Ian Holm; "In Celebration" [1975] directed by Lindsay Anderson, written by David Storey, starring Alan Bates; "The Man In The Glass Booth" [1975] directed by Arthur Hiller, adapted by Edward Anhalt, based on the play by Robert Shaw, starring Maximilian Schell {Oscar nom}; and "Three Sisters" [1970] based on the 1900 Anton Chekhov play, co-directed by & starring Laurence Olivier, co-starring Joan Plowright, Derek Jacobi & Alan Bates
American Film Theatre Collection DVD box set 3  "Collection Three" [2003]
Kino Video widescreen color DVD set [11/2003] 4 disks for $80.99
includes "Galileo" [1975] co-written & directed by Joseph Losey, adapted from the Bertolt Brecht play, starring Topol; "Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living In Paris" [1975] directed by Denis Héroux, co-written by Eric Blau, co-written by & starring Jacques Brel; "Lost In The Stars" [1974] based on the Kurt Weill-Maxwell Anderson musical play adapted from the Alan Paton novel, starring Brock Peters; and "Philadelphia, Here I Come!" [1975] written by Brian Friel

"Animal  House" [Universal Pictures July 1978] /tt0077975/
Announced 4/2012: There's an "Animal House" Broadway show in the works and a new, behind-the-scenes book by
producer Matty Simmons, who talks about what Hollywood first thought of the script (hated it!), what got cut,
and why there was never a sequel.

"Annie  Hall"
[Rollins-Joffe/United Artists April 1977]
won Best Picture Oscar  Woody Allenwon Oscar for Best Director  Diane Keaton won Oscar for Best Actress   won Oscar for Best Original Script  
Annie Hall  
One of Woody's masterpieces, the essential film about relationships in the 1970s.
Co-written & directed by & starring Woody Allen; co-written by Marshall Brickman; also starring Diane Keaton, Tony Roberts & Carol Kane; won Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress & Best Original Script; also won 5 BAFTA Awards, DGA, 3 NSFC, & WGA awards
MGM/UA widescreen color DVD [7/2000] for $16.99
MGM/UA color VHS [1/94] for $13.99
full credits from IMDb

"Bill  and  Coo" [Republic Pictures March 1948]
won Honorary Oscar for 'artistry & patience'  Ken Murray's Bill & Coo poster  After years of unavailability, this cinematic wonder is now available on DVD: 5-disk compilation (details on Page 2) released in 2005; standalone DVD finally released in 2011 A true oddity: A cast of performing animals (mostly birds) in the tale of a town beset by a mean crow. Major sequences include a circus and a terrible fire. The characters display human traits – how did they do that? – and Love Triumphs In The End. A treasure, charming and astonishing. Presented by Ken Murray, co-written & directed by Dean Reisner; animals trained by George Burton; filmed in TruColor; won Honorary Oscar for 'artistry & patience'.
East West Ent. color DVD [6/2011] for $12.98
Passport b&w/color DVD compilation [11/2007] 5 disks for $17.99
full credits from IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia
11"x17" poster from Amazon {third party) for $8.49

watch [1:00:19] free online at Internet Archive

"Comrades"  [indep Aug 1987, USA Jan 1989]
"Comrades" docufilm about the Tolpuddle Martyrs of England  In 1832 England, six Dorset farmworkers formed the Friendly Society of Agricultural Labourers, intended as a trade union to protest reduced wages (7 shillings per week or less in Dorset versus ten shillings per week in London). A local land baron complained to the Prime Minister, and the men were convicted on an obscure 1797 law against swearing an oath to each other. Their 1834 sentence was transportation to Australia as convicts for seven years. A public outcry about the treatment of the 'Tolpuddle Martyrs' brought about their release by the new Home Secretary in 1836. They returned to England as heroes; five eventually emigrated to the London, Ontario area in Canada; the sixth died in the Dorchester Workhouse in 1891. 3-hour color documentary film written & directed by Bill Douglas [1934-91]; starring Jeremy Flynn, Keith Allen, Robin Soans, William Gaminara, Stephen Bateman, Philip Davis, Katy Behean, James Fox, John Hargreaves, Michael Hordern, Alex Norton, Vanessa Redgrave & Imelda Staunton; won Sutherland Trophy Award from British Film Institute; the DVD includes bonus "Closed Circuit" short film [1989] starring Keith Allen
British Film Institute widescreen color Blu-ray [7/2009] for $36.99
Film4 Library widescreen color DVD-R [4/2011] for $10.99
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

"Cutter's  Way"  [United Artists 1981]
Cutter's Way  The poetic cinematography, the acting, and the music are superb. The murder mystery is merely background for the existential mess of life in post-Vietnam America and the savagely heroic resolution in the last frame. Directed by Ivan Passer, starring Jeff Bridges [Cutter], John Heard [Bone], Lisa Eichhorn, Ann Dusenberry & Stephen Elliott; music by Jack Nitzsche
MGM/UA widescreen DVD [7/2001] for $17.98
MGM/UA color VHS [6/91] for $19.98
full credits from IMDb
based on the 1976 novel "Cutter & Bone" by Newton Thornburg
Serpents Tail 7¾x5 pb [7/2001] for $11.20

"Do The Right Thing"
[40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks June 1989]
Do The Right Thing movie directed by Spike Lee  
Right Thing score  
Possibly inspired by Akira Kurosawa's "Do-desu-ka-den" [1970] {below}, this is the tale of a blighted neighborhood in Spike Lee's home turf of Brooklyn. There is actually a moment, ignored or missed by most reviewers, where 'the right thing' gets done – look for it.
Written & directed by Spike Lee; starring Danny Aiello, Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee, John Turturro, Rosie Perez & Samuel L. Jackson, with Spike Lee as 'Mookie'
Universal Home Ent. widescreen color Blu-ray [6/2009] for $18.99
20th Anniversary Edition DVD [6/2009] for $13.99 
Universal letterbox color DVD [7/98] for $17.99
Universal widescreen color DVD [2/2001] 2 discs for $28.99
Universal color VHS [1/2000] out of prodn/many used
Sony original score CD [9/89] for $11.98
full credits from IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia
watch 1/2009 official trailer [2:20] online at YouTube
Cambridge Univ Press critical text 9x6 pb for $25.19
watch full movie [2:23:52] online at YouTube

[Toho Japan Oct 1970; U.S.A. June 1971]
Dodesukaden   The tale is simple but involving, and was perhaps the inspiration for Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing" [1989] {above}. Co-writer/director Akira Kurosawa's first color film, with a rich pallette; Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film
Home Vision color VHS [11/95] with English subtitles for $29.95
full credits from IMDb

"Frida"  [LionsGate/Miramax Oct 2002]
Frida movie  
Salma Hayek as Frida Kahlo  
Outstanding! A movie that is very moving, as well as an accurate biography.
Directed by Julie Taymor; based on the book by Hayden Herrera; starring Salma Hayek, Alfred Molina, Geoffrey Rush, Ashley Judd, Antonio Banderas, Roger Rees & Patricia Reyes; won Oscars for Best Original Score, Best Makeup; nominations for Best Actress (SH), Best Art Direction, Best Original Song, Best Costumes (Julie Taymor deserved a nomination for Best Director); also won 1 of 4 BAFTA noms; 2 SAG noms, listed on AFI Best 10 Films of 2002
Miramax widescreen DVD [6/2003] 2 disks for $14.99
Buena Vista VHS [6/2003] out of stock/used
Buena Vista VHS w/Spanish subtitles [6/2003] for $14.99
Universal soundtrack CD [10/2002] for $14.99
full credits from IMDb
official movie websiteofficial Miramax movie website (English or Spanish)

see the Frida Kahlo Art Page at Spirit of America Bookstore

"Fritz The Cat" [Polygram 1972]
Fritz  Two animated features based on Robert Crumb's dangerously subversive
counter-culture comic strip. The first (and only) major-studio X-rated
animated feature films.
Produced & directed by Ralph Bakshi
MGM/UA color widescreen DVD [12/2001] for $10.99
full credits from IMDb

sequel "The Nine Lives of Fritz The Cat" [1974]
MGM/UA widescreen color DVD [12/2001] for $17.98
full credits from IMDb

"Gigot" [Seven Arts Sept 1962]
Jackie Gleason's Gigot movie poster, directed by Gene Kelly  Gleason steps out of his 'Great One' persona to portray a mute janitor in Paris, France where the movie was filmed. Pathos, heroism, and slapstick, very Chaplin-esque. Directed by Gene Kelly; script by John Patrick & Jackie Gleason; starring Jackie Gleason, with Katherine Kath; Oscar nomination for the music
Fox b&w DVD-R [12/2012] for $17.98 full credits at IMDb

NEXT: Make the soundtrack album available on CD, guys!

"The Gods Must Be Crazy"
The Gods Must Be Crazy poster  A Kalahari bushman finds a Coke bottle dropped from the sky, but the new technological wonder disrupts his tribe, and so Xixo sets out to return the bottle to the gods. In the sequel, Xixo chases after a fast-moving truck where his children are accidental stowaways.
Produced, written & directed by Jamie Uys; starring N!xao as Xixo
5 movie series entry at Wikipedia
combo DVD with both "TGMBC I" & "TGMBC II"
Columbia/TriStar widescreen DVD [2/2004] 2 disks - out of prodn/used
"TGMBC" [1980; US release 1984]: full credits from IMDb
Sony Pictures color DVD [6/2004] out of prodn/many used
Fox color VHS [9/90] out of prodn/used
"TGMBC II" [1989]: full credits from IMDb
Sony Pictures color DVD [6/2004] out of prodn/used
Col/TriStar color VHS [1/93] out of prodn/used

"Harold & Maude" classic cult comedy [1972]
The irrepressible, anything-for-a-thrill septuagenarian Maude's spirit rekindles a morose young man who loves to fashion fake suicides
to get attention.
Directed by Hal Ashby; music by Cat Stevens; starring Ruth Gordon, Bud Cort, Vivian Pickles, Cyril Cusack,
Charles Tyner, Ellen Geer, Eric Christmas, G. Wood, Judy Engles, Shari Summers, Tom Skerritt & Susan Madigan

Neil Young's  "Journey  Through  The  Past"
[New Line Cinema Nov 1972]
Neil Young's 1972 feature film Journey Through The Past  Fans of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young will of course love it; the visuals are astounding and the music is just plain great: non-objective art from a team of rock artists at the top of their form
Directed by Neil Young (as Bernard Shakey); cinematography by David Myers; featuring David Crosby, Graham Nash, Stephen Stills & Neil Young
DVD & Blu-ray disks finally available on "Neil Young Archives, Volume 1" [2009] {here}
color DVD [1/2012] for $24.99 via Amazon third party?
W.E.A. Records audio CD [11/95] out of prodn/rare
Reprise vinyl LP [1972] 2 disks - out of prodn/rare
full credits from IMDbmovie entry at Wikipediaalbum entry at Wikipedia

"King  of  Hearts" aka "Le Roi de Coeur"
[France Dec 1966, USA June 1967]
King of Hearts  The inmates of an insane asylum get loose, but they may be more sane than the outside world. A delightful, surreal, farcical anti-war fairytale. Directed by Philippe de Broca; starring Alan Bates & Geneviève Bujold; aka "Le Roi de Coeur"
MGM/UA letterbox DVD [4/2001] with Eng/Span/Fr subtitles out of prodn/used
MGM/UA widescreen VHS [11/2001] with English subtitles out of prodn/used
full credits from IMDb

"Lemonade Joe: A Horse Opera"
[Czechoslovakia 1964, USA 1967]
Lemonade Joe poster  I remember this hilarious spoof of the old cowboy silents as being a silent film, perhaps because it was filmed in Czech, with subtitles. The hero, a teetotaling salesman for Kola Loca, wears spotless white even after climbing down a chimney, the bad guys wear black – all the cliches. The creators got it right. Co-written & directed by Oldrich Lipsky
Facets Video b&w DVD [4/2006] for $26.99
Facets Video b&w VHS [3/2002] out of prodn/used
full credits from IMDb

"The Madwoman of Chaillot"
[Commonwealth United Oct 1969]
Madwoman of Chaillot 1969 movie starring Kate Hepburn  This adaptation of Jean Giraudoux's play pits the dotty team of Kate Hepburn, Giulietta Masina, Edith Evans & Margaret Leighton, with help from Danny Kaye and ingenues Richard Chamber-lain & Nannete Newman, against villainous titans of the international business world portrayed by Charles Boyer, Yul Brynner, Oskar Homolka, Paul Henreid & Donald Pleasance
Directed by Bryan Forbes, and the soundtrack by Michael J. Lewis is especially fine
Warner Archive color DVD-R [11/2011] for $20.56
Warner Home Video color VHS [2/95] for 19.99
full credits from IMDbplay entry at Wikipediamovie entry at Wikipedia
playscript [1943] by Jean Giraudoux [1882-1944], translated by Maurice Valency
Dramatists Play Service, Inc. 7½x5¼ pb [1998] for $7.20

"Putney Swope"  [Herald/Cinema V July 1969]
Putney Swope image from defunct obamicon.ME website, late 2012  Putney Swope poster  Putney Swope movie  Outrageous is the only word for this jaw-dropper of a satire on the advertising world. The main movie is black-and-white, with color commercials that you will not believe. The bite is still fierce even after more than 45 years.
Written & directed by Robert Downey, Sr.; starring Arnold Johnson
Rhino Video b&w/color DVD [5/2001] for $17.96
Rhino Video b&w/color VHS [2/95] for $14.95
full credits from IMDb

"The Red Balloon"
aka "Le Ballon Rouge"
[France 1956]
  The Red Balloon video  Written & directed by Albert Lamorisse; starring Pascal Lamorisse; won the Oscar for Best Screen-play even though there is not one word of dialogue in the film; won BAFTA Special Award
Janus Films & Criterion color DVD [4/2008] for $10.49
Home Vision color VHS [3/96] out of prodn/used
full credits from IMDb
children's book by Albert Lamorisse
Doubleday YA 12x8¼ pb [8/78] for $9.71
Doubleday YA 12x8¾ hardcover [8/67] for $11.53
1989 stage musical: book & lyrics by Anthony Clark (music by Mark Vibrans)
TCG/Oberon 8¼x5 pb [4/2000] for $16.95
Nick Hern Books hardcover [5/97] out of print/used

"Winter's Bone"  [Roadside Attractions June 2010]
independent film Winter's Bone by Debra Granik  Seems like a visit to some apocalyptic future – except that this is daily life for many in the Appalachias & the Ozarks and other parts of XXIst Century America. A teenage girl trying to hold her family together learns that her father was arrested again for manufacturing meth, and that he signed over the family homestead and woods for his bond – and then disappeared.
Co-written & co-produced by Anne Rosellini; co-written & directed by Debra Granik; based on the novel by Daniel Wood-rell; starring Jennifer Lawrence, John Hawkes, Kevin Breznahan, Dale Dickey, Garret Dillahunt, Shelley Waggener & Lauren Sweetser; won two awards at Berlin Intl. Film Festival, two awards at Sundance Film Festival
LionsGate widescreen color Blu-ray [DUE Oct 2010] for $19.99
LionsGate widescreen color DVD [DUE Oct 2010] for $19.49
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipediaofficial movie site
Winter's Bone novel by Daniel Woodrell  
"Winter's Bone: A Novel" [2006] by Daniel Woodrell
Back Bay Books movie tie-in 8x5½ pb [6/2010] for $10.07
Back Bay Books 8¼x5½ pb [7/2007] for $10.07
Little, Brown 8¼x5¾ hardcover [8/2006] out of print/used

No  Video/DVD  Available?
If you know of a source for video or DVD, or even 16mm,
of these treats, send email to the Proprietor.

{non-availability last checked February 2013}

Patience may be a virtue, but waiting is still a frustrating grind. So far we have outlasted "Gigot", American Film Theater, "Bill and Coo",
and "Journey Through The Past" which are now available on Region 1 DVD {above}. Still a couple more to go though . . .

"If I Had A Million" [Paramount Dec 1932]
If I Had a Million 1932 anthology movie  An unusual 'anthology' film from Paramount, with seven directors; based on the 1931 novel "Windfall" by Robert Hardy Andrews; an episodic delight, finally available on DVD: A dying millionaire gives money away to strangers chosen from the phone book. (Likely inspiration for the tv show 'The Millionaire'.) Norman Taurog directed the "Prologue" & "Epilogue" segments; James Cruze directed the "Death Cell" segment; H. Bruce Humberstone directed the "The Forger" segment; Ernst Lubitsch directed the "The Clerk" segment; Norman Z. McLeod directed the segments "China Shop" & "Road Hogs"; Stephen Roberts directed the "Violet" & "Grandma" segments; William A. Seiter directed the "Three Marines" segment; starring Richard Bennett; ensemble cast includes Gary Cooper, Frances Dee, W.C. Fields, Roscoe Karns, Charles Laughton, Jack Oakie, George Raft, Gene Raymond, May Robson & Charlie Ruggles
The DVD is offered for sale at Movies Unlimited (6/2009) but darned if I can find a new link at Amazon!
Nostalgia Home Video DVD [2/2007] out of prodn/used
full credits from IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

"Whistle Down The Wind"  [Rank Orgn. 1961]
Whistle / Wind  Hayley Mills (barely 14 at time of filming) and two younger siblings discover a man hiding in the barn and think him to be the returned Jesus Christ. Based on Mary Hayley Bell's 1959 novel; made into a 1998 musical by Andrew Lloyd Weber. A stunning film that received four BAFTA nominations. Directed by Bryan Forbes; also starring Bernard Lee & Alan Bates
not available on Region 1 DVD; b&w VHS out of prodn/used
full credits from IMDb

Books  About  Worst  Movies

Official Razzie Movie Guide book by John Wilson  "The Official Razzie® Movie Guide: Enjoying The Best of Hollywood's Worst" [2005]
by John Wilson (founder of the annual Razzie Awards [est.1981]), Foreword by Rolling Stone Magazine film critic Peter Travers

100 Golden Raspberry Award-winning films are listed alphabetically within each of the sections: All God's Creatures Large and Lame; Can't Stop The Musicals; Disasters - In Every Sense; Doopy Twosomes; Now That's A Dumb Idea!; The Roles That Made Them Shameless; Showbiz Laid Bare; They Came From Planet Razzie; Well, Someone Thought It Was Sexy; When Mad Scientists Go Bad; and The Very Best of The Berry Worst
Kindle Edition from Hachette Book Group [2007 edition] for $8.89
Grand Central Publng 8¾x6 pb [2005] out of print/many used
Showgirls, Teen Wolves & Astro Zombies / Worst Movie Ever Made book by Michael Adams  
"Showgirls, Teen Wolves, and Astro Zombies: A Film Critic's Year-Long Quest To Find The Worst Movie Ever Made" [2010]
by Michael Adams, Foreword by George A. Romero

Kindle Edition from HarperCollins e-books [1/2010] for $8.79
HarperCollins/It Books 8x5¼ pb [1/2010] for $10.07
150 Movies You Should Die Before You See book by Steve Miller  "150 Movies You Should (Die Before You) See" [2010] by Steve Miller
This shockingly tasteless collection of great awful movies dives into the steaming swamp of such disastrously delicious movies as "Gingerdead Men" 1 & 2, "Creature With The Atom Brain",
"Cannibal Holocaust, "Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter", and 145 others

Kindle Edition from Adams Media [10/2010] for $8.17
Adams Media 8½x5½ pb [10/2010] for $8.60

Books  About  Best  Movies

100 Best Films to Rent You've Never Heard Of  "The 100 Best Films To Rent You've Never Heard Of: Hidden Treasures,
Neglected Classics & Hits From By-Gone Eras" [1996]
by David N. Meyer

St. Martin's Griffin 8¼x5½ pb [12/96] for $11.16
Tandem Library hardcover [7/2003] for $23.90
50 Greatest Movies Never Made book by Chris Gore  "The 50 Greatest Movies Never Made: Fifty Masterpieces From Hollywood That Never Made It To The Big Screen" [1999] by Chris Gore
interesting subjects include: Billy Wilder and The Marx Brothers considered teaming up on "A Day At The United Nations"; "The Betty Page Story" {was made in 2005}; "Biker Heaven" a darkly comic sequel to "Easy Rider"
; Alfred Hitchcock's "The Blind Man"; "Destino" the surreal fusion of Salvador Dalí and Walt Disney {was made in 2003}; Greta Garbo's planned return to the screen, "Lover and Friend"; "National Lampoon's Jaws 3, People 0"; "Roger Rabbit Two: The Toon Platoon"; the uncompleted "Something's Gotta Give" [1962] starring Marilyn Monroe; "Starfleet Academy" {consider "Star Trek: The Voyage Begins" [2009} — and dozens of others

St. Martin's Griffin 8x5¼ pb [7/99] out of print/used
Great Movies You've Probably Missed  
"Great Movies You've Probably Missed: Videos You've Got To Rent!" [2002]
by Ardis Sillick & Michael McCormick

Carroll & Graf 8¼x5½ pb [4/2002] for $14.00
100 Best Movies You've Never Seen  "The 100 Best Movies You've Never Seen" [2003]
by Richard Crouse
(host of Reel To Real on the Independent Film Channel)
E.C.W. Press 8¾x7 pb [9/2003] for $17.23
Never Coming To A Theater Near You  "Never Coming To A Theater Near You: A Celebration of A Certain Kind of Movie" [2004]
by Kenneth Turan
(film critic at the Los Angeles Times since 1991)
PublicAffairs bargain-priced 8x5½ pb [11/2005] for $3.34 [sic]
PublicAffairs 9¼x6 hardcover [9/2004] for $25.00
Complete Idiot's Guide to Classic Movies book by Lee Pfeiffer  "The Complete Idiot's Guide To Classic Movies" [2006] by Lee Pfeiffer
Alpha Books 9x7¼ pb [11/2006] out of print/used
thumbnail critiques of over 350 movies from the Silent Era thru 1969, with indexes, appendices, quotes & other lists; movies covered range across "The Birth of A Nation" [1915], "Intolerance" [1916], "Greed" [1924], "The Maltese Falcon" [1941], "The African Queen" [1951], "The Seven Samurai" [1954], "The 400 Blows" [1959], "The Magnificent Seven" [1960], "2001: A Space Odyssey" [1968], "Easy Rider" [1969], and "The Wild Bunch" [1969]

1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die book edited by Stephen Jay Schneider  "1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die: 5th Anniversary Edition"
[orig 2004, rev 2013] Edited by Stephen Jay Schneider

Kindle Edition 5th edition etextbook from Barron's [12/2014] for $23.82
Barron's Educational Series 8¼x6½ hardcover [10/2013] for $25.07
Barron's Educational Series 5th Anniv Edition 8¼x6¾ hardcover [10/2008] out of print/80+ used
Cassell Illustrated 8½x6¼ pb [9/2004] out of print/many used
Son of 100 Best Movies You've Never Seen book by Richard Crouse  
"The Son of The 100 Best Movies You've Never Seen" [2008]
by Richard Crouse
(host of Reel To Real on the Independent Film Channel)
E.C.W. Press 9x6½ pb [9/2008] for $13.46
America's Film Legacy / Guide to the National Film Registry book by Daniel Eagan  "America's Film Legacy: The Authoritative Guide To The Landmark Movies In The National Film Registry" [2009] by Daniel Eagan
Continuum Publng Group 9¾x7 pb [10/2009] for $17.96
Continuum Publng Group 10x7¼ hardcover [9/2009] for $97.06
500 Essential Cult Movies Ultimate Guide book by Jennifer Eiss  "500 Essential Cult Movies: The Ultimate Guide" [2010]
by Jennifer Eiss, with J.P. Rutter & Steve White

Sterling 8x6 pb [8/2010] for $12.92
Movies & the Meaning of Life book by Wayne Omura  "Movies and The Meaning of Life: The Most Profound Films In Cinematic History"
[2011] by Wayne Omura

Bauu Institute Press 9¼x6 pb [6/2011] for $18.95
official book page
100 Cult Films book by Ernest Mathijs & Xavier Mendik  "100 Cult Films (B.F.I. Screen Guides)" [2011]
by Ernest Mathijs & Xavier Mendik

British Film Institute 5½x8¼ pb [12/2011] for $17.00
Not to be Missed / 54 Favorites book by Kenneth Turan  "Not To Be Missed: Fifty-four Favorites From A Lifetime of Film" [2014]
by Kenneth Turan
(film critic at the Los Angeles Times since 1991)
Kindle Edition from PublicAffairs/Hachette [6/2014] for $11.99
PublicAffairs 8¼x5½ pb [1/2016] for $16.99
PublicAffairs 9½x6¼ hardcover [6/2014] for $15.82

T.C.M. Essentials: 52 Must-See Movies book by Jeremy Arnold  "Turner Classic Movies Essentials: 52 Must-See Movies and Why They Matter" [2016]
by Jeremy Arnold, Foreword by Robert Osborne

the 52 choices are: "Metropolis" [Germany 1927] by Fritz Lang; "All Quiet On The Western Front" [1930]; "City Lights" [1931] by Charlie Chaplin; "Grand Hotel"
[1932]; "King Kong" [1933]; "Duck Soup" [1933] starring The Marx Brothers; "It Happened One Night" [1934] by Frank Capra, starring Clark Gable; "The Thin Man"
; "Bride of Frankenstein" [1935]; "Swing Time" [1936]; "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" [1939]; "Gone With The Wind" [1939] starring Clark Gable; "The Lady Eve" [1941] by Preston Sturges; "Citizen Kane" [1941] by Orson Welles; "Now, Voyager" [1942]; "Casablanca" [1942] directed by Michael Curtiz, starring Humphrey Bogart; "Double Indemnity" [1944] by Billy Wilder; "Meet Me In St. Louis" [1944] directed by Vincente Minnelli, starring Judy Garland; "Leave Her To Heaven" [1945]; "The Best Years of Our Lives" [1946] by William Wyler; "Out of The Past" [1947]; "The Red Shoes" [1948]; "The Bicycle Thief" [Italy 1948]; "The Third Man" [1949] starring Orson Welles; "White Heat" [1949] by Raoul Walsh; "Adam’s Rib" [1949] by George Cukor; "Winchester ’73" [1950]; "Sunset Blvd." [1950] by Billy Wilder; "Gun Crazy" [1950]; "All About Eve" [1950]; "Singin’ In The Rain" [1952]; "Roman Holiday" [1953] by William Wyler; "Seven Samurai" [Japan 1954] by Akira Kurosawa; "On The Waterfront" [1954] directed by Elia Kazan; "Rear Window" [1954] by Alfred Hitchcock; "Invasion of The Body Snatchers" [1956]; "The Searchers"
[1956] directed by John Ford, starring John Wayne; "Some Like It Hot" [1959] by Billy Wilder; "North By Northwest" [1959] by Alfred Hitchcock; "Ben-Hur" [1959] by William Wyler; "Breathless" [France 1960] by Jean-Luc Godard; "Lawrence of Arabia" [1962]; "To Kill A Mockingbird" [1962]; "Dr. Strangelove" [1964] by Stanley Kubrick; "Bonnie and Clyde" [1967]; "In The Heat of The Night" [1967]; "The Graduate" [1967]; "Once Upon A Time In The West" [Italy 1968] by Sergio Leone; "Jaws" [1975] by Steven Spielberg; "Rocky" [1976] by Sylvester Stallone; "Annie Hall" [1977] by Woody Allen;and "This Is Spinal Tap" [1984]

Kindle Edition from Running Press/Hachette [5/2016]; for $16.99
Running Press 9x7¼ pb [5/2016] for $17.00

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