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listed #94 on Timeout London's Best 100 Science Fiction Movies in 2015  "Alphaville" [May 1965]
Set in a distant, dystopian future controlled by a sentient cloud-like dictatorial computer named Alpha 60
Jean-Luc Godard's science fiction and film noir thriller stars veteran tough guy Eddie Constantin

"My Living Doll" TV series [CBS-TV 1965-66]
Actress Julie Newmar portrayed Rhonda the Robot, a top-secret project of the U.S. government's space program, who is placed under the supervision of a bachelor agency psychiatrist (Robert Cummings); he moves the beautiful Rhonda into his apartment and begins the task of training her how to function in the human world while keeping her secret from being discovered; the situation is complicated by his interfering sister and his love-sick neighbor. 26 episodes produced by Jack Chertok; directed by Ezra Stone; starring Robert Cummings, Julie Newmar, Jack Mullaney, Henry Beckman & Doris Dowling; guest actors included Roger C. Carmel, Harry Lauter, Les Tremayne, Ellen Corby, William Frawley, Jackie Joseph, Cliff Norton, Charles Ruggles, Lurene Tuttle, Parley Baer, Eddie Foy Jr. & Tom Tully • series credits at IMDb • series entry at Wikipedia

'My Living Doll' official collection on DVD  "My Living Doll: The Official Collection, Volume 1" [2012]
The film elements were long thought lost or destroyed, but in fact were preserved on 35mm masters by CBS; however, those copies were destroyed in the 1994 Northridge earthquake! The 11 complete half-hour episodes 6 shown) on this DVD set were gathered from other sources; bonus material includes half-hour 2012 featurette
M.P.I. Home Video color DVD [3/2012] 2 disks for $16.00

"Lost In Space" TV series [Fox TV/CBS-TV 1965-68]
The show ran for three seasons, with 83 episodes airing between September 1965 and March 1968; the first season was filmed in black and white, with the
second & third seasons filmed in color. The mechanical Robot B-9 was a regular character; Robby the Robot appeared in two episodes.
series credits at IMDb • series entry at Wikipedia

"Lost In Space Forever" TV documentary [Fox TV/New Line TV Nov 1998] /tt0244630/

see also the 1998 feature film and the Netflix TV series remake that is set for 2018 {both below}

"Dr. Goldfoot and The Bikini Machine" [A.I.P. Nov 1965] /tt0059124/

"Cartes sur Table" aka 'Attack of The Robots' [Europe 1966] /tt0060215/
Co-written & directed by Jesϊs Franco; starring Eddie Constantine dvd 2008

"Dr. Who and The Daleks" feature film [July 1966] /tt0059126/

"Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D." [Aug 1966] /tt0060278/

"Dalekmania" documentary [July 1995] /tt0416673/

"Johnny and The D.K. Robot" cartoon short [U.K. Dec 1966]
Produced by Beryl Stevens for Larkins Studios; directed by Douglas Jensen; Johnny eats candy before bedtime and does not brush
his teeth; he dreams about the D.K. {decay} robot who punishes children for lousy dental hygiene • not listed at IMDb

"Robust Robot" [Dec 1966] /tt2438092/
5-minute segment of Hanna-Barbera Prodns's "Laurel and Hardy" animated TV series [1966-67]
watch truncated cartoon short [4:01] online at YouTube

yellow-letters banner/logo for Star Trek
The 'Star Trek' media franchise began in 1966 as a weekly television show on the NBC-TV network; it ran for three seasons (79 episodes)
until it was canceled because of poor ratings. Reruns of the series proved to be wildly successful in syndication during the 1970s,
which persuaded owner Paramount to expand the franchise; feature films and spinoff TV series followed.
actor Brent Spiner as both Data (left) and Lore    The three prominent Star Trek android characters are B-4 {from the movie "Star Trek: Nemesis"}, Data (from "Next Generation"), and Data's 'evil twin' Lore (from "Next Generation") – all of which/whom were portrayed by actor Brent Spiner

more details (synopses, videos & DVDs, posters, books & ebooks, links, merchandise) on
Magic Lantern's Movie Series Page / 'Star Trek' Section

Star Trek Episode #53: 'The Ultimate Computer'   Star Trek Episode #53: "The Ultimate Computer" [Paramount/NBC-TV March 1968]
The spaceship Enterprise is chosen as the next test ship for the M-5 'ultimate computer' system which is given total control of the ship. System creator Daystrom is on board with the skeleton crew - Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty, Sulu, Uhura, a few others - and refuses to shut the test system down when it begins displaying irrational behavior . . . • Series created by Gene Roddenberry; directed by John Meredyth Lucas; written by Laurence N. Wolfe & D.C. Fontana; starring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, William Marshall, James Doohan, George Takei, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, Sean Morgan, Barry Russo
CBS Paramount Intl. TV color double episode DVD [7/2001] for $16.90
CBS Paramount Intl. TV color VHS [4/94] for $5.99
episode credits at IMDb • official website episode page • episode entry at Wikipedia
watch official TV promo [2011 upload; 1:02] online at YouTube

"Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot" aka 'Giant Robo'
[Toei/TV Tokyo Japan 1967-68]
'Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot' Japanese TV series  Ordinary kid Johnny is shipwrecked on a mysterious island and becomes the only person who can control the new giant robot built to battle the evil forces of the Gargoyle Gang • "Giant robot obey! Into the air! Up and away!" • Series created by Mitsuteru Yokoyama; USA series directed by Manuel San Fernando; narrated by Kτichi Chiba; Bobbie Byers {as Johnny Sokko}, Toshiyuki Tsuchiyama {as Giant Robo}, Mitsunobu Kaneko, Akio Itτ, Shτzaburτ Date, Ted Rusoff, Tomomi Kuwabara, Hirohiko Satτ, Yumiko Katayama, Matasaburτ Niwa, Mitsuo Andτ, Kτji Miemachi
full credits at IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia
English-dubbed version of the series presented by American Intl. Television
watch official Shout! Factory promo for 2013 DVD [1:11] online at YouTube
Shout! Factory color DVD [3/2013] 4 disks for $29.99

the website goes to Facebook which points to which is inactive (2016).

"Voyage Into Space" TV movie [Toei/AIP-TV 1970]
Voyage Into Space 1970 feature-length TV movie  98-minute compilation film edited down from four episodes of the "Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot" TV series: the first episode, two from the middle of the series featuring the monster Dracolon, and the final episode
Produced by Tτru Hirayama; directed by Minoru Yamada; narrated by Jerry Berke; starring Bobbie Byers (voice), Mitsunobu Kaneko, Ted Rusoff (voice), Akio Itτ & Toshiyuki Tsuchiyama {as Giant Robo}
Sinister Cinema color DVD-R [8/2009] for $8.99
bare credits at IMDb

"Giant Robo" animated TV mini-series [Amuse Studio mo 1991]
aka "Jaianto Roboto" and "Chikyuu ga Seishi Suru Hi"
screen shot of title for 'Giant Robo' animated video release  The Shizuma Drive has brought clean, limitless energy and launched humanity into an age of prosperity. But even in such an Eden of technology, there lurk the shadows of envy and greed. Big Fire is a secret brotherhood whose only goal is to direct the world toward chaos. The world is protected by the Experts of Justice, a team assembled from around the globe to stop the ultimate disaster of The Eternal Night. Central to everything is the bravery of their newest member, a boy who bravely commands a great machine. Seven episodes in Japan, six episodes on USA video
Directed by Yasuhiro Imagawa; based on the 1960s manga by Mitsuteru Yokoyama
Volume 1: Anime Works color DVD with English subtitles [10/2004] out of prodn/used
Volume 2: Anime Works color DVD with English subtitles [12/2004] for $24.95
Volume 3: Anime Works color DVD with English subtitles [4/2005] for $24.95
full credits at IMDb • watch official preview for Volume 3 [2:10] online at YouTube

listed #1 on Timeout London's Best 100 Science Fiction Movies in 2015  "2001: A Space Odyssey" [M.G.M. May 1968]
2001 video  
Kubrick's 2001 movie poster  
Based on Arthur C. Clarke's story "The Sentinel", the movie "2001" took sci-fi movies out of the drive-in theaters and into wide-screen movie palaces. Director Stanley Kubrick & special effects wizard Douglas Trumbull set the standard for space effects, which "Stars Wars" expanded upon nine years later. The movie is subjective – only 40 minutes of dialogue in its 139-minute general release version – and redefined the parameters of cinema. The "Also Sprach Zarathustra" theme has become a melodic icon, evoking images that are deeply part of the culture – the black monolith, the apes, the space station, HAL's red light, and the surreal ending. Co-written & directed by Stanley Kubrick; starring Keir Dullea, Douglas Rain & Gary Lockwood; won Oscar for Best Effects, nominated for Best Director, Script & Art Direction; also Hugo Award from W.S.F.S.
Warner Home Video widescreen color Blu-ray [10/2007] for $9.99
Warner Home Video Special Edition widescreen color DVD [10/2007] 2 disks for $13.49
Warner widescreen color DVD [6/2001] for $21.49
Warner letterbox color DVD [6/99] out of prodn/many used
Warner color VHS [6/99] for $4.29
Warner widescreen VHS [6/99] for $4.98
11"x17" black/yellow poster from Amazon for $14.99
full credits from IMDb   |   theme music [1 minute]
more details (synopses, books, sequel "2010", posters, music, links) on the
Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" [1968] Movie Page

"Hot Millions" [MGM Sept 1968]
co-written by & starring Peter Ustinov, also starring Maggie Smith & Karl Malden

"The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes" [Disney 1969]

"The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes" remake [Disney 1995]

1 9 7 0

"Colossus: The Forbin Project" [1970]

listed #33 on Timeout London's Best 100 Science Fiction Movies in 2015  "Silent Running" [March 1972] /tt0067756/
three very short worker robots named Huey and Dewey and Louie

"The Making of Silent Running" (1972] /tt0196732/

listed #68 on Timeout London's Best 100 Science Fiction Movies in 2015  "Westworld" [Nov 1973] aka "Il Mondo dei Robot"
Crichton's original screenplay was released as a mass-market paperback in conjunction with the film.

"The Making of Westworld" [19--]

"Futureworld" sequel [1976] with Peter Fonda & Blythe Danner

"Beyond Westworld" short-lived TV series []

"Westworld" TV series [HBO] Announced 8/2013

listed #64 on Timeout London's Best 100 Science Fiction Movies in 2015  "Sleeper" aka 'Woody et Le Robots'  [United Artists Dec 1973]
Co-written & directed by and starring Woody Allen; co-written by Marshall Brickman;
co-starring Diane Keaton • full credits from IMDb

"The Stepford Wives" [Feb 1975] /tt0073747/

"Revenge of The Stepford Wives" TV movie [1980] /tt0081423/

"The Stepford Wives" [2004] /tt0327162/
"The Stepford Wives" video [2004] /tt0478038/
"A Perfect World: The Making of The Stepford Wives" video [2004] /tt0477811/

"Secret Lives of Stepford Wives" TV series [2014] /tt3858684/

"Steel Robot (Kτtetsu Jξgu)" animated TV series [Toei Animation Oct 1975]
46-episode anime TV series created by manga artists Go Nagai & Tatsuya Yasuda

"Kotetsushin Jeeg" sequel series [WOWOW 2007] /tt2006485/
series appears to take place 50 years after the original show; 13 episodes aired on satellite network WOWOW

"Demon Seed" [April 1977]

banner from Star Wars Store at Amazon [May 1977]
official 'Star Wars' media franchise website
'Stars Wars' movies main entry at Wikipedia
official Star Wars® Store at Amazon

lots more details (synopses, books, toys, games, spinoffs, parodies, principals) on the
'Star Wars' Movies Page at Magic Lantern Video & Book Store

The three prominent Star Wars 'droid' characters are C-3PO and R2-D2 and BB-8.

"War of The Planets" [Italy Sept 1977]
original title: "Anno Zero - Guerra Nello Spazio (Year Zero - Space War)"
Italian poster for 'War of The Planets' (Anno Zero - Guerra Nello Spazio)  A strange signal arrives from space and disturbs all communications and a U.F.O. appears above Antarctica; a spaceship captain and his crew follow the signal outside the solar system and reach an unknown planet where a giant robot enslaves a whole population of humanoids by taking their psychic energies – the robot has his eyes on Earth, too . . . Co-written & directed by Alfonso Brescia/Al Bradley; co-written by Aldo Crudo/Al Crydo; starring Antonio Sabato • credits at IMDb
available on double-feature DVD as part of "The Italian Science Fiction Collection"
with "War of The Robots" [Italy April 1978] { IMDb credits }
color DVD [10/2002] 2 disks - out of prodn/used

"War of The Robots (La Guerra dei Robot)" [Italy April 1978]
Italian poster for 'War of The Robots' (La Guerra dei Robot)  An alien civilization facing eminent extinction kidnaps two famous genetic scientists from Earth; soldiers are dispatched to combat the humanoid robots and rescue the victims. Co-written & directed by Alfonso Brescia/Al Bradly; co-written by Aldo Crudo/Alan Rawton; starring Antonio Sabato • credits at IMDb
available on double-feature DVD as part of "The Italian Science Fiction Collection"
with "War of the Planets" [Italy Sept 1977] { IMDb credits }
Mutant Sorority Pictures digitally-remastered color DVD [1/2015] for $9.99
Retro Media color DVD [10/2002] 2 disks - out of prodn/used

"Battlestar Galactica" media franchise [Disney Dec 1978] /tt0078869/
A cybernetic race known as the Cylons have decided to exterminate all humans; a massive attack wipes out the Twelve Colonies
and most of its starship fleet, with Battlestar Galactica the only major starship to survive . . .

"Battlestar Galactica: The Definitive Collection" DVD Box Set []

"The Shape of Things To Come" [Canada May 1979] /tt0079894/
Connected to the H.G. Wells book in name only (the book takes place on Earth); evil scientist sends robot-controlled spaceships to take over the last of human
civilization, colonies on the Moon; directed by George McCowan; starring Jack Palance, Carol Lynley, and a robot dog named Sparky

"The Black Hole" feature film [Disney Dec 1979] /tt0078869/ +

1 9 8 0

"Saturn 3" feature film [Feb 1980] /tt0079285/
Two lovers stationed at a remote base in the asteroid fields of Saturn are intruded upon by a technocrat from Earth and a
malevolent 8-foot robot; written & directed by John Barry; starring Farrah Fawcett, Kirk Douglas, Harvey Keitel

"Galaxina" feature film [Crown Intl. Pictures June 1980]
'Galaxina' 1980 space comedy starring Dorothy Stratten  "In The 31st Century, Man Finally Created A Machine ... With Feelings" • Spoofy comedy: The crew of an interstellar police ship is sent to recover a mysterious crystal, the Blue Star; meanwhile, the ship's female android and a crew member fall in love, and an alien creature grows up on the ship thinking that the captain is its mother • Written & directed by William Sachs; introducing {Playboy Playmate} Dorothy Stratten as Galaxina {"The most heavenly body of them all"}; also starring Stephen Macht, Avery Schreiber, J.D. Hinton, Lionel Mark Smith, Tad Horino, Ronald Knight, Percy Rodrigues (voice), Herb Kaplowitz, Aesop Aquarian, Angelo Rossitto, Nancy McCauley, Fred D. Scott, David A. Cox, Peter Schrum, Susan Kiger, Marilyn Joi, Rhonda Shear, Bartine Burkett, Heather O'Connell, Michael D. Castle, George E. Mather, Hugh Warden, Frank Ferro, Jacqueline Jacobs
Mill Creek Ent. double feature on Blu-ray [3/2011] for $7.42 with "Crater Lake Monster" [2011]
B.C.I./Eclipse 25th Anniv. Edition widescreen color DVD [8/2006] for $49.95
Rhino letterboxed color DVD [2/2000] out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia • watch official VHS trailer [1/2016 upload; 2:13] at YouTube

"The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy" TV series [1981] /tt0081874/

"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" video game [1984] /tt0436395/

"The Making of The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" video [1993] /tt0185452/

"Heartbeeps" comedy feature film [Universal Pictures Dec 1981] /tt0082507/
two household robots run away and try to start a family; starring Andy Kaufman & Bernadette Peters

"Android" [1982]
Android 1982 B-movie starring Klaus Kinski  Tagline: "Much more than human" • two fugitives land at a space laboratory run by a scientist and his android assistant, who wants to be like humans; a squad of Terrapol cops also arrive, looking for the two criminals . . . Exec produced by Roger Corman; directed by Aaron Lipstadt; co-written by Don Keith Opper & James Reigle; starring Klaus Kinski, Don Keith Opper {as Max 404}, Brie Howard, Norbert Weisser, Crofton Hardester & Kendra Kirchner
Starz/Anchor Bay widescreen color DVD [10/2004] for $6.49
full credits at IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia
watch 8/2006 official U.S. trailer [2:45] online at YouTube
watch 1/2015 full movie [bothersome music; 1:20:17] online at YouTube

listed #2 on Timeout London's Best 100 Science Fiction Movies in 2015  "Blade Runner" feature film [Ladd Company June 1982]
Blade Runner movie poster directed by Ridley Scott  Directed by Ridley Scott, from a 1968 novel by Philip K. Dick; starring Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young, Edward James Olmos, M. Emmet Walsh & Daryl Hannah; music by Vangelis; won Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation; listed on Time Magazine's All-TIME 100 Movies (10/2005)
Warner Collector's Edition widescreen color on Blu-ray [12/2007] 5 disks for $24.99
Warner Final Cut Special Edition widescreen color DVD [12/2007] 2 disks for $10.99
Warner Director's Cut DVD [3/97] for $11.99
full credits from IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia
"Blade Runner 2049" [DUE Oct 2017?]  10/2017
watch official 10/2016 teaser trailer [1:46] online at YouTube

more movie & sequel details on Magic Lantern's "Blade Runner" 1982 Movie Page

"Robotech" anime franchise [est. 1982]
This is a mare's nest of cancelled series & sequels and aborted spinoffs and renamed duplications; we will start with the American TV series
and the several feature films, and gradually add the rest later • franchise entry at Wikipedia

Robotech: The Complete Set 20-disk DVD box set  "Robotech: The Complete Set" DVD Box Set [2013]
includes remastered versions of all 85 episodes from the three Robotech Wars: "The Macross Saga", "The Robotech Masters", and "Robotech: The New Generation", and both feature films: "The Shadow Chronicles" [2006] and "Love Live Alive" [2013], as well as a bonus disk
A&E Home Video slipcase color DVD set [11/2013] 20 disks for $49.95
more details (synopses, sequels, books & ebooks, links, merchandise) on
"Robotech" TV & Movies Page at Magic Lantern Video & Book Store

"TRON" /tt0084827/

"TRON" video game [1982] /tt0384622/

sequel "TRON: Legacy" [Dec 2010] /tt1104001/
directed by Joseph Kosinski

"TRON: Uprising" TV series [2012] /tt1812523/

untitled 'TRON: Legacy' sequel [in development] /tt1961642/

"The Transformers" animated TV series [Sept 1984–1987]

"The Transformers: The Movie" animated film [1986]

Transformers (toy line), a line of toys produced by Hasbro

see also the live-action/CGI feature film series that began in 2007

"The Terminator"

listed #9 on Timeout London's Best 100 Science Fiction Movies in 2015  "The Terminator" [Oct 1984] starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

listed #16 on Timeout London's Best 100 Science Fiction Movies in 2015  "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" [July 1991] starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines" [July 2003] starring Arnold Schwarzenegger [2008]

"The Sarah Connor Chronicles" TV series [2008–2009]

"The Terminators" video [indep April 2009] /tt1350512/
from the tasteless and unethical folks at The Asylum
Directed by Xavier S. Puslowski; starring Jeremy London, Paul Logan

"Terminator 4: Salvation" [May 2009]

"Terminator 5: Genisys" [June 2015] starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Runaway" [Dec 1984] /tt0088024/
Written & directed by Michael Crichton; starring Tom Selleck & Cynthia Rhodes

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