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        auteur Terrence Malick looking thru camera viewer during making of 'Days of Heaven' [1978]

Writer & director Terrence Malick has made only nine feature films since 1973 (as-of 2016),
but all of them are very special, and several are considered masterpieces.

"Unless you love, your life will flash by."
— Terrence Malick

          B I O

          h e r e
Went to St. Stephen's high school in Austin, Texas (where he played football)
Went to Harvard; was a Rhodes Scholar; MFA from the American Film Institute
Paula Mandel is rumoured to have starred in an even more scarce Malick short entitled "Old Age" circa 1969
Resides in Austin, Texas

Terrence Malick entry at Wikipedia
Terrence Malick credits [since 1969] at Internet Movie Database

Terrence Malick has not yet won an Oscar

but he has received
a Golden Seashell Award at San Sebastián International Film Festival, 1974
the Best Director Award at the Cannes Film Festival, 1979
a David di Donatello Award, 1979
two Oscar nominations, 1998
a Golden Berlin Bear, 1999
two Satellite Awards, 1999 & 2011
a Kinema Junpo Award, 2000
the Storyteller Award at the Taos Talking Picture Festival, 2000
the Franklin J. Schaffner Award from the American Film Institute, 2000
a shared Christopher Award, 2008
the Palme d'Or Award at the Cannes Festival, 2011
nomination for Best Director Oscar, 2012
the SIGNIS Award at the 2012 Venice Film Festival
and two awards at the 2016 Venice Film Festival

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Terrence Malick credits [since 1969] at Internet Movie Database
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Films of Terrence Malick book by James Morrison & Thomas Schur  
"The Films of Terrence Malick" [2003]
by James Morrison & Thomas Schur

Praeger 9¾x6 hardcover [9/2003] for $79.95
·                         ·

"Lanton Mills" [1969 student short]
Terrence Malick's thesis film at the American Film Institute; two cowboys set off to rob a bank, and when they stop to see their boss
they discover that he has been murdered by another cowboy
• Written & directed by & starring Terrence Malick; also starring
Warren Oates, Harry Dean Stanton, Tony Bill, Lash La Rue & Paula Mandel
DVD/Blu-ray not available (copy at A.F.I. is restricted to scholars) • full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

"Deadhead Miles" [Paramount 1972]
Deadhead Miles trucker movie starring Alan Arkin  A quirky comedy about an odd-ball trucker driving a twice-stolen yellow Peterbilt 18-wheeler across America; film was barely released by Paramount. • Co-produced & directed by Vernon Zimmerman; script by Terrence Malick; starring Alan Arkin, Paul Benedict, Charles Durning, Hector Elizondo, Richard Kiel, Avery Schreiber, Barnard Hughes & Loretta Swit, with cameos by Bruce Bennett, John Milius, George Raft, Ida Lupino & Allen Garfield
DVD/Blu-ray not available (available on Netflix Instant?) • full credits at IMDb

"Pocket Money" [First Artists/National General Feb 1972]
Pocket Money movie starring Paul Newman & Lee Marvin  A down-on-his-luck cowboy in 1970s Arizona agrees to work for two shady ranchers; he and a friend bring 200 cattle up from Mexico, with a series of problems along the way. • Directed by Stuart Rosen-berg; adapted by Terrence Malick & John Gay, based on the 1970 novel "Jim Kane" by Joseph P. Brown; cinematography by László Kovács; starring Paul Newman, Lee Marvin, Strother Martin, Wayne Rogers, Hector Elizondo, Christine Belford, Kelly Jean Peters, Gregory Sierra & Fred Graham
Warner Home Video color DVD [undated] for $9.95
Warner Home Video color VHS [8/93] for $14.98
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

Jim Kane / Pocket Money novel by J.P.S. Brown  "Jim Kane" novel [1970] by J.P.S. Brown
Authors Guild BackInPrint 9x6 pb [10/2007] for $22.95
Domain mass pb [7/91] out of print/used
Dial Press 9x6½ hardcover [3/70] out of print/used
E.P. Dutton hardcover [3/70] out of print/used
"Pocket Money" movie tie-in edition [1972]
award books movie tie-in mass pb [1972] out of print/used

"Badlands" [1973]
Directed by Terrence Malick

"Days of Heaven"  [Paramount Sept 1978]
    Days of Heaven   Written & directed by Terrence Malick; Néstor Almendros won an Oscar for his
superb cinematography; starring Richard Gere, Brooke Adams, Sam Shepard,
Linda Manz & Robert J. Wilke
Criterion widescreen color Blu-ray [3/2010] for $24.32
Criterion widescreen color DVD [10/2007] for $33.99
Paramount widescreen DVD [3/99] for $33.00
Paramount color VHS [5/97] out of prodn/used
Paramount widescreen VHS [5/98] for $4.95
FSM Silver Age soundtrack CD [8/2011] 2 disks - out of prodn/used
full credits from IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

"The Thin Red Line" [1998]

"The New World" [2005]

"The Tree of Life" [2011]

"To The Wonder" [Magnolia Pictures April 2013]
To The Wonder feature film by Terrence Malick  Filmed in France and in Bartlesville, Oklahoma; An American meets a single mother in Paris, France and brings her home and marries her; when her visa is about to expire, they seem to have fallen out of love . . .
Written & directed by Terrence Malick; starring Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko, Rachel McAdams, Javier Bardem, Charles Baker & Romina Mondello
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available
full credits at IMDbofficial movie sitewatch 3/2013 trailer [2:00] at YouTube
watch 3/2013 official 'making of' short film w/French subtitles [10:34] at YouTube

"Thy Kingdom Come" 'spinoff' movie [March 2018?]
spinoff movie 'Thy Kingdom Come' starring Javier Bardem  While on location in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Malick instructed cinematographer Eugene Richards to arrange & shoot local non-actors being listened to by Javier Bardem in costume and in character as the priest of the feature film "To The Wonder"; almost none of that improvisational reality footage was included in the released version; sometime later, Richards realized the potential for a short film and got permission and access from Malick; the 43-minute 'spinoff' film is scheduled to be shown at South-By-South-West in March, other details are quite sparse.
Exec produced, directed & filmed by Eugene Richards; co-produced by & starring Javier Bardem; featuring Callie Eldred, Tasia Moore, Joshua Collins, Adam Watters, Samantha Jo Chism Watters, Melvin Kemp, Melvin Cook, Kathryn Von Glahn, Eric Eudy
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available •
full credits at IMDbwatch 2/2018 official trailer [1:34] at YouTube

"The Better Angels" [Amplify Nov 2014]
Announced 7/2012: Working title "The Green Blade Rises"; tells the story of a young Abraham Lincoln and his hardscrabble upbringing; Diane Kruger said at Comic-Con that
she will portray Sarah Bush Lincoln, Abe's encouraging stepmother; Terrence Malick is producing {only}; added 9/2012: written & to be directed by Malick's protégé & collaborator
A.J. Edwards; Jason Clarke is in negotiations to play Abe’s father Tom • latest info at IMDb

"Knight of Cups" [indep March 2016]
Announced 11/2011: Working title "Lawless", then "The Film Formerly Known As Lawless"; to star Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman,
Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara, Haley Bennett & Isabel Lucas; filming at the Austin City Limits music festival completed in 2011 • latest info at IMDb
watch 12/2014 official trailer [2:15] online at YouTube

"Song To Song" [Broad Green Pictures March 2017]
The movie runs 145 minutes, working title was "Weightless"; filmed in Mexico & Austin, Texas; directed by Terrence Malick; cast includes Ryan Gosling,
Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, Haley Bennett, Natalie Portman, Michael Fassbender, Val Kilmer, Benicio Del Toro, Holly Hunter
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

Other  Works  by  Terrence  Malick

translation by Terrence Malick of Heidegger's 1929 book 'Essence of Reason'  "Vom Wesen des Grundes (The Essence of Reason)" [orig 1929, English 1969]
by Martin Heidegger [1889-1976], Translation by Terrence Malick

Northwestern Univ Press bilingual edition 7½x5¼ hardcover [7/69] out of print/used

'Introduction' & 'Critical Notes' available as free online etexts
in (several formats) at Internet Archive

Works  About  Terrence  Malick

Cinema of Terrence Malick book edited by Hannah Patterson  "The Cinema of Terrence Malick: Poetic Visions of America" [2004]
Edited by Hannah Patterson

Columbia Univ Press 9x6 pb [10/2007] out of print/used
Wallflower Press 9¼x6 hardcover [10/2007] for $71.66

Terrence Malick () by Lloyd Michaels (Oct 15, 2008)

Eine Entwicklungstendenz im philosophisch-poetis... Erzählstil von Terrence Malick (German Edition)
by Thomas Ochs (Mar 16, 2009)

Zwei Welten - Terrence Malick und seine Filme (German Edition) by Stefan Karlegger (Sep 5, 2009)

Terrence Malick: Film and Philosophy by Thomas Deane Tucker and Stuart Kendall
(Hardcover - May 12, 2011) Buy new: $130.00

"It's not's within reach" : Terrence Malick and the Search for Wholeness of the American Adam []
by Erik Korsman (2011)

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Terrence Malick entry at Wikipedia
Terrence Malick credits [since 1969] at Internet Movie Database

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