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"The Grapes of Wrath"
1940 Movie

the Joad family boards the old truck for California (still photo from the 1940 film)           

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            color dust jacket from original "The Grapes of Wrath" hardcover of 1939


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The Books
Steinbeck's "In Dubious Battle" [1936] is a sort of prequel to the "The Grapes of Wrath" [1939] novel,
and "The Harvest Gypsies" is a collection of articles that Steinbeck wrote in the interim.

"In Dubious Battle" [Viking Press October 1936]
"I have used a small strike in an orchard valley as the symbol of man's eternal, bitter warfare with himself."
— John Steinbeck, in a 1936 letter
Dubious Battle novel by John Steinbeck   Written before "Grapes of Wrath", this story of a strike among migrant workers in apple orchards of California tells how Jim Nolan becomes a leader of the workers and then suffers crushing defeat.
Penguin Classics 7¾x5 pb [5/2006] for $10.88
Penguin Classics 7¾x5 pb [10/92] out of print/used
Bantam mass pb [6/76] out of print/used
Viking Press hardcover [10/36] out of print/many used
BooksOnTape audio [11/94] 7 tapes read by Michael Keenan - out of prodn/scarce
book entry at Wikipedia

"The Harvest Gypsies: On The Road To The Grapes of Wrath"
[first printed in book form in 1996]
Harvest Gypsies  Intro by Charles Wollenberg, 22 b&w photos by Dorothea Lange
Seven newspaper articles written by John Steinbeck for the The San Francisco
in 1936 – after writing "In Dubious Battle" and prior to "Grapes of Wrath"

Heyday Books 8x6 pb [7/2002] for $9.95
Heyday Books 8x6 hardcover [10/96] out of print/many used

listed by Amazon Editors on '100 Young Adult Books to Read in  a Lifetime' (9/2015)  BLUE CHECK: listed #49 on U.K. Telegraph Best 100 Novels (8/2014)  RED CHECK: listed on Time Magazine's All-TIME 100 Novels (10/2005)  GREEN CHECK: listed #18 on Goodread Readers Picks '100 Books To Read In A Lifetime'  "The Grapes of Wrath" [Viking April 1939]
Grapes of Wrath novel  When America was devastated by the 'Dust Bowl' drought, many farmers lost their land, and many of them migrated to California. Steinbeck's epic novel revealed to the world the plight of a family of 'Okies' (from Oklahoma), and caused society to make changes in 'The System'. The book won the Pulitzer Prize for The Novel.
Kindle Edition from Penguin Publng [2006 edition] for $12.99
Penguin 8¼x5¾ pb [1/2002] for $11.03
Bantam mass pb [1964] out of print/used
Penguin 7½x5 library hardcover [3/2006] for $20.59
Penguin UNABR audio [10/98] 12 tapes read by Dylan Baker - out of prodn/used

book entry at Wikipedia

more information, such as journals, critical essays, the Broadway stageplay & an opera,
are on Spirit of America's John Steinbeck [1902-68] Page

won Oscar for Best Director (John Ford)        won Oscar for Best Supporting Actress (Jane Darwell)
"The  Grapes  of  Wrath"
[20th Century-Fox January 1940]

John Ford's movie (from Nunnally Johnson's script) remains an unforgettable experience even 70 years later.
Directed by John Ford [1894-1973]; script by Nunnally Johnson; cinematography by Gregg Toland; starring
Henry Fonda, Jane Darwell, John Carradine, Charley Grapewin & Dorris Bowdon; won Oscars for Best Director
& Best Supporting Actress (Darwell), nominated for Best Picture, Best Script, Best Actor (Fonda), Best Editing,
Best Sound; listed in National Film Registry 1989; ranked #21 on the American Film Institute's list of the
100 Greatest American Films

film credits at Internet Movie Database
film entry at Wikipedia

date of Blu-ray release not known

Fox/MGM 'Ford At Fox Edition' b&w DVD [12/2007] for $17.99
Fox b&w DVD [4/2004] for $10.99
extras on both DVDs include "Darryl F. Zanuck: 20th Century Filmmaker" docufilm from A&E Biography;
F.D.R. segment & three 1934 drought segments from Movietone News; still gallery, trailers & outtakes

Fox b&w VHS [10/99] for $13.99


author John Steinbeck [1902-68]
John Steinbeck books catalog at Amazon
John Steinbeck [1902-68] Quotations Page at Working Minds

producer Darryl F. Zanuck [1902-79]

director John Ford [1894-1973]

actor Henry Fonda [1905-82]

actress Jane Darwell [1879-1967]

'The Grapes of Wrath' Links

film entry at Wikipedia
film credits at Internet Movie Database
Weedpatch Camp, California
article in the March 2002 Socialist Worker

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