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Jean-Luc  Godard
[b. 1930]

French New Wave auteur Jean-Luc Godard looking at film          short profile

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"A story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end . . . but not necessarily in that order."

"All you need for a movie is a gun and a girl."

"I pity the French Cinema because it has no money.
I pity the American Cinema because it has no ideas."

"Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world."

"Montage is, in effect, bringing out the soul under the spirit, the passion behind the intrigue, to make
the heart prevail over the intelligence by destroying the notion of space in favor of time."

"Our task is no longer to make political films, but to make films politically." – in April 1970

"All you need for a movie is a gun and a cat."

"There is no opposite of an idea. So an idea goes everywhere."

"Those lacking imagination take refuge in reality."

— Jean-Luc Godard

"Godard is about ideas, Melville is about style, and Truffaut is about people."
G.E. Nordell

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Jean-Luc Godard entry at Wikipedia
Jean-Luc Godard's credits [since 1950] at Internet Movie Database

French New Wave {Nouvelle Vague} entry at Wikipedia

César Award is a trademark of France's Academy of Arts & Techniques of Cinema   César Award is a trademark of France's Academy of Arts & Techniques of Cinema   won Honorary Oscar in 2011    Jean-Luc Godard won
two Honorary César Awards
in France (1987 & 1998)
and an Honorary Oscar in 2011
He also received
2 Silver Bears (1960-61), Golden Bear (1965) & 3 Interfilm Awards at Berlin International Film Festival;
2 Special Jury Prizes (1962 & 1967), Career Golden Lion (1982), Golden Lion (1983)
& Senate Gold Medal (1991) at the Venice Film Festival;
Lifetime Achievement Award at Stockholm Film Festival (2001);
FIPRESCI Film of the Year Award at San Sebastián Intl. Film Festival (2004);
Lifetime Achievement Award at European Film Awards (2007);
and tied for Jury Prize at Cannes Film Festival (2014)

Movies  by  Jean-Luc  Godard
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Films of Jean-Luc Godard [March 1997] by Wheeler Winston Dixon

Jean-Luc Godard Collection 3-pack  "Jean-Luc Godard Collection 3-Pack box set" [2001]
Fox-Lorber DVD set [12/2001] 3 disks for $44.99
contains "À Bout de Souffle" [1960]; "Le Petit Soldat" [1960]; and "Les Carabiniers" [1963]
Essentials Director Jean-Luc Godard   "Essentials Directors Series - Jean-Luc Godard" [2007]
Wellspring Media DVD [9/2007] 4 disks for $53.99
contains "À Bout de Souffle" [1960]; "Le Petit Soldat" [1960]; "Les Carabiniers" [1963]; and "Notre Musique" [2004]
Criterion Collection Director Jean-Luc Godard   "Criterion Collection Director Series - Jean-Luc Godard" [2007]
Criterion DVD [12/2007] 5 disks - SOLD OUT! Exclusive contains 2-disk "Breathless" [1960]; 2-disk "Contempt" [1963]; and "Band of Outsiders" [1964]
Jean-Luc Godard Box Set  
"Jean-Luc Godard Box Set" [2008]
LionsGate color DVD [2/2008] for $26.99
contains "Passion" [1982]; "First Name: Carmen" [1983]; "Détective" [1985];
and "Oh Woe Is Me" [1993]
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Godard's Early Works

"Opération Béton" (Operation Concrete) [1954]

"Une Femme Coquette" (A Coquettish Woman) [1955]

"Charlotte et Véronique, ou:
Tous les Garçons s'appellent Patrick"
("Charlotte and Véronique, or: All Boys Are Called Patrick")

"Une Histoire d'Eau" (A History of Water) [1958]

"Charlotte et son Jules" [1958]
aka "Charlotte and Her Boyfriend"

·            ·

Godard & The New Wave

"Breathless" ("Á Bout de Souffle")
[France March 1960; USA release Feb 1961]
Breathless 1960  One of the films that began the French 'Nouvelle Vague' [New Wave] movement, the story of a small-time crook who finds love (maybe) when his life is at its most dangerous point. This triumph of cinema noir reveals the truth behind our truths, thru the lives in the movie that are contaminated by American movies and avant garde posing. The viewer is left uncertain where truth may indeed exist. Directed by Jean-Luc Godard, written by Jean-Luc Godard & François Truffaut [1932-84]; starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jean Seberg & Jean-Pierre Melville; Prix Méliès co-winner 1960
Timeless Video b&w VHS w/Engl. subtitles [7/94] for $14.99
Fox/Lorber b&w DVD w/Engl. subtitles [11/2001] for $21.49
full credits from IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia
watch entire film [1:16:10] on YouTube (French language, no subtitles)
Breathless 1983  
1983 English-language color remake {only half as good as the original}
Co-written & directed by Jim McBride; starring Richard Gere, Valérie Kaprisky & Art Metrano
MGM/UA color VHS [4/2000] for $9.94
MGM/UA color DVD [5/2001] for $13.46
full credits from IMDb

"Le Petit Soldat (The Little Soldier)" [1960]

"Une Femme est une Femme (A Woman Is A Woman)" [1961]

"La Paresse (Sloth)" [1961 short]
from "Les Sept Péchés Capitaux (The Seven Deadly Sins)"

"Vivre sa Vie (To Live One's Life)" [1962]
aka "My Life To Live"

"Ro.Go.Pa.G." anthology film [Italy Feb 1963]
Ro.Go.Pa.G. or RoGoPaG anthology film from Italy  Four segments by four directors – Roberto Rosselini, Jean-Luc Godard, Pier Paolo Pasolini & Ugo Gregoretti: "Illibatezza" ('Chastity') written & directed by Rosselini, starring Rosanna Schiaffino, Bruce Balaban & Maria Pia Schiaffino; "Il Nuovo Mondo" ('New World') written & directed by Godard, starring Jean-Marc Bory & Alexandra Stewart; "La Ricotta" ('Curd Cheese') written & directed by Pasolini, starring Orson Welles (as the director of a film about Jesus Christ); and "Il Pollo Ruspante" ('Free Range Chicken') written & directed by Gregoretti, starring Ugo Tognazzi, Lisa Gastoni, Ricky Tognazzi & Antonella Taito
DVD/Blu-ray not available; Kino Video b&w VHS [6/2000] out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDb

"Les Carabiniers" (The Riflemen) [1963]

"Le Mépris" (Contempt)
[France Dec 1963, USA Oct 1964]
Contempt / Le Mépris movie  Godard's view of commercial Hollywood filmmaking and human relationships is mischievous, rebellious, subversive & contemptuous; said to be inspired by Rossellini's "Viaggio In Italia (Journey To Italy)" [1954]. A respected Italian screenwriter of an innovative production of "Homer's Odyssey" struggles to please the American producer, the German director (real-life director Fritz Lang - at age 72), and the writer's unhappy sexpot French wife. {Godard's first color film.} Adapted & directed by Jean-Luc Godard, from the 1954 novel "Il Disprezzo" by Alberto Moravia; cinema-tography in Franscope by Raoul Coutard; starring Michel Piccoli, Jack Palance, Brigitte Bardot, Giorgia Moll & Fritz Lang, with cameos by Jean-Luc Godard & Raoul Coutard
LionsGate widescreen color Blu-ray [2/2010] for $25.99
Criterion widescreen color DVD [12/2002] 2 disks for $30.49
DVD set includes "The Dinosaur and The Baby" [61 minute TV documentary 1967], a conversation between Godard and Fritz Lang; two on-set interviews with Godard: "Bardot et Godard" [8 minutes 1964], and "Paparazzi" [22 minutes b&w 1964]; plus other extras
Embassy/Nelson Ent. color VHS [3/91] out of prodn/used
full credits from IMDbRialto movie sitemovie entry at Wikipedia
Contempt / Il Disprezzo novel  
"Contempt" [1954]
by Alberto Moravia, translated by Angus Davidson

New York Review of Books 7¾x4¾ pb [7/2004] for $10.17
New York Review of Books 8x5 pb [9/99] out of print/used

"Le Grand Escroc" (The Big Swindler) [1963 short]
from "Les plus Belles Escroqueries du Monde" (The World's Most Beautiful Swindlers)

"Bande à Part" (Band of Outsiders) [1964] is noir?
listed on Time Magazine's All-TIME 100 Movies (5/2005)

"Une Femme Mariée, fragments d'un film
tourné en 1964 en noir et blanc"
(A Married Woman: Fragments of A Film Shot In Black and White)

"Reportage sur Orly"(Reporting On Orly) [1964 short]

"Alphaville, une étrange Aventure de Lemmy Caution" [1965]
(Alphaville: One of Lemmy Caution's Strange Cases)

"Pierrot le Fou" (Pierrot the Mad) [1965]
Directed by Jean-Luc Godard; starring Jean-Paul Belmondo & Anna Karina

"Montparnasse-Levallois" [1965 short]
from "Paris vu par..." (Paris as Seen by...) aka "Six In Paris"

"Masculin féminin: 15 faits précis"
aka "Masculine, Feminine: In 15 Acts"
[France March 1966, USA Sept 1966]
Godard's Masculine, Feminine  A young writer returning to civilian life gets a job at a magazine and becomes involved with a beautiful rising pop singer, yet remains disillusioned with his life. Written & directed by Jean-Luc Godard; based on stories by Guy de Maupassant; starring Jean-Pierre Léaud, Chantal Goya, Marlène Jobert, Michel Debord, Catherine-Isabelle Duport, Eva-Britt Strandberg & Birger Malmsten
Criterion widescreen b&w DVD [9/2005] for $24.99
New Yorker Video b&w VHS [1/98] out of prodn/used
full credits from IMDbRialto's movie site
11"x17" yellow poster from Amazon for $9.99

"Made In U.S.A."
[France 1966; U.S.A. release Feb 2009]
poster for 2009 re-release of Godard's "Made In U.S.A" film from 1966  Godard's experimental {first?} color film is a mixture: a farewell to his actress ex-wife (Anna Karina), a leftist polemic, and a murder mystery. A widow chases down and kills the men she holds responsible for the murder of her husband. Written & directed by Jean-Luc Godard; loosely based on Donald E. Westlake's novel "The Jugger"; cinematography by Raoul Coutard; starring Anna Karina, Jean-Pierre Léaud, László Szabó, singer Marianne Faithfull, Yves Afonso
Criterion Collection subtitled widescreen color DVD [7/2009] for $24.57
full credits from IMDbRialto's movie site

"2 ou 3 choses que je sais d'elle" [1966]
(2 or 3 Things I Know About Her)

"La Chinoise" (The Chinese) [1967]

"Weekend" [1967]

"Anticipation, ou: l'Amour en l'An 2000" [1967 short]
(Anticipation: or Love In The Year 2000)
from "Le Plus Vieux Métier du Monde" (The World's Oldest Profession)

"Caméra-oeil" (Camera-Eye) [1967 short]
from "Loin du Vietnam" (Far From Vietnam)

"L'amore (Andate e Ritorno dei Figli Prodighi)" [1967 short]
(Love: Departure and Return of The Prodigal Children)
from "Amore e Rabbia" (Love and Anger)

·            ·

Dziga Vertov Group / Political Films (1968 – 1972)

"Vladimir et Rosa" [1970]
Uncredited writing & direction by Jean-Luc Godard & Jean-Pierre Gorin; starring Yves Afonso, Juliet Berto,
Jean-Luc Godard {as Vladimir Lenin} & Jean-Pierre Gorin; video/DVD not available; full credits from IMDb

Transitional Period (1974 - 1978)

·            ·

The Second Wave (1979 - 1988)

"Sauve qui Peut (La Vie)" [1979]
aka "Save (Your Life) Who's Able" or "Run For (Your Life) If You Can"
or "Every Man For Himself" (in North America) and "Slow Motion" (in the U.K.)

"Quelques Remarques sur La Réalisation et La Production
du Film Sauve qui Peut (La Vie)"
[1979 short]
[ A Few Remarks On The Direction and Production of The Film Sauve qui Peut (La Vie) ]

"Passion" [1982]

"Lettre à Freddy Buache à propos d'un Court-métrage
sur La Ville de Lausanne"
[1982 short]
(Letter To Freddy Buache Regarding A Short Work About The Town of Lausanne)

"Changer d'Image" (To Alter The Image) [1982 short]
from "Le Changement a Plus d'un Titre" (Change Has More Than One Title)

"Scénario du Film Passion" [1982 short]

"Prénom Carmen" (First Name: Carmen) [1983]
won Golden Lion Award at Venice Film Festival

"Petites Notes à Propos du Film Je Vous Salue, Marie" [1983 short]
(Small Notes Regarding The Film Je Vous Salue, Marie)

"Je Vous Salue, Marie" [1985]
(I Salute Thee, Marie) aka "Hail Mary"

"Détective" [1985]

"Grandeur et Décadence
d'un Petit Commerce de Cinéma"
[1986 short]
(Grandeur and Decadence of A Small Movie Concern)

"Soft and Hard" [1986 short]

"Meeting Woody Allen" 26-minute short [France 1986]
Directed & edited by Jean-Luc Godard; written by & starring Woody Allen
video/DVD not available; full credits from IMDb

Godard's  "King  Lear"
[Cannon France 1987, USA Jan 1988]
Godard's King Lear movie poster  Godard's intellectually-challenging Lear takes place in a post-Chernobyl parallel universe, more gonzo cinema than Shakespearean drama. Written & directed by and starring Jean-Luc Godard; very loosely based on the play by William Shakespeare; also starring Peter Sellars, Burgess Meredith, Molly Ringwald, Woody Allen, Norman Mailer, Kate Mailer, Julie Delpy, Freddy Buache, Leos Carax, Suzanne Lanza & Michèle Pétin
Cinematheque Collection color VHS [10/92] out of prodn/used
full credits from IMDb
11"x17" poster from Amazon for $9.99

"Soigne ta Droite, une Place sur La Terre" [1987]
(Keep Your Right Up: A Place On The Earth)

"Armide" [1987 short] from "Aria"

"Closed Jeans: Marithé François Girbaud, Série 1, 1-10" [1988 short]

"Closed: Marithé et François Girbaud, Série 2, 1-7" [1988 short]

"On s'est Tous Défilé" [1988 short]
aka "We All Filed Past" or "We All Stole Away"
or "We All Took Cover" or "We've All Undone Ourselves"

"La Puissance de La Parole" [1988 short]
(The Power of Speech)

"Le Dernier Mot / Les Français Entendus par ..." [1988 short]
(The Last Word / The French As Understood by...)
from "Les Français Vus par..." (The French As Seen By...)

·            ·

1989 To The Present
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"Le Rapport Darty" [1989]
aka "The Darty Report" or "The Darty Connection"

"Marithé François Girbaud: Métamorphojean" [1990]

"Nouvelle Vague" (New Wave) [1990]

Jean-Luc Godard - Nouvelle Vague soundtrack CD   "Jean-Luc Godard - Nouvelle Vague" soundtrack [2000]
Composed by Jean-Luc Godard

E.C.M. Records soundtrack CD [10/2000] 2 disks - out of prodn/used

"Allemagne Année 90 Neuf Zéro" [1991]
(Germany Year 90 Nine Zero)

"Les Enfants Jouent à La Russie" [1993]
(The Kids Play Russian)

"Hélas Pour Moi" [1993]
(Alas For Me / Oh, Woe Is Me)

"Je Vous Salue Sarajevo" [1993]
(I Salute Thee Sarajevo / Hail Sarajevo)

"J.L.G./J.L.G.: Autoportrait de Décembre"
(JLG/JLG: Self-Portrait In December)

[Gaumont 1994, France USA 1995]
J.L.G./J.L.G.: Autoportrait de Décembre 1994 film by Jean-Luc Godard  Jean-Luc Godard wanders around his home in Rolle, Switzerland reflecting on the end of western culture, the death of cinema, and his own mortality, interrupted by critics and a cheeky maid – as well as tragedy, tennis & television • Produced, written & directed by and starring Jean-Luc Godard; with Geneviève Pasquier, Denis Jadót, Brigitte Bastien & Elisabeth Kaza
French-language letterboxed & subtitled color VHS [10/96] out of prodn/rare
full credits at IMDb

"2 x 50 Ans de Cinéma Français" [1995]
(Twice Fifty Years of French Cinema)

"For Ever Mozart" [Gaumont 1996]
For Ever Mozart movie directed by Jean-Luc Godard  The film's title is a bilingual pun intentionally meant to sound like "faut rêver Mozart" ('dream, Mozart, dream' in French); four loosely-connected stories that concern the need to create order and beauty in a world ruled by chaos • Written, directed & edited by Jean-Luc Godard; starring Madeleine Assas, Ghalia Lacroix, Bérangère, Vicky Messica, Frédéric Pierrot, Harry Cleven, Michel Francini, Sabine Bail, Max André, Sylvie Herbert, Cécile Reigher, Dominique Pozzetto, Yasna Zivanovic, Nathalie Dorval, Dan Thorens, Daniel Krellenstein, Jean Grécault, Béatrice Avoine, Marc Faure, Valerio Popesco, Euryale Winter, Gérard Baume, Norbert Krief, Cécile Caillaud, Nedeljko Grujic, Claire Laroche, Hervé Langlois, Alain Moussay, Stéphanie Lagarde, Zbigniew Horoks/Lacombe, André Lacombe, Stanislas Gaczol
Sony Pictures Home Ent. subtitled widescreen color Blu-ray [1/2014] for $27.99
Sony Pictures Home Ent. subtitled widescreen color DVD [1/2014] for $22.99
New Yorker Video subtitled color VHS [6/99] out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

"Godard's  Histoire(s)  du  Cinéma,  1988-98"
[Canal+/C.N.C./Gaumont video release 1998]
Jean-Luc Godard's Histoire(s) du Cinéma  Eight short semi-documentary films: "Part 1: Toutes les Histoires" [1988]; "Part 2: Une Histoire Seule" [1989]; "Part 3: Fatale Beauté" [1997]; "Part 4: Seul le Cinéma" [1997]; "Part 5: La Monnaie de l'Absolu" [1998]; "Part 6: Une Vague Nouvelle" [1998]; "Part 7: Le Contrôle de l'Univers" [1998]; and "Part 8: Les Signes Parmi Nous" [1998]
available on DVD or hardcover book only in France

documentary series credits at IMDb

Histoire(s) & 2 x 50 Ans DVD set  "Histoire(s) du Cinéma" and "2 x 50 Ans de Cinéma Françes" DVD box set
G.C.T.H.V. PAL-DVD set [3/2007] 4 disks - out of prodn/used from Amazon.FR
the disk set also includes 52 minute "2 x 50 Ans de Cinéma Françes" [1995]; 13 minute "L'Origine du XXIème Siècle" [2000]; and undated 52 minute "Conférence de Presse de Jean-Luc Godard à Cannes"
Histoire(s) du Cinéma de Jean-Luc Godard  "Histoire(s) du Cinéma" [2006]
de Jean-Luc Godard

Editions Gallimard French-language hardcover [4/2006] for €42,75 from Amazon.FR
Jean-Luc Godard La Force Faible  "Histoire(s) du Cinéma de Jean-Luc Godard: La Force Faible d'un Art" [2006]
de Céline Scemama

Editions L'Harmattan French-language pb [5/2006] for €22,23 from Amazon.FR

"Moments  Choisis  des  Histoire(s)  du  Cinéma"  [Gaumont 2004]
Produced, written & directed by Jean-Luc Godard • video/DVD not available • credits from IMDb

"Small Notes Regarding The Arts At Fall
of The 20th Century: The Old Place"
with Anne-Marie Miéville

"De l'Origine du XXIe Siècle pour Moi" [2000]
(Of The Origin of The XXIst Century For Me)

"Eloge de l'Amour" [2001]
(Elegy For Love / Ode To Love) aka "In Praise of Love"

"Liberté et Patrie" (Freedom and Fatherland) [2002]
with Anne-Marie Miéville

"Notre Musique" (Our Music) [2004]

"Vrai Faux Passeport" (True False Passport) [2006]

"Prières pour Refuzniks: 1" [2006]
(Prayers For Refuseniks: 1)

"Prières pour Refuzniks: 2" [2006]
(Prayers For Refuseniks: 2)

"Film Socialisme" [France May 2010, USA ??] /tt1438535/

"Goodbye To Language (Adieu au Langage)" in 3-D
[France May 2014, USA ??]
Godard's 2014 'Goodbye To Language' film in 3-D  A sensorially immersive experience employing verbal and visual poetry via 3-D technology to mind-expanding effect; 'nothing less than a thrilling masterpiece'. (Fully subtitled) • Written & directed by Jean-Luc Godard; cinematography by Fabrice Aragno; starring Héloïse Godet, Kamel Abdeli, Richard Chevallier, Zoé Bruneau, Jessica Erickson, Christian Grégori, and Godard's own dog Roxy
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available •
full credits at IMDbofficial movie site
watch official (subtitled) trailer [1:26] at YouTube
watch second trailer [3:02] at German cinema site

Other  Works  of  Jean-Luc  Godard

"Bardot et Godard" [8 minutes 1964] on-set interview with Godard
"Paparazzi" [22 minutes b&w 1964] on-set interview with Godard

"Jean-Luc Godard Répond aux Questions"
TV documentary [France 1995]
Directed by Roman Lewandowski • video/DVD not available • full credits from IMDb

"Après la Réconciliation" [Canal+ Dec 2000]
aka "After The Reconciliation"
Written & directed by Anne-Marie Miéville; starring Claude Perron, Anne-Marie Miéville, Jacques Spiesser,
Jean-Luc Godard & Xavier Marchand • video/DVD not available • full credits from IMDb

Pierrot le Fou / Week-End soundtrack CD  "Pierrot le Fou" / "Week-End" soundtrack compilation [2001]
Emarcy soundtrack CD [2/2008] for $22.99
includes soundtrack music from "Pierrot Le Fou" [1965] and a re-recording of the 'lost' soundtrack for "Weekend" [1967], composed by Antoine Duhamel & featuring the songs of Anna Karina
Histoire(s) de Musique soundtrack recording  "Jean-Luc Godard - Histoire(s) de Musique" [2007]
Emarcy soundtrack CD [6/2007] for $22.99
soundtrack music from "Alphaville", "Breathless (A Bout de Souffle)", "La Chinoise", "Contempt (Le Mépris)", "Pierrot le Fou", "Sauve qui Peut (La Vie)" and "Vivre sa Vie"; composed by Georges Delerue, Michel Legrand, Paul Misraki, Martial Solal & Gabriel Yared; performed by Claude Channes, Sporto Kantes, Anna Karina, Martial Solal & others

Books  by  Jean-Luc  Godard
browse books by Jean-Luc Godard

Godard On Godard   "Godard On Godard: Critical Writings by Jean-Luc Godard" [1986]
Translated & edited by Tom Milne

Da Capo Press 8¼x5½ pb [3/86] for $12.58
Cinema / Archaeology by Godard  "Cinema: The Archaeology of Film & The Memory of A Century" [2005]
by Jean-Luc Godard & Youssef Ishaghpour, translated by John Howe

Berg Publrs 7½x5½ pb [3/2005] for $14.04
Berg Publrs 7½x5½ hardcover [3/2005] for $71.95

Works  About  Jean-Luc  Godard

"Cinéastes de Notre Temps (Filmmakers of Our Times)" [1964-67]
Produced by André S. Labarthe & Janine Bazin; partial series credits from IMDb

"La Nouvelle Vague par Elle-même" TV documentary [1964]
Directed by André S. Labarthe & Robert Valey; interviewees include Claude Chabrol, Jacques Demy, Georges Franju,
Jean-Luc Godard, Henri Langlois, Jean-Daniel Pollet, Jacques Rivette, Jean Rouch, Jacques Rozier, François Truffaut
& Agnès Varda • video/DVD not available • full credits from IMDb

"Jean-Luc Godard ou Le Cinéma au Défi" TV documentary [1965]
video/DVD not available • full credits from IMDb

"The Dinosaur and The Baby" TV documentary [61 minutes 1967]
61-minute conversation between Jean-Luc Godard and Fritz Lang, directed by André S. Labarthe
video available on the Criterion DVD of 'Contempt" [1963]credits from IMDb

Godard In America 1968 documentary  "Godard In America" documentary [Grove/Evergreen 1968]
Godard was promoting his in-production film "Victory" which was released as "Here and Elsewhere" in 1976
Directed by Ralph Thanhauser; featuring Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Pierre Gorin, Andrew Sarris
video/DVD not available • full credits at IMDb
Deux de la Vague / Two In The Wave documentary film  "Deux de la Vague (Two In The Wave)" documentary [Lorber Films France 2009, USA May 2010]
Godard & Truffaut were friends during the creation of the French New Wave {Nouvelle Vague} cinema of the 1950s and 1960s – after the success of "The 400 Blows", Truffaut gave Godard the script for "Breathless". But they split over France's political changes in 1968; actor Léaud had worked for them both, and was torn between them, much like a child with divorced parents • 91-minute documentary produced & directed by Emmanuel Laurent; written & narrated by Antoine De Baecque; featuring directors Jean-Luc Godard & François Truffaut, and actor Jean-Pierre Léaud
Lorber Films widescreen color DVD [2/2011] for $22.99
full credits at IMDb

"Le Redoubtable"  8/2017
[StudioCanal France Sept 2017?, USA early 2018?]
poster for Godard biopic 'Le Redoubtable'  
Un An Après / A Year After book by Anne Wiazemsky  
At the Cannes Festival, Cohen Media Group acquired all North American distribution rights to Michel Hazanavicius’ Jean-Luc Godard biopic, which is set for North American release in early 2018; romantic comedy about a married independent film director and political protestor falling in love with a fellow protestor • Co-produced, written & directed by Michel Hazanavicius {won Oscar for 'The Artist'}; based on second wife Anne Wiazemsky's autobiographical "Un An Après (A Year After)"; starring Louis Garrel, Stacy Martin, Bérénice Bejo, Micha Lescot, Grégory Gadebois, Félix Kysyl, Emmanuele Aita, Eva Chico, Quentin Dolmaire, Romain Goupil, Lola Ingrid Le Roch, Louise Legendre, Tanya Lopert, Marc Brun Adryan, Eric Marcel, Jean-Pierre Mocky, Arthur Orcier, Zina Esepciuc, Fabien Hagege
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available •
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia
watch French-language trailers at YouTube: 3/2017 trailer #1 [0:38]4/2017 trailer #2 [1:00]5/2017 Cannes Festival promo [3:35]

"Un An Après (A Year After)" [2015] by Anne Wiazemsky
French-language Kindle Edition from Editions Gallimard [11/2016] for €6,99 via Amazon.FR
Gallimard-Jeunesse French-language mass pb [11/2016] import/used
Editions Gallimard French-language 8x5½ pb [1/2015] import/many used

Films of Jean-Luc Godard  "The Films of Jean-Luc Godard: Seeing The Invisible" [1999]
by David Sterritt

Cambridge Univ Press pb [8/99] for $29.99
Cambridge Univ Press hardcover [8/99] for $95.00
Godard Portrait at Seventy  "Godard: A Portrait of The Artist At Seventy" [2004]
by Colin MacCabe

Faber & Faber 8x5½ pb [1/2005] for $13.26
FS&G 9x6½ hardcover [1/2004] out of print/used
For Ever Godard book  "For Ever Godard: The Work of Jean-Luc Goddard From 1950 To The Present" [2004]
Edited by Michael Temple, James S. Williams & Michael Witt

Black Dog Publng 9¾x7½ pb [7/2007] for $26.37
Black Dog Publng 10x7¾ 'turtleback' [6/2004] for $31.05
Jean-Luc Godard Documents  "Jean-Luc Godard: Documents" [2006]
de Nicole Brenez, David Faroult, Augustin Gimel & Michael Witt

Editions du Centre Pompidou pb + DVD [5/2006] for €42,66 from Amazon.FR
Everything Is Cinema / Jean-Luc Godard book by Richard Brody  
"Everything Is Cinema: The Working Life of Jean-Luc Godard" [2008]
'critical biography' by Richard Brody

Metropolitan Books 9½x6 hardcover [5/2008] for $26.40

Friends & Family

first wife Anna Karina Godard [] - married March 1961, divorced 1967

second wife Anne Wiazemsky Godard [b. 1947] - married July 1967, divorced 1979

third wife Anne-Marie Miéville Godard [] - married ? - present)

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