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         color portrait of silent film star Rudolph Valentino [1895-1926]

"Women are not in love with me but with the picture of me on the screen.
I am merely the canvas upon which the women paint their dreams."

"A man should control his life. Mine is controlling me."

— Rudolph Valentino

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     h e r e

star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame   Rudolph Valentino (May 6, 1895 – August 23, 1926)

Rudolph Valentino entry at Wikipedia
Rudolph Valentino credits [1914-27] at Internet Movie Database

Movies of Rudolph Valentino
Rudolph Valentino credits [1914-27] at Internet Movie Database
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The Valentino Collection on DVD   "The Valentino Collection: Rediscovering An Icon of Silent Film" [2007]
Flicker Alley b&w/tinted/color DVD set [9/2007] 2 disks for $35.99
contains four silent films: "A Society Sensation" [Universal Bluebird 1918 short], "Stolen Moments" [A.C.C./Pioneer 1920 short], "Moran of The Lady Letty" [Famous Players-Lasky Feb 1922], and "The Young Rajah" [Famous Players-Lasky Nov 1922]; three silent shorts: "A Trip To Paramountown" [1922], "Screen Snapshots" [?], and "Character Studies" [1927]; two sound shorts: "Round About Hollywood" [1931] Cinecolor newsreel, and early memorial tribute film "Rudolph Valentino" [1931] – PLUS rare footage, slide-shows, virtual scrapbooks, and much more
Rudolph Valentino Classic Films on DVD  
"Rudolph Valentino Classic Films" on DVD [2007]
Reel Enterprises b&w DVD-R [12/2007] for $19.99
contains three silent feature films: "The Sheik" [1921] co-starring Agnes Ayres; "Blood and Sand" [1922] directed by Fred Niblo, co-starring Nita Naldi & Lila Lee; and "The Eagle" [1925] co-starring Vilma Bánky
Rudolph Valentino Collection DVD box set  "The Rudolph Valentino Collection" DVD Box Set [2009]
Passport b&w/color DVD set [8/2009] 3 disks for $17.99
contains: "A Society Sensation" [1918 short]; "The Married Virgin" [1918 feature]; "The Sheik" [1921] co-starring Agnes Ayres; "Blood and Sand" [1922] directed by Fred Niblo, co-starring Nita Naldi & Lila Lee; "The Eagle" [1925] co-starring Vilma Bánky; and "Cobra" [1925]; extras include a 1941 retrospective tribute, and a 13-minute newsreel in which Valentino judges a beauty contest
Rare Films of Rudolph Valentino DVD sets   "The Actors: Rare Films of Rudolph Valentino, Volume 1" [2009]
Classic Video Streams b&w DVD [12/2009] for $16.99
contains two silent feature films: "All Night" [Universal Bluebird Nov 1918] co-starring Carmel Myers; and "Camille" [M.G.M. Sept 1921] co-starring Alla Nazimova
"The Actors: Rare Films of Rudolph Valentino, Volume 2" [2009]
Classic Video Streams b&w DVD [12/2009] for $16.99
contains one silent feature film "Eyes of Youth" [Nov 1919] co-starring Clara Kimball Young, two Valentino documentaries, featurette "His 88 American Beauties" [1923], and production footage from "The Sheik" and "Blood and Sand"

·          ·

"Screen Snapshots" [undated silent short]

"A Society Sensation" [Universal Bluebird 1918 short]

"The Married Virgin" [1918 feature]

"All Night" [Universal Bluebird Nov 1918] co-starring Carmel Myers

"Eyes of Youth" [Nov 1919] co-starring Clara Kimball Young

"Stolen Moments" [A.C.C./Pioneer 1920 short]

"The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse"
[Metro Pictures March 1921 silent]
Produced & directed by Rex Ingram; starring Rudolph Valentino, Alice Terry & Wallace Beery
full credits from IMDb; listed on National Film Registry (1995)

"The Sheik" [1921] starring Rudolph Valentino, Agnes Ayres

"Camille" [M.G.M. Sept 1921] starring Rudolph Valentino & Alla Nazimova

"Moran of The Lady Letty" [Famous Players-Lasky Feb 1922]

"A Trip To Paramountown" [1922 silent short]

"Blood and Sand" [1922]
directed by Fred Niblo, starring Rudolph Valentino, Nita Naldi & Lila Lee

"Beyond The Rocks" [1922]
starring Rudolph Valentino, Gloria Swanson, Edythe Chapman

"The Young Rajah" [Famous Players-Lasky Nov 1922]

"Rudolph Valentino and His 88 American Beauties"
[1923 silent short]
Rudolph Valentino and His 88 American Beauties   While on his one-man strike against the studios (demanding more money & more creative control), Valentino struck a deal to act as spokesman for the Mineralava Beauty Clay Company and their beauty products. The major promotion included beauty contests in 88 cities across America, some filmed on the cheap by young David O. Selznick; the finale is inside the then-extant Madison Square Garden arena.
video available on several DVD packages above • credits at IMDb

"The Eagle" [1925] starring Rudolph Valentino, Vilma Bánky

"Cobra" [1925] starring Rudolph Valentino, Hector Sarno, Casson Ferguson

"The Son of The Sheik"  [United Artists July 1926]
co-written by Frances Marion; starring Rudolph Valentino & Vilma Bánky
VHS available | DVD available
full credits from IMDb; listed on National Film Registry (2003)

"Character Studies" [1927 silent short];

Other Works by Rudolph Valentino

¯          ¯

Valentino made a private recording in 1923; he sang "Kashmiri Love Song" on side A and "El Relicario" on side B.
Though the extant recordings are sub-par, they were released after his death and are still reissued occasionally.

Hollywood Sings Stars of the Silver Screen soundtrack album  "Hollywood Sings: Stars of The Silver Screen" [1982]
A.S.V. Living Era soundtrack CD [4/94] 20 tracks - out of prodn/used
performers include Fred Astaire, Eddie Cantor, Maurice Chevalier, Joan Crawford, Marlene Dietrich, Janet Gaynor, Al Jolson, Charles King, Jeanette MacDonald, Groucho & Zeppo Marx, Helen Morgan, Harry Richman, Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson, Ginger Rogers, James Stewart, Gloria Swanson, Lawrence Tibbett, Rudolph Valentino, and the orchestra of Paul Whiteman
NOTE: details on the Amazon page do not match the album cover
100 Years of Cinema audio CD box set  "100 Years of Cinema" Audio CD Box Set [1997]
Retro Music audio CD set [10/97] 40 tracks on 2 disks for $16.00
includes recordings excerpted from movies, sung by: Louis Armstrong ("Hello Dolly!"), Fred Astaire, Marlon Brando, James Cagney, Maurice Chevalier ("Thank Heaven For Little Girls"), Noël Coward ("Let's Do It"), Joan Crawford, Bing Crosby, Bette Davis, Doris Day, Gloria De Haven, Dolores Del Rio, Marlene Dietrich, Clark Gable, Judy Garland, Cary Grant, Jean Harlow ("Reckless"), Rita Hayworth, Bob Hope, Gene Kelly, Dorothy Lamour, Sophia Loren, Harpo Marx, Ann Miller, Robert Mitchum, Marilyn Monroe, Jack Nichol-son, Tyrone Power, Jimmy Stewart, Gloria Swanson, Rudolph Valentino ("Kashmiri Love Song") & Mae West – plus a 20-page booklet with rare photographs

Valentino published a thin volume of sentimental poetry titled "Day Dreams" in 1923; the book sold hundreds of thousands of copies.
In 2010 it was reprinted by 1921 PVG Publishing with a foreword by Evelyn Zumaya

Valentino, Rudolph How You Can Keep Fit. McFadden Publications. 1923
Valentino, Rudolph My Private Diary. Occult Publishing Company. 1929

Movies About Rudolph Valentino

early memorial tribute film "Rudolph Valentino" [1931] - available on DVD set above
retrospective tribute [1941] - available on DVD set above

poster of 1951 Rudolph Valentino biofilm  "Valentino" [Columbia March 1951]
"The stormy life ... the many loves of ... VALENTINO!" Filmed in Technicolor; directed by Lewis Allen; written by George Bruce; starring Anthony Dexter {as Valentino}, Eleanor Parker, Richard Carlson, Patricia Medina, Joseph Calleia, Dona Drake, Lloyd Gough & Otto Kruger
video/DVD not available; full credits at IMDb
Legend of Valentino 1961 documentary  "The Legend of Valentino" 71-minute documentary [1961]
"His Films Changed Hollywood, His Lifestyle Shocked The World, and His Legend Lives On"
Co-written & directed by Graeme Ferguson; narrated by Frank Gallop; with archive footage of Rudolph Valentino, Jean Acker, 'Broncho Billy' Anderson, John Barrymore, Richard Barthelmess, Vilma Bánky, Charlie Chaplin, Louise Dresser, Douglas Fairbanks, Lillian Gish, D.W. Griffith, William S. Hart, Al Jolson, Lila Lee, Myrna Loy, June Mathis, Mae Murray, Nita Naldi, Alla Nazimova, Pola Negri, Louella Parsons, Mary Pickford, Natacha Rambova, Wallace Reid, Knute Rockne, Will Rogers, Gloria Swanson, Erich von Stroheim, Clara Kimball Young & Adolph Zukor
Embassy Home Video b&w VHS [1982] out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDb
The Legend of Rudolph Valentino 1975 TV drama  
"The Legend of Valentino" [Spelling-Goldberg/ABC-TV Nov 1975]
Written & directed by Melville Shavelson; starring Franco Nero {as Valentino}
Region 1 DVD not available; Prism Ent. color VHS [1975] out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDb
Valentino 1977 movie starring Rudolf Nureyev  "Valentino" [Chartoff-Winkler/United Artists Oct 1977]
Co-written & directed by Ken Russell; starring Rudolf Nureyev {as Valentino}, Leslie Caron, Michelle Phillips, Carol Kane, Felicity Kendal, Seymour Cassel & Huntz Hall
M.G.M. Home Video letterbox color DVD-R [5/2010] for $19.98
MGM/UA Home Video color VHS [9/98] for $25.50
11"x17" poster from Amazon for $14.99
full credits at IMDb
The World's Greatest Lover 1977 movie starring Gene Wilder  "The World's Greatest Lover" [Fox Dec 1977]
A spoof of the Valentino legend; a baker travels to Hollywood to audition as competition for movie star Rudy Valentino. Co-produced, written & directed by and starring Gene Wilder; also starring Carol Kane, Dom DeLuise & Fritz Feld
Fox color DVD [4/2006] for $13.49
27"x40" poster from Amazon for $19.99
full credits at IMDb
Hollywood Sex Symbols video  "Hollywood Sex Symbols" [1988 video release]
Some Amazon reviewers of the VHS edition suggest poor quality reproduction of press material, but the probable rarity of the clips may be of interest to some fans. Stars covered include Theda Bara, Brigette Bardot, Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Rita Hayworth, Sophia Loren, Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, Paul Newman, Tyrone Power, Elvis Presley, Robert Redford, Elizabeth Taylor, Rudolph Valentino & Mae West
Front Row Ent. color/b&w DVD [12/2007] for $18.98
Front Row Ent. color/b&w VHS [6/89] for $8.29
Front Row Ent. color/b&w VHS [undated] out of print/used
full credits at IMDb

A&E Biography about Rudolph Valentino  "Rudolph Valentino: The Great Lover" [Greystone/A&E Feb 1996]
Hosted by Peter Graves; featuring on-camera commentary by William K. Everson, Michael Medved, Michael Morris & Marc Wanamaker
A&E Home Video 50-minute DVD [12/2008] for $24.95
A&E Home Video VHS [2/2000] out of prodn/used
confusing 2006 Kinetic/Delta credits at IMDb
watch free online [43:40] at A&E Biography
Good Night Valentino  "Good Night Valentino" [short film 2003]
Based on a report by H.L. Mencken [1880-1956] in the Baltimore Sun about an actual conversation over dinner with Rudolph Valentino, who sought advice in handling the slander that Valentino's movie career had emasculated the American male. Produced, co-written & directed by Edoardo Ballerini; co-written by John Rothman; starring Edoardo Ballerini {as Valentino}, John Rothman {as Mencken } & Blaire Chandler
DVD/Blu-ray not available • full credits at IMDb

"DayDreams of Rudolph Valentino" [indep Aug 2006]
While in hospital in a coma from peritonitis, Valentino's subconscious processes events of the last days of his life.
Directed by Massimiliano Trevis; co-written by & starring Vladislav Kozlov {as Valentino} & Ksenia Jarova
{as Rambova], also starring Irina Stemer, Brian Greene & Tyler Nelson
DVD/Blu-ray not available • credits at IMDb

Why Be Good? Sexuality and Censorship in Early Cinema docufilm  "Why Be Good? Sexuality & Censorship In Early Cinema"
[Playboy/American Cinemateque May 2007]

70-minute documentary about the uncensored days before the Hays Code was established in 1935; featuring archive & interview footage of Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle, Clara Bow, Louise Brooks, Cecil B. DeMille, Marlene Dietrich, Douglas Fairbanks, D.W. Griffith, Jean Harlow, Will H. Hays, Wm. Randolph Hearst, Pola Negri, Mary Pickford, Barbra Stanwyck, Gloria Swanson, Rudolph Valentino, and Mae West Co-written & directed by Elaina Archer; co-written by cinema historian Scott Eyman; narrated by Diane Lane; modern interviewees include Cari Beauchamp, Budd Schulberg, Kevin Thomas & Marc Wanamaker
Image Ent. color/b&w DVD [11/2008] out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDb

"Alla Nazimova and Rudolph Valentino" TV documentary [indep 2000]
Written & directed by Laurent Preyale • VHS/DVD/Blu-ray not available • bare credits at IMDb

"Rudy: Il mito Rodolfo Valentino" TV biofilm [R.T.I./History Channel Sept 2006]
Co-written & directed by Andrea Bettinetti, co-written by David Bellini, Michele Bongiorno & Paolo Orlandelli
VHS/DVD/Blu-ray not available • bare credits at IMDb

"The Sheik From Castellaneta" [2010]
documentary film by Italian director Giuseppe Sansonna • not listed on IMDb

"Silent Life" aka "Death of The Sheik" [indep 2011]  
Silent Life movie about Valentino's death  Full-length color silent film; during his last feverish days of life, patient Valentino relives his past thru dreams in the form of silent films.
Produced, co-written, directed by and starring Vladislav Kozlov {as Valentino}; co-written by and starring Ksenia Jarova {as Rambova}; also starring Galina Jovovich {as Nazimova}, Isabella Rossellini, Monte Markham, David A. Goodman, Stephen Nelson
VHS/DVD/Blu-ray not yet available • credits at IMDb

Books About Rudolph Valentino

original cover for "Rudolph Valentino, His Romantic Life & Death" 1926 biography by Ben-Allah  
"Rudolph Valentino: His Romantic Life and Death" [1926] by Ben-Allah
Kessinger Publng 8¾x6 pb [5/2004] for $16.34
Kessinger Publng 9x6 hardcover [5/2004] for $27.32
Gentlemen to the Rescue Heroes of the Silent Screen book by Kalton C. Lahue  "Gentlemen To The Rescue: The Heroes of The Silent Screen" [1972]
by Kalton C. Lahue

Short profiles of 30 Silent Era actors, including: King Baggot, John Barrymore, Richard Barthelmess, Lon Chaney, Richard Dix, Douglas Fairbanks, Sessue Hayakawa, Rod La Rocque, Rudolph Valentino, Henry B. Walthall & Ben Wilson
A.S. Barnes hardcover [1972] out of print/used
Rudolph Valentino biography by Alexander Walker  "Rudolph Valentino" biography [1976]
by Alexander Walker

Penguin pb [8/77] out of print/many used
Stein & Day 9¼x6 hardcover [1976] out of print/used
Elm Tree Books 9¼x5¾ hardcover [1976] out of print/used
The Stars Appear book by Richard Dyer MacCann  "The Stars Appear" [1992] by Richard Dyer MacCann
Brief biograpies of 176 actors & directors of the Silent Era, with more detailed info on 33 of them; major stars include Theda Bara, Richard Barthelmess, Clara Bow, Lon Chaney, Douglas Fairbanks, Geraldine Farrar, Charles Farrell, Greta Garbo, John Gilbert, Lillian Gish, William S. Hart, Ernst Lubitsch, Mary Pickford, Rin-Tin-Tin, Gloria Swanson, and Rudolph Valentino
Scarecrow Press 8¾x5½ pb [3/92] for $34.05
Scarecrow Press 8¾x5½ hardcover [3/92] for $47.30
Silent Stars book by Jeanine Basinger  "Silent Stars" [1999] by Jeanine Basinger
Wesleyan Univ Press pb [11/2000] for $21.24
Diane Publng hardcover [4/99] for $35.00
Knopf 9x7 hardcover [10/99] out of print/used
featured stars include Clara Bow, Lon Chaney, Marion Davies, Douglas Fairbanks, Greta Garbo, John Gilbert, William S. Hart, The Keystone Cops, Tom Mix, Colleen Moore, Pola Negri, Mabel Normand, Mary Pickford, Rin-Tin-Tin, Gloria Swanson, Constance & Norma Talmadge, and Rudolph Valentino
Valentino, Dream of Desire book by David Bret  
"Valentino: A Dream of Desire" [1999]
by David Bret

Da Capo Press 9x6 hardcover [5/2007] out of print/used
Robson Books 9¼x6½ hardcover [11/99] out of print/used
Golden Images, Silent Film Stars book by Eve Golden  "Golden Images: 41 Essays On Silent Film Stars" [2000]
by Eve Golden, Foreword by Bob King

no other book covers the lives & careers of Harrison Ford {the 1884-1957 one}, May Irwin, Arthur Johnson, Ormer Locklear, Martha Mansfield, Marie Prevost, Wallace Reid, Clarine Seymour & Milton Sills; others also covered elsewhere include Clara Bow, William Haines, the Talmadge Sisters, Rudolph Valentino & Pearl White – plus 27 more
McFarland & Co. 10x7 pb [12/2000] for $39.95
Valentino, The First Superstar book by Noel Botham  
"Valentino: The First Superstar" [2002]
by Noel Botham

Metro Books 9¼x6 hardcover [8/00] out of print/used
Life & Death of Rudolph Valentino book by Emily W. Leider  "Dark Lover: The Life and Death of Rudolph Valentino" [2003]
by Emily W. Leider

Faber & Faber 8¼x5½ pb [5/2004] out of print/many used
Faber & Faber 7½x5 pb [11/2004] out of print/many used
FS&G 9¼x6½ hardcover [5/2003] out of print/many used
Valentino Forever book by Tracy Ryan Terhune  "Valentino Forever: The History of The Valentino Memorial Services" [2004]
by Tracy Ryan Terhune

AuthorHouse pb [4/2004] for $17.95
Valentino Mystique book by Allan R. Ellenberger  "The Valentino Mystique: The Death and Afterlife of The Silent Film Idol"
[2005] by Allan R. Ellenberger, Foreword by Edoardo Ballerini

McFarland & Co. pb [1/2005] for $39.95
Valentino, The Unforgotten book by Roger C. Peterson  "Valentino: The Unforgotten" [2007]
by Roger C. Peterson, Foreword & Afterword by Tracy Ryan Terhune

AuthorHouse 11x7¾ pb [4/2007] for $14.99
First Male Stars  "The First Male Stars: Men of The Silent Era" [2007]
by David W. Menefee

BearManor Media 9x6 pb [10/2007] for $29.95
covered actors include: John Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore, Richard Barthelmess, John Bunny, Francis X. Bushman, Lon Chaney, Jackie Coogan, William S. Hart, Tom Mix, Antonio Moreno, Jack Pickford, Wallace Reid, Rudolph Valentino & Crane Wilbur
Hollywood On The Hudson book by Richard Koszarski  "Hollywood On The Hudson: Film & Television In New York From Griffith To Sarnoff" [2008] by Richard Koszarski
Rutgers Univ Press 10x7 hardcover [7/2008] for $28.76
covers East Coast filmmakers, writers & actors: Thomas Edison, animators Max & Dave Fleischer, D.W. Griffith, Ben Hecht, Charles MacArthur, Oscar Micheaux, Paul Robeson, Gloria Swanson, Rudolph Valentino, and others
Conversations with Rodolfo novel by Hala Pickford  "Conversations With Rodolfo: A Novel" [2009] by Hala Pickford
Author is the 'Founding Sheba' of The Rudolph Valentino Society; book is described as 'whim-sical'. A young music journalist meets the grandparents of his new lady love, and Grandpa Rodolfo turns out to be the mostly-forgotten ninety-plus Silent Era screen idol Rudolph Valen-tino. The old man agrees to a series of interviews, not to be published until after his death.
1921 P.V.G. Publng pb [11/2009] for $21.00
Rudolph Valentino / Life In Photographs book by Donna Hill  "Rudolph Valentino, The Silent Idol: His Life In Photographs" [2010]
by Donna Hill

blurb books 8x9¼ pb [10/2010] for $60.00
author's 'Falcon Lair' fansite
 book by Wayne Vincent Hatford  
"Valentino Speaks: The Wisdom of Rudolph Valentino - Cues and Views From The Other Side" [3/2011] by Wayne Vincent Hatford
Total fiction! The author 'channels' people, this time screen idol Valentino – NOT recommended
Affairs Valentino book by  Evelyn Zumaya  "Affairs Valentino" [2011] by Evelyn Zumaya  
Book released in June 2011 by The Rudolph Valentino Society; the biography repaints the life of Valentino with newly-found court documents, accounting ledgers & unpublished memoirs, and memories of Rudy's manager George Ullman and godfather Frank Mennillo; publication was immediately followed by controversy, including death threats against author & publisher.
not yet listed at either Amazon or B&N - list price $60.00
official book blog

Poster & Photo Gallery

detailed gallery to be built later

Friends & Lovers

Jean Acker

June Mathis

Alla Nazimova

Natacha Rambova
Madam Valentino: The Many Lives of Natacha Rambova by Michael Morris (Oct 1991)
Rudolph Valentino: A Wife's Memories of an Icon by Hala Pickford and Natacha Rambova (Dec 1, 2009)
Rudy: An intimate portrait of Rudolph Valentino (1926) by Natacha Rambova

detail from poster of Rudolph Valentino brand cigars

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Rudolph Valentino entry at Wikipedia
Rudolph Valentino credits [1914-27] at Internet Movie Database

search DVDs on keywords 'Rudolph Valentino' at Amazon

DH's 'Falcon Lair' fansite
Rudolph Valentino Photo Gallery at Silent Gents website

The Rudolph Valentino Society [est. 2009]
The Rudolph Valentino Film Festival {aka 'Rudy Fest'} [2010]
plans for Los Angeles, California screenings in May 2010 fell thru • see placeholder website

Valentino's hometown of Castellaneta, Taranto, Puglia, Italy
Fondazione Rodolfo Valentino [est. 2006] {Italian-language website}
which operates the Museo Rodolfo Valentino [est. 2006] in Castellaneta

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