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            Steve Allen [1921-2000] studio portrait, wearing a tuxedo

“Radio is the theater of the mind; television is the theater of the mindless.”

“If there is a God, the phrase that must disgust him is - holy war.”

“In a rational society we would want our presidents to be teachers. In our actual society
we insist [that] they be cheerleaders.”

— Steve Allen

     B I O

     h e r e
Stephen Valentine Patrick William Allen (December 26, 1921 " October 30, 2000)

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Steve Allen entry at Wikipedia

star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame {for Television}  star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame {for Radio}  Steve Allen received
seven Emmy Award nominations, 1957-87
a Peabody Award for "Meeting of Minds", 1978
{producer-assigned} Emmy for Outstanding Informational Series, for "Meeting of Minds", 1981
a Lifetime Achievement Award in Comedy at the American Comedy Awards, 1987
and two Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (for Television & for Radio)

Movies & TV of Steve Allen
Steve Allen credits [1949-2003] at Internet Movie Database
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Steve Allen's Own Shows & Movies

"Down Memory Lane" [Sennett/Eagle-Lion/Medallion Pictures Aug 1949]
Down Memory Lane b&w compilation video  70-minute b&w compilation using four Mack Sennett shorts: "The Dentist" [Dec 1932] starring W.C. Fields; "In The Blue of The Night" [Jan 1933] starring Bing Crosby; "The Singing Boxer" [Jan 1933] written by W.C. Fields, starring Donald Novis; "Sing, Bing, Sing" [March 1933] starring Bing Crosby Co-produced by Mack Sennett; directed by Phil Karlson; written & hosted by Steve Allen {his first film}; with Franklin Pangborn, Frank Nelson, Ben Turpin, Keystone Cops, Irving Bacon, Mack Sennett, James Finlayson, Marjorie Kane, Mabel Normand, Dorothy Granger, Yvonne Peattie, Bud Jamison, Charles Murray, Billy Bletcher, Mack Swain, Gloria Swanson, Elise Cavanna, Florine McKinney
DVD/Blu-ray not available • full credits at IMDb
Malaco/Savoy Records b&w VHS [8/94] out of prodn/SOLD OUT

"The Steve Allen Show" live TV show [1950] /tt0042150/

"Talent Patrol" TV series [1953] as emcee /tt0045444/

"Tonight!" live TV show [1953] /tt0046652/

"Allen In Movieland" [TV 1955] /tt0889148/
90-minute promo film about Steve Allen preparing for the Benny Goodman biopic

"The Benny Goodman Story" feature film [1956] /tt0047873/ title role

"The Steve Allen Plymouth Show" live? TV show [1956-60] /tt0048899/

"This Is Your Life" TV series [ccc aired Sept 1958] as subject /tt0721427/

"College Confidential" feature film [1960] /tt0053727/

"The Steve Allen Playhouse" TV series [1962-64] /tt0857173/

"Jazz Scene USA" TV series [1962] /tt0900878/
co-produced by Steve Allen & Leonard Feather, hosted by Oscar Brown, Jr.

"The New Steve Allen Show" live West Coast TV show [1961-64] /tt0315039/
running gag on that show: 'little black things'
and the old Hollywood Ranch Market across the street is now a Staples chain store

"The Steve Allen Show" TV series [1968] /tt1277990/

"The Comic" feature film [1969] /tt0064179/

"George Gershwin" episode of "Witness To Yesterday" TV series [1974] /tt0937211/

"Meeting of Minds" [P.B.S./KCET-TV 1977-1981]
won Emmy Award for Outstanding Informational Series, 1981  12 episodes, each in two parts, in b&w & color; filmed before a live audience; imaginary dinner parties placing famous thinkers and doers in conversation with people they never met, with the dialogue mostly culled from their published works; one 2-part episode has Wm. Shake-speare discussing the topic of love with Othello, Hamlet, Romeo & Dark Lady of The Sonnets; another 2-part episode brings together Thomas Aquinas, Theodore Roosevelt, Queen Cleopatra & Thomas Paine • Written & hosted by Steve Allen; starring {his wife} Jayne Meadows {as Cleopatra, Marie Antoinette, Florence Nightingale, Shakespeare's Dark Lady of The Sonnets, Margaret Sanger & Catherine The Great}, Roscoe Lee Browne {as Frederick Douglass}, Stefan Gierasch {as Marquis de Sade}, Katherine Helmond {as Emily Dickinson}, William Marshall {as Othello}, Alexander Scourby {as Galileo Galilei}, and Harris Yulin {as William Shakespeare & Leonardo da Vinci}; won Peabody Award, 1978; won Emmy for Outstanding Informational Series, 1981
series credits at IMDb • series entry at Wikipedia • official series site

2010 live performances at Working Stage Theater in West Hollywood, CA
2010 live performances at Center For Inquiry in Hollywood, CA

Meeting of Minds Complete Scripts books by Steve Allen  "Meeting of Minds: The Complete Scripts" in four volumes [1989]
by Steve Allen

Volume 1 (blue): Prometheus Books 8¼x5¼ pb [11/89] for $22.98
Volume 2 (red): Prometheus Books 9x5¾ pb [11/89] for $17.24
Volume 3 (gold): Prometheus Books 9x5¾ pb [11/89] out of print/used
Volume 4 (green): Prometheus Books 8¾x5¾ pb [8/00] for $22.98
Steve Allen's Meeting of Minds TV series on video tape  "Steve Allen's Meeting of Minds" on video tape
Volume 1: Buena Vista Home Video VHS [undated] out of prodn/SOLD OUT
Volume 2: Buena Vista Home Video VHS [undated] out of prodn/sSOLD OUT
Volume 3: Buena Vista Home Video color VHS [undated] out of prodn/SOLD OUT
Volume 4: Buena Vista Home Video VHS [undated] out of prodn/SOLD OUT
Volume 5: Buena Vista Home Video color VHS [undated] out of prodn/SOLD OUT
Volume 6: Buena Vista Home Video VHS [undated] out of prodn/SOLD OUT

"The Steve Allen Comedy Hour" TV series [1981] /tt0080281/

"Steve Allen's Music Room" [1984-86]
A series of six specials for the Disney Channel • not listed on IMDb?

star-studded "Alice In Wonderland" musical TV special
[Irwin Allen/CBS-TV Dec 1985]
'Alice In Wonderland' musical TV special from Irwin Allen  Based on both books, two-part TV movie intended for family viewing. Directed by Harry Harris; teleplay by Paul Zindel; starring Natalie Gregory {as Alice}, Red Buttons {as White Rabbit}, Sherman Hemsley, Donald O'Connor, Charles Dougherty, Shelley Winters, Billy Braver, Scott Baio, Ernie F. Orsatti, Sammy Davis Jr. {as Caterpillar}, Scotch Byerley, Robert Axelrod, Martha Raye {as The Duchess}, Imogene Coca {as The Cook}, Telly Savalas {as The Cheshire Cat}, Anthony Newley {as Mad Hatter}, Roddy McDowall {as March Hare}, Arte Johnson {as Dormouse}, Jayne Meadows {as Queen of Hearts}, Robert Morley, Jim Galante, Selma Archerd, George Savalas, Candace Savalas, Sid Caesar {as The Gryphon}, Ringo Starr {as Mock Turtle}, Steve Allen {wrote the songs}, Ernest Borgnine, Beau Bridges, Lloyd Bridges, Laura Carlson, Carol Channing, George Gobel, Merv Griffin, Ann Jillian, Harvey Korman, Karl Malden {as Walrus}, Louis Nye {as Carpenter}, Jack Warden & Jonathan Winters {as Humpty Dumpty}
Sony Pictures Home Ent. color DVD [8/2006] for $8.79
Warner Home Video color VHS [10/2001] 2 tapes - out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia

"Steve Allen's 75th Birthday Celebration" TV special [1997] /tt0176184/

Regular Appearances by Steve Allen

appeared 127 times on "What's My Line?" [1951-67] /tt0042168/

hosted 1951-52 on "Songs For Sale" TV series [1950-52] /tt0042145/

host of "Timex All-Star Jazz Show" (1957-59) /tt1709201/

host of "I've Got A Secret" TV game show [1961-1967]

regular center square on "Hollywood Squares" TV game show [1967-68] /tt0059995/

guest host 16 times on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson"
live TV show [1968-1987] /tt0055708/

host of "I've Got A Secret" TV game show [1972-73] /tt0283740/

appeared on 7 episodes of "Biography" [1985-2001] /tt0092322/

regular center square on "The New Hollywood Squares" TV game show [1986-1989] /tt0090452/

Steve Allen as Host or Narrator or Cameo

"Warning Shot" [1967] /tt0062473/

"Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?" [1968] Radio Announcer /tt0063801/

"The Muppets Go Hollywood" TV movie [1979] /tt0329401/

"The Gossip Columnist" [TV 1980] /tt0079229/

"Ernie Kovacs: Television's Original Genius" TV documentary [1982] /tt0083898/

"Funny Farm" [1983] /tt0083978/

best available cover for A Toast To Lenny Bruce 1984 TV documentary  "A Toast To Lenny" TV documentary [H.B.O. 1984]
A loving 60-minute tribute to Lenny Bruce [1925-66] that was filmed at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, California Hosted by Steve Allen, featuring George Carlin, Bill Cosby, Jackie Gayle, Shecky Greene, Hugh M. Hefner, George Kirby, Pat McCormick, Mort Sahl & Jackie Vernon
Fox Hills Video color VHS [undated] out of prodn/used
bare credits at IMDb

"The Ratings Game" TV movie [1984] /tt0087979/

"A Museum of Broadcasting Tribute: Milton Berle - Mr. Television" TV [1985] /tt1946114/

Stooge Snapshots / Funniest Guys In The World video  Making of The Three Stooges video  "Stooge Snapshots" TV special [1984]
60-minute program directed by Mark S. Gilman Jr.; hosted by Steve Allen; featuring Leonard Maltin, Jules White, Curly's wife & daughter, and eight Stooges; video released as "The Funniest Guys In The World" aka "Love Those Stooges" • credits at IMDb
DVD/Blu-ray not available • Superior Promotions color VHS [8/95] for $9.72
47-minute? version "The Making of The Stooges: The Complete 50-Year Story
of The Kings of Slapstick Comedy" [undated]

Operator 13 Prodns color VHS [undated] out of prodn/used
Three Stooges Kings of Laughter compilation  "The Three Stooges: Kings of Laughter" [2001]
54-minute compilation, with the Stooges as bungling barbers, clueless cowboys, goofy golfers, bumbling beach bums, witless witnesses, hare-brained house cleaners, and with Curly as an overweight jockey, Shemp as a ghost, and Curly Joe as a near-sighted knife-thower • Hosted by Steve Allen; starring Joe DeRita, Larry Fine, Ted Healy, Curly Howard, Moe Howard & Ed Wynn • not listed on IMDb
GoodTimes Home Video b&w DVD [5/2012] for $3.99
GoodTimes Home Video b&w VHS [2001] for $2.59

What Happened To Kerouac 1985 movie co-directed by Lewis MacAdams & Richard Lerner  "What Happened To Kerouac?" [1985 documentary]
Initial concept by Malcolm Hart; co-produced & co-directed by Lewis MacAdams, co-directed by Richard Lerner; featuring Steve Allen, Wm. S. Burroughs, Carolyn Cassady, Ann Charters, Gregory Corso, Diane Di Prima, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, John Clellon Holmes, Joyce Johnson, Jan Kerouac, Michael McClure, Edie Kerouac Parker, Gary Snyder, with archive footage of William F. Buckley, Neal Cassady, Jack Kerouac & Ed Sanders
Sony b&w/color DVD [8/2003] for $13.99
Winstar VHS [9/98] for $9.00
full credits from IMDb

Steve Allen's Golden Age of Comedy video release  "Steve Allen's Golden Age of Comedy" [video release 1986]
49-minute video of "some of the most memorable moments from Steve Allen's long-running talk show", including clips of guests Abbott & Costello, Mel Brooks, George Carlin, Johnny Carson, Jimmy Durante, Bob Hope & The Muppets • not listed on IMDb
Anchor Bay b&w VHS [5/88] out of prodn/used
World's Screwiest Foul-Ups bloopers compilation  "SNAFU: The World's Screwiest Foul-Ups!" [Paladin 1987 video]
37-minute compilation of bloopers from many sources; co-produced & co-written by Richard Saperstein; co-produced & co-directed by Richard Schenkman; co-written by Craig Ullman; hosted by Steve Allen • credits at IMDb
DVD/Blu-ray not available • Simitar Prodns color VHS [1987] for 29’ {sic}
Beat Generation / American Dream video  "The Beat Generation: An American Dream" [1987 documentary]
Produced & directed by Janet Forman; hosted by Steve Allen
Fox Lorber VHS [9/98] for $17.99
full credits from IMDb
Three Stooges 60th Anniversary Collection on DVD  "The Three Stooges 60th Anniversary Special" [1990 TV special]
TV special about The Three Stooges hosted by Steve Allen in color, with b&w footage featuring clips of Joe Besser, Joe DeRita, Larry Fine, Paul 'Mousie' Garner, Ted Healy, Curly Howard, Moe Howard & Shemp Howard; the second tape contains the four public domain shorts
Superior Promotions color/b&w VHS [8/2001] 2 tapes for $11.98
partial credits from IMDb

Rodney Dangerfield's "The Really Big Show" [TV 1991] /tt0427790/

Beat Generation audio box set  "The Beat Generation" [1992]
voices & artists include Carl Sandburg, Jack Kerouac, Lord Buckley, Ken Nordine, Allen Ginsberg, Wm. S. Burroughs, Steve Allen, Charles Mingus & Charlie Parker
Rhino audio [11/92] 3 tapes for $41.97
Rhino Records audio CD [11/92] 3 disks for $35.99

"The  Player" [Avenue/Spelling April 1992]
The Player movie poster  A screenwriter is blackmailing a movie studio executive... Directed by Robert Altman [1925-2006]; novel & script by Michael Tolkin; starring Tim Robbins, Greta Scacchi, Fred Ward, Whoopi Goldberg, Peter Gallagher, Dean Stockwell, Sydney Pollack & Lyle Lovett; many cameos include Steve Allen & Jayne Meadows, Harry Belafonte, Karen Black, Gary Busey, Robert Carradine, Charles Champlin, Cher, James Coburn, John Cusack, Paul Dooley, Peter Falk, Louise Fletcher, Teri Garr, Scott Glenn, Jeff Goldblum, Elliott Gould, Joel Grey, Buck Henry, Anjelica Huston, Sally Kellerman, Jack Lemmon, Andie MacDowell, Malcolm McDowell, Martin Mull, Nick Nolte, Bert Remsen, Burt Reynolds, Julia Roberts, Alan Rudolph, Jill St. John, Susan Sarandon, Rod Steiger, Lily Tomlin, Robert Wagner, Ray Walston & Bruce Willis; 3 Oscar noms, won 2 BAFTA, won 2 at Cannes, won WGA Best Script/Adaptation
New Line Special Edition widescreen color DVD [7/97] for $14.49
New Line color VHS [6/2002] out of prodn/many used
full credits from IMDb
11"x17" poster from Amazon for $9.99
The Player book  "The Player" [1988 novel] by Michael Tolkin
Grove Press 8¼x5½ pb [4/97] for $9.60
Atlantic Monthly Press hardcover [6/88] out of print/used
Random House ABR audio [5/93] out of prodn/used
"The Return of The Player" [2006 sequel] by Michael Tolkin
Grove Press 8x5¼ pb [7/2007] for $10.40
Grove Press 9¼x6¼ hardcover [8/2006] for $4.80 [sic]

"Casino" [1995] /tt0112641/

Pioneers of Primetime P.B.S. documentary  "Pioneers of Primetime" [P.B.S. Nov 1995]
1-hour b&w/color documentary; extras on DVD include extended interviews with Steve
, Milton Berle, Buddy Ebsen, Donald O'Connor, Rose Marie & Red Skelton

Produced & directed by Steve Boettcher; written by John Hoylman & Jack Jones
P.B.S. Paramount widescreen b&w/color DVD [11/2005] for $16.99
full credits at IMDb • official P.B.S. program site

"Lenny Bruce: Swear To Tell The Truth" documentary [1998] /tt0175844/

Three Stooges Collection Early Years on DVD  "The Three Stooges Collection: The Early Years" [2000]
contains the Steve Allen special and twelve shorts: the four public domain Columbia shorts and eight M.G.M. & Vitagraph two-reelers, including "Beer and Pretzels" [Aug 1933], "The Big Idea" [May 1934], "Nertsery Rhymes" [July 1933] in b&w, "Plane Nuts" [Oct 1933], and "Roast-Beef & Movies" [Feb 1934] in b&w
B.F.S. Ent. color/b&w DVD [7/2000] out of prodn/used

"Let Me In, I Hear Laughter" documentary about Friars Club [2000] /tt0222142/

"Milton Berle: An All-Star Tribute To Mr. Television" [2002 video] /tt1139603/

Books by Steve Allen
browse Steve Allen Store {only nine books} at Amazon
browse official Steve Allen Store {different nine books} at Amazon

Fiction Books

"Fourteen For Tonight" short stories [1955] by Steve Allen

Steve Allen's "Bop Fables" [1955] SteveAllenBopFables.jpg

"The Girls On The 10th Floor and Other Stories" (Jun 1958) by Steve Allen

"Not All of Your Laughter, Not All of Your Tears" [1962 novel] by Steve Allen

"The Wake: A Novel" [Oct 1996] by Steve Allen SteveAllenTheWake.jpg

"The Public Hating: A Collection of Short Stories" (Aug 1990) by Steve Allen

"The Man Who Turned Back The Clock and Other Short Stories" (Sep 1995) by Steve Allen

Murder Mysteries Series
"The Talk Show Murders" (1982), ISBN 0-440-08471-7
"Murder On The Glitter Box" (1989), ISBN 0-8217-2752-4
"Murder In Manhattan" (1990), ISBN 0-8217-3033-9
"Murder In Vegas" (1991), ISBN 0-8217-3462-8
"The Murder Game" (1993), ISBN 0-8217-4115-2
"Murder On The Atlantic" (1995), ISBN 0-8217-4647-2
"Wake Up To Murder" (1996), ISBN 1-57566-090-3
"Die Laughing" (1998), ISBN 1-57566-241-8
"Murder In Hawaii" (1999), ISBN 1-57566-375-9

Non-Fiction Books

"Let's Go To Church (Next Sunday Morning)" (1950) by Steve Allen

"The Funny Men" [1956] by Steve Allen

"The Question Man" by Steve Allen and Gene Lester (1959)

"Letter To A Conservative" by Steve Allen (1965)

"Bigger Than A Bread Box (1967) by Steve Allen

"Curses! or, How Never To Be Foiled Again: A Collection of Verbal Vengeance
For Every Occasion" (1973) by Steve Allen

"Schmock-Schmock! The Inimitable Wit & Humor of Steve Allen" [1975]

"Chopped-Up Chinese [1978] by Steve Allen

"Ripoff: A Look At Corruption In America" (Jul 1979)
by Steve Allen, Roslyn Bernstein & Donald H. Dunn

"Explaining China: An Objective View of Contemporary China / 150 photographs by Steve Allen (Dec 17, 1980)

"Beloved Son: A Story of The Jesus Cults" by Steve Allen (Mar 1982)

"Funny People" by Steve Allen (Jan 1984)

"Dumbth: The Lost Art of Thinking" [orig 6/89] by Steve Allen

"Passionate Nonsmoker's Bill of Rights: The First Guide To Enacting Nonsmoking Legislation"
(Aug 1989) by Steve Allen and Bill Adler

"Steve Allen On The Bible, Religion, and Morality" by Steve Allen and Martin Gardner (Sep 1990)

"How To Be Funny: Discovering The Comic In You" by Steve Allen, Jane Wollman and George Burns (Sep 1992)

"Hustler's Handbook: How To Play Pool For Fun and Profit" [1993] by Steve Allen

"More Steve Allen On The Bible, Religion, & Morality" by Steve Allen (Apr 1993)

"Make 'Em Laugh" by Steve Allen (Sep 1993)

"Hi-Ho, Steverino!: My Adventures In The Wonderful Wacky World of TV" by Steve Allen (Aug 1994)

"Reflections" [Sep 1994] by Steve Allen

"But Seriously: Steve Allen Speaks His Mind" (Sep 1996) by Steve Allen

"How To Be Funny/Paper" by Steve Allen, Jane Wollman and Bill Maher (Apr 1998)

"Steve Allen's Private Joke File" by Steve Allen (Dec 5, 2000)

"Vulgarians At The Gate: Trash TV and Raunch Radio - Raising Standards of Popular Culture"
(Apr 2001) by Steve Allen

Children's Books

"Princess Snip Snip and The Puppykittens" (1973) by Steve Allen & David Gantz

"The Big Book of Gleeb" [1975] by Paul B Lowney (Author), Steve Allen (Foreword), Frank Renlie (Illustrator)

"Rock-A-Doodle-Doo {book and cassette}" [Sep 1986]
by Jayne Meadows, Steve Allen, Patti Moran McCoy & Lawson Fusao Inada

"Hickory Dickory Rock {book and cassette}" [Sep 1986]
by Jayne Meadows, Steve Allen, Patti Moran McCoy & Lawson Fusao Inada

"The Bug and The Slug In The Rug" (Oct 1995) by Steve Allen and Michele Hofbauer

Poetry Books

"Wry On The Rocks: A Collection of Poems" [1956]

"A Flash of Swallows: New Poems" [1969]

Recordings of Steve Allen
song "Cool Yule"
song "Cutie Pants"
song "Forbidden Love" (1958)
song "Gravy Waltz"
theme song for the movie "Picnic"
song "South Rampart Street Parade"
song "This Could Be The Start of Something Big"

"Steve Allen Songbook" (Mar 1, 1994) by Steve Allen
"Piano Pieces" [1997] by Steve Allen SteveAllenPianoPieces.jpg
"Steve Allen's Songs: 100 Lyrics With Commentary" (Nov 2, 1999) by Steve Allen


Poetry For The Beat Generation by Steve Allen & Jack Kerouac  "Poetry For The Beat Generation" album [1960] by Steve Allen & Jack Kerouac
E.M.I. Europe import CD [2/2008] for $21.26
Steve Allen plays soft jazz piano while Jack Kerouac reads his poetry; 14 tracks from Allen's live tv show in 1959, originally released on vinyl; includes "October In The Railroad Earth", "Deadbelly", "Charlie Parker", "The Sounds of The Universe Coming In My Window", "One Mother", "Goofing At The Table", "Bowery Blues", "Abraham", "Dave Brubeck", "I Had A Slouch Hat Too One Time", "The Wheel of The Quivering Meat Conception", "McDougal Street Blues", "The Moon Her Majesty", and "I'd Rather Be Thin Than Famous"

"Man In The Street" (1963) (Signature 1004)
"Funny Phone Calls" (1963) (Dot 3472, re-issued as Casablanca 811-366-1-ML)
"More Funny Phone Calls" (1963) (Dot 3517, re-issued as Casablanca 811-367-1-ML)

"Songs Everybody Knows" [1964 vinyl record album] by Steve Allen, His Piano and Orchestra

"Soulful Brass" with Oliver Nelson (Impulse!, 1968)
"Soulful Brass #2" with Oliver Nelson (Flying Dutchman, 1969)

"On The Air! The Classic Comedy of Steve Allen"[1996]

"More Steve Allen and His Orchestra" [1999 vinyl record album]

"Andy Williams Sings Steve Allen" [2007]

Other Works by Steve Allen
Steve Allen's Broadway credits [1953 & 1963] at IBDb

"Gullible's Travels" [audiobook] by Steve Allen & Jayne Meadows
reviewed as preachy and too adult for targeted children

Works About Steve Allen

"Mark It and Strike It: An Autobiography" [1960] by Steve Allen
"Mark It and Strike It: Steve Allen Reads His Autobiography" [audio cassette]

"The Courage of Conviction: Prominent Contemporaries Discuss Their Beliefs and How They
Put Them Into Action" [1985] Edited by Phillip L. Berman; featuring Steve Allen, Rita Mae Brown,
Joan Baez, Leo Buscaglia, Robert Coles, Norman Cousins, Mario Cuomo, H.H. Dalai Lama, Hugh Downs CourageofConvictionPLB.jpg

"Inventing Late Night: Steve Allen and The Original Tonight Show" [Oct 2005] by Ben Alba & Jay Leno

Family & Friends
Stephen Valentine Patrick William Allen was born in New York City in 1921 and died in Los Angeles, California in 2000 at age 78.

parents: vaudeville stars Carroll Allen & Belle Montrose

first wife Dorothy Goodman [], married 1943, divorced 1952
3 children: Steve Jr., David & Brian

second wife actress Jayne Cotter Meadows Krims Allen [b. 1920 in China; d. 2015]
married July 1954, widowed October 2000
son William 'Billy' Allen

Jayne's sister actress Audrey Cotter Meadows Rouse Six [1922-96]

pal Shelley Berman
pal Don Knotts
pal Louis Nye
pal Bill Dana

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interview with Steve Allen [in 2000] by L. Wayne Hicks
co-founder? of the Council for Media Integrity [est. 1996]

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