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"It was obviously a great atmosphere when Walt was alive. If Walt liked something, we knew damn well it had to be good; it had to be successful. Obviously, things are not the same without him. Walt was a great leader, and in his own way, a genius. For that one genius it has taken fifty geniuses to fill his void."
— Disney president & Walt's son-in-law Ron W. Miller

          Founded in 1923 in East Hollywood, California by Walt Disney and his brother Roy O. Disney and animator Ub Iwerks. Released the sound cartoon "Steamboat Willie" starring Mickey Mouse, in 1928, which launched Mickey's popularity; companion characters soon followed: Pluto [1930], Goofy [1932], and Donald Duck [1934]; by 1935, Mickey Mouse merchandise brought in more revenue than Mickey Mouse theatrical cartoons.
          The Disney Studio moved to Burbank, California in 1940. Founded Buena Vista Distribution and began the 'Disneyland' network TV program (starring Walt) in 1954. The Disneyland theme park opened in Anaheim, California in 1955. The company went public in 1957. Walt Disney died in December 1966.

          The Walt Disney World Resort opened in Orlando, Florida in 1971; EPCOT Center opened at Walt Disney World in 1982. Launched the Disney Channel in 1983; launched Touchstone Pictures in 1984. A shakeup by the board of directors in 1984 (led by major shareholder Roy E. Disney) brought in Michael Eisner [chairman], Frank Wells [president/COO] & Jeffrey Katzenberg [CEO] to run the company. Acquired independent film distributor Miramax Films in 1993. When Wells died in 1994, Katzenberg was denied promotion so he quit and co-founded DreamWorks SKG. Top Hollywood agent Michael Ovitz hired as president in October 1995. Acquired the A.B.C. television network from Capital Cities in 1996. Ovitz was removed in November 1997 (with an outrageously excessive severance buyout).
          Hired Robert Iger as president in 2000; acquired Saban Entertainment in 2002; shut down traditional hand-drawn animation in March 2002. Unhappy board members (again led by major shareholder Roy E. Disney) got rid of Eisner in 2004, and replaced him with George J. Mitchell as chairman and Iger as CEO. Purchased Pixar Animation Studios in 2006. Announced plans in 2007 to replace brands such as Buena Vista by converting various divisions to the Disney, A.B.C., E.S.P.N., Miramax, Pixar & Touchstone brands. Sold the information site to Fandango in June 2008.

          Then in late 2012, The Walt Disney Company announced an agreement to purchase Lucasfilm from George Lucas for $4.05 billion. (That new division is now added below.)

Walt Disney Pictures official website
Walt Disney Company entry at Wikipedia
Walt Disney Studios entry at Wikipedia

Magic Lantern's Walt Disney [1901-66] Page
Magic Lantern's Disney Films Page

Paul F. Anderson's 'Disney History Institute' blog
Ken Polsson's 'Chronology of the Walt Disney Company' website [est. 1995]

Disney Movies & TV Shows Store  at Amazon

Books About Disney Studios

Disney That Never Was / Five Decades of Unproduced Animation book by Charles Solomon  "The Disney That Never Was: The Stories & Art of Five Decades of Unproduced Animation" [1995]
by Charles Solomon

Disney Editions 10½x10¼ hardcover [11/95] out of print/used
Building A Company / Disney Empire book by Bob Thomas  "Building A Company: Roy O. Disney and The Creation of An Entertainment Empire" [1998]
by Bob Thomas

Disney Editions 8x5¼ pb [7/99] out of print/used
Disney Editions 9&fracx6¼ hardcover [7/98] for $19.96
First 100 Years   "Disney: The First 100 Years" [1999]
by Dave Smith & Steven Clark

Hyperion hardcover [rev 2/2003] for $17.50
Hyperion hardcover [10/99] for $28.00
Designing Disney  "Designing Disney: Imagineering and The Art of The Show" [2003]
by John Hench [1908-2004], with Peggy Van Pelt

Disney Editions 10¾x9 pb [1/2009] for $13.57
Disney Editions 11x9 hardcover [9/2003] out of print/used
Disney War book by James B. Stewart  "Disney War" [2005]
by James B. Stewart

S&S 8½x5½ pb [3/2006] for $10.40
S&S 9½x6½ hardcover [2/2005] for $18.87
Blackstone UNABR audio CD [3/2005] for $50.37
Disney A to Z Official Encyclopedia book by Dave Smith  "Disney A to Z: The Official Encyclopedia" [orig 1998, rev 2006]
by Dave Smith

Disney Editions 3rd edition 10x7¼x2½" {4 pounds!} hardcover [9/2006] for $26.40
Disney Editions 10x7½ hardcover [8/98] out of print/many used
Sources of Inspiration For The Disney Studios book by Bruno Girveau  "Once Upon a Time: Walt Disney - The Sources of Inspiration For The Disney Studios" [2007] by Bruno Girveau
Looks at the matter from both directions: how Walt and the studio have always used their library of classic and other art to inspire visuals in their movies, and how modern artists have used Disney product as inspiration for their own works.
Prestel Publng 12¼x9½ hardcover [2/2007] for $52.50
Disney Lost and Found / Artwork from Never-Produced Animation book by Charles Solomon  "Disney Lost and Found: Exploring The Hidden Artwork From Never-Produced Animation" [2008]
by Charles Solomon

Disney Editions 9x11¼ hardcover [6/2008] for $19.80

Announced 7/2011: David Lesjak is working on a book about Disney's Hyperion studio, 1925-39

Movies About Disney Studios

Frank and Ollie Friendship Animation documentary feature film  "Frank and Ollie: Their Friendship Changed The Face of Animation"
documentary feature film [Disney Oct 1995]

The touching story of the lifelong friendship and artisitc collaboration of Oliver Johnston and Franklin Thomas, the two men responsible for much of the high standards of Walt Disney's character animation.Co-produced, written & directed by Theodore Thomas (son of Frank)
Walt Disney Video color DVD [11/2003] for $26.99
Walt Disney Video color VHS [3/99] out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDb

"Waking Sleeping Beauty" docu

The Film & Music Library

Magic Lantern's Disney Films Page
top of page • books • The Walt Disney Era • The Post-Walt Era • Disney Art

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The Disney Films book by Leonard Maltin  "The Disney Films" [orig 1973]
by Leonard Maltin

Disney Books 11x8½ 4th edition pb [8/2000] out of print/used
Disney Books 11x8½ 3rd edition pb [9/95] out of print/many used
Crown hardcover [1973] out of print/used
Random House hardcover [1973] out of print/used
Art of Walt Disney by Finch  "The Art of Walt Disney: From Mickey Mouse To The Magic Kingdoms"
[orig 1973, rev 2004] by Christopher Finch

Harry N. Abrams 'revised/expanded' hardcover [11/2004] for $37.80
Harry N. Abrams 10x9½ 'concise' pb [9/99] for $15.61
Disney Posters / Animated Film Classics book  "The Disney Poster: The Animated Film Classics From Mickey Mouse To Aladdin" [1993]
Disney Editions 5½x4½ hardcover [10/95] out of print/used
Disney Editions 14¼x11¼ hardcover [9/93] out of print/used
The Disney Poster Book  "The Disney Poster Book" [2002] by Tony Anselmo
Disney Editions 14¼x11¼ hardcover [2002] out of print/used

very different "The Disney Poster Book" [1984]
Crown/Harmony pb [1984] out of print/used

"The Vault of Walt" [2010] by Jim Korkis

"The Revised Vault of Walt: Unofficial, Unauthorized, Uncensored Disney Stories Never Told" [] by Jim Korkis

Who's Afraid of The Song of The South? book by Jim Korkis  "Who's Afraid of The Song of The South? and Other Forbidden Disney Stories" [2012]
by Jim Korkis, Foreword by Floyd Norman

following several chapters on Disney's "Song of The South" [1946], other chapter-topics include:
L. Frank Baum & 'Oz'; Tim Burton; 'John Carter on Mars'; J. Edgar Hoover; Ward Kimball;
Jessica Rabbit; and Mickey Rooney

Kindle Edition from Theme Park Press [11/2012] for $5.99
Theme Park Press 8½x5½ pb [12/2012] for $16.25

Major  Characters

Mickey Mouse

"Mickey's Gourmet Cookbook: Most Popular Recipes From Walt Disney World & Disneyland" []

"Cooking With Mickey and The Disney Chefs" [] by Pam Brandon

"Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Cookbook: Favorite Recipes from Mickey and His Friends" []

'Vintage Mickey' cartoon compilation   "Vintage Mickey" on DVD [2005]
Compilation of nine vintage silent & sound short films: "Steamboat Willie" [Nov 1928], "Plane Crazy" [silent May 1928, sound March 1929], "The Karnival Kid" [May 1929], "The Birthday Party" [Jan 1931], "The Castaway" [April 1931], "Mickey's Orphans" [Dec 1931], "Mickey's Revue" [May 1932], "Building A Building" [Jan 1933], and "Mickey's Streamroller" [June 1934]
65-minute Buena Vista Home Ent. DVD [7/2005] for $99.95 {sic}

Minnie Mouse

Donald Duck

Huey, Dewey & Louie

Daisy Duck

Scrooge McDuck

Professor Ludwig von Drake

Beauty and the Beast

Winnie the Pooh
"Winnie The Pooh" Books & Movies Page at Spirit of America Bookstore




Snow White


The Toys from 'Toy Story'
"The Toy Story Trilogy" [2011]

The Lion King




Alice In Wonderland
"Alice In Wonderland" Books, Stageplays & Movies Page at Spirit of America Bookstore

Peter Pan
"Peter Pan" Books, Stageplays & Movies Page at Spirit of America Bookstore

Sleeping Beauty

Mary Poppins

Mowgli (of Jungle Book)
Kipling's "The Jungle Books" Stories & Movies Page at Spirit of America Bookstore

Tarzan and Jane

Ariel the Little Mermaid

Pirates of The Caribbean
Magic Lantern's 'Pirates of The Caribbean' Movies Series Page

Cars and Airplanes


Walt Disney Pictures castle logo         Walt Disney Company signature logo

Major Divisions
American Broadcasting Corp. & E.S.P.N.
Buena Vista Distribution
Disney Channel / Radio Disney
Disney Feature Animation
Marvel Entertainment
Miramax Film Corp.
Parks & Resorts
Pixar Animation Studios
Touchstone Pictures
Other: Publishing, Records, Unclear

American  Broadcasting  Corporation
The American Broadcasting Company was formed in 1943 from NBC's Blue radio network; first TV broadcast in 1948;
purchased by Capitol Cities Communications in 1985 for $3.5 billion; sold to Disney in February 1996 for $19 billion.

American Broadcasting Corp. logo (since 2006)        logo for A.B.C. News

Beating the Odds / The Rise of ABC  
"Beating The Odds: The Untold Story Behind The Rise of A.B.C. - The Stars, Struggles & Egos That Transformed Network Television"
[1991] by Leonard H. Goldenson, with Marvin J. Wolf

Scribner hardcover [2/91] out of print/many used

red logo for E.S.P.N., the Entertainment Sports Programming Network [est. 1979] subsidiary of A.B.C.
Entertainment  Sports  Programming  Network
E.S.P.N. is worth about 40% of Disney's entire value (per Barron's in 2008). Launched in September 1979
with backing from Getty Oil; A.B.C. bought E.S.P.N. in 1984, then sold 20% to Nabisco, which later sold its share
to Hearst Corp. Headquartered in Bristol, Connecticut. official site
E.S.P.N. Video Archive official site
E.S.P.N. entry at Wikipedia

Buena  Vista  Distribution
Founded in 1953 to distribute Disney's films worldwide; as-of 2007,
the Buena Vista brand & logo are scheduled to be retired.

Buena Vista International distribution
Buena Vista official placeholder site
Buena Vista entry at Wikipedia

Disney Channel   •   Radio Disney
Disney Channels Worldwide includes the Disney Channel, Disney XD, Playhouse Disney,
Disney Cinemagic, Hungama, GXT, Jetix, and Radio Disney brands

Wonderful World of Disney Television book by Bill Cotter  
"The Wonderful World of Disney Television: A Complete History"
[1997] by Bill Cotter

Disney Editions 10¼x7¼ hardcover [9/97] out of print/many used
World Pubns hardcover [3/2000] out of print/used

Disney  Feature  Animation
Begun in 1929 by Walt and the Nine Old Men, the Disney company shut down traditional
hand-drawn animation on 25 March 2002, laying off over 200 artists & animators.

'Walt Disney & The Nine Old Men' on Magic Lantern's Animation Pages
info on animation careers at Disney
Walt Disney Treasures DVD series
Walt Disney Feature Animation fansite

Dream on Silly Dreamer documentary short film by Dan Lund  
"Dream On Silly Dreamer" [indep Jan 2005]
"Not all fairy tales have a happy ending." 40-minute documentary written
& directed by Dan Lund, plus many extras {total 180 minutes}
Westlund Prodns color DVD [2/2006] for $21.99
full credits at IMDb • official movie site

Lucasfilm, Ltd. [est. 1971]
In late 2012, Walt Disney Company agreed to purchase Lucasfilm from George Lucas for $4.05 billion, (During the same announcement,
Disney said that they plan to film 'at least three more' movies in the "Star Wars Saga", expecting to release the first in 2015.)

official company website
entry at Wikipedia

Marvel  Entertainment
Founded in 1933 as Newsstand Publications, Inc.; renamed Timely Publications in 1939, then Atlas Comics and Marvel Comics; purchased by New World Pictures (later New World Entertainment) in 1986; investor Ronald Perelman purchased Marvel in 1989 for $82.5 million; Marvel lost value and filed bankruptcy in 1995, with owner Perelman & bondholder Carl Icahn losing control to the owners of ToyBiz; sold to the Disney Company in December 2009 for $4.24 billion. The 'Marvel Universe' includes well-known properties Blade, Captain America, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Elektra, The Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, The Punisher, Spider-Man, Thor, Wolverine, and The X-Men.

Marvel Entertainment [est. 1933] logo
Marvel Entertainment: official website
entry at Wikipedia
Marvel Studios entry at Wikipedia {with filmography}

Magic Lantern's Marvel Entertainment Page

Miramax  Film  Corp.
Founded in 1979 by brothers Harvey & Bob Weinstein in Buffalo, New York to distribute (and later, to produce or acquire) independent & foreign films for the U.S. market; the company was financially successful, and Disney paid $70 million for it in 1993; the Weinstein brothers left in September 2005, and soon formed a new independent company, The Weinstein Company. Then in 2010, Disney put Miramax up for sale; major bidders as-of April included the Weinstein Brothers (buying it back for up to $700 million!). The attempt to sell off Miramax Film Corp. and its 611-picture library dragged on, but finally was completed in December 2010, with Filmyard Holdings paying a total of $663 million.

Miramax Film Corp. logo
Miramax official website
Miramax entry at Wikipedia

Magic Lantern / Independent Studios Page / Miramax Films Section

Parks  &  Resorts
official Disney Parks website

Disneyland California [est. July 1955]

Tokyo Disney [est. 1983]

Euro Disney [est. 1992]
Paris Disney Studios attraction [est. 2002]

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort [est. 2005]

Shanghai Disney Resort [opened 6/2016]  6/2016
"We didn't build Disneyland in China, we built China's Disneyland"

Walt Disney Imagineering Behind the Dreams book by The Imagineers  "Walt Disney Imagineering: A Behind The Dreams Look At Making
The Magic Real" [1996]
by Kevin Rafferty, with Bruce Gordon

Disney Editions 13x10 pb [9/98] for $19.77
Disney Editions 10½x13¼ hardcover [11/96] out of print/used
Designing Disney book by John Hench   "Designing Disney: Imagineering and The Art of The Show" [2003]
by John Hench [1908-2004], with Peggy Van Pelt, Preface by Frank Gehry, Foreword by Martin A. Sklar

Disney Editions 10¾x9 pb [1/2009] for $16.49
Disney Editions 11x9 hardcover [9/2003] out of print/used
Welcome Aboard the Disneyland Railroad book by Steve DeGaetano  "Welcome Aboard The Disneyland Railroad!: The Complete Disneyland Railroad Reference Guide" [2004]
by Steve DeGaetano, Illustrations by Preston Nirattasai

Steam Passages Publns 11x8½ hardcover [12/2004] out of print/used
Disneyland Encyclopedia book by Chris Strodder  "The Disneyland Encyclopedia: The Unofficial, Unauthorized, and
Unprecedented History of Every Land, Attraction, Restaurant, Shop,
and Event In The Original Magic Kingdom" [2008]
by Chris Strodder

Santa Monica Press 9x6 pb [5/2008] for $13.57
Walt Disney's Imagineering Legends book by Jeff Kurtti  "Walt Disney's Imagineering Legends and The Genesis of The Disney Theme Park" [2008] by Jeff Kurtti
Disney Editions 11x9½ pb [8/2008] for $23.10
Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World book by Susan Veness   "The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World: Over 600 Secrets of The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom" [2009]
by Susan Veness

Adams Media 8½x5½ pb [6/2009] for $10.15
Disney Parks Secrets, Stories & Magic  "Disney Parks: The Secrets, Stories, and Magic Behind the Scenes" [2010]
contains 51-minute "Disneyland Resorts: Behind The Scenes", 44-minute "Undiscovered Disney Parks", and 44-minute "Ultimate Walt Disney World", plus extras; same content on the Blu-Ray disc and the DVD disk (which also has .mp4 files of the three videos)
Questar color Blu-ray+DVD [6/2010] 2 disk combo for $19.99
"Disneyland: Secrets, Stories, & Magic" [2007 video] /tt1156301/

Pixar  Animation  Studios
Begun in 1979 as the computer graphics animation division of George Lucas's LucasFilm in Northern California; when Apple, Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs left Apple in 1986, he paid $5 million to Lucas and invested another $5 million in the company, renamed Pixar; emphasis was at first on selling software & hardware, to the government and Disney and others, but the market was soon saturated, so Pixar began producing C.G.I. commercials for television; Pixar signed a deal with Disney in 1991 to produce five C.G.I. feature films, the first of which was the hit "Toy Story" [1995]; Pixar re-incorporated in December 1995, and went public in November 1996; renewal of the contract with Disney was prolonged by Pixar's demands for autonomy, and by the bullying management style of Disney's Michael Eisner (ousted in 2004); in 2006, Disney paid $7.4 billion (in stock) for Pixar, making Jobs the largest shareholder of Disney and a member of Disney's board; several Pixar execs were given powerful positions within Disney. {Steve Jobs died in October 2011.}

plain Pixar logo
Pixar official website
Pixar entry at Wikipedia
MJM's 'Pixar Planet' fansite
The Pixar Blog

"The Pixar Story" [2007] /tt1059955/

Art of Pixar Short Films book by Amid Amidi  "The Art of Pixar Short Films" [2008]
by Amid Amidi

Chronicle Books hardcover [10/2008] for $26.40
The Pixar Touch book by David A. Price  "The Pixar Touch: The Making of A Company" [2008]
by David A. Price

Knopf hardcover [5/2008] for $18.45
Disney Pixar Ultimate 8-Movie Collection on DVD  "Disney / Pixar Ultimate 8-Movie Collection" [2008]
Buena Vista Home Ent color DVD set [8/2008] 8 disks {price not known}
includes "Toy Story" [1995] 10th Anniversary Edition; "A Bug's Life" [1998]; "Toy Story 2" [1999] Special Edition; "Monsters, Inc" [2001]; "Finding Nemo" [2003]; "The Incredibles" [2004]; "Cars" [2006]; and "Ratatouille" [2007]
The Story of Pixar Animation Studios book by Karen Palk & Leslie Iwerks  "To Infinity and Beyond!: The Story of Pixar Animation Studios" [2007]
by Karen Palk, 'based on interviews & research by Leslie Iwerks'

Chronicle Books 12¼x9 hardcover [11/2007] for $42.29
Pixar Short Films Collection  "Pixar Short Films Collection" [2007]
Volume 1 includes "A Short History" documentary short, Oscar-winners "Tin Toy" [1988], "Geri's Game" [1997], "For The Birds" [2000], plus "The Adventures of Andrι and Wally B." [Lucasfilm 1984], "Luxo Jr." [1986], "Red's Dream" [1987], "Knick Knack" [1989], "Mike's New Car" [2002], "Boundin'" [2003], "Jack-Jack Attack" [2005], "One-Man Band" [2006], "Mater and The Ghostlight"
[2006], and "Lifted" [2007]
Disney color DVD [11/2007] for $19.99
Disney color Blu-ray [11/2007] for $23.95

Touchstone  Pictures
Founded in 1984, basically a brand (for relatively-mature product) rather than a studio.

Touchstone Pictures official website
Touchstone Pictures entry at Wikipedia

Other Divisions:  Publishing,  Records,  or  Unclear

U.T.V. Motion Pictures Group [est. 1996] based in India, London & USA {owned by Disney}
official website • Wikipedia

Independent  Agreements
Announced 8/2012: Disney renewed its first-look deal with Mandeville Films, the shingle run by
David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman, which has been in place for 18 years already.

Executives  &  Others

Magic Lantern's
Walt Disney [1901-66] Page

Walt was company president, 1923–1966 and co-chair (with Roy), 1945–1960

Walt's brother Roy O. Disney [1893-71]
served as CEO (from 1929), co-chair (from 1945-60), and chairman (from 1960 until his death)

Walt's nephew Roy E. Disney, stockholder [1930-2009]
owner & chairman of Shamrock Holdings [est. 1978]

Walt's son-in-law Ron W. Miller [b.1933]
president/CEO (1980-ousted 1984)

animator Ub Iwerks  [1901-71]
active at Disney (1922-30), independent (1930-40), Disney & Disney Imagineering (1940-71)
credits at IMDb • Wikipedia

Ub Iwerks   "The Hand Behind the Mouse: The Ub Iwerks Story" [1999]
Documentary directed by grandaughter Leslie Iwerks
available on DVD as part of "WD Treasures: Oswald The Rabbit" set
Disney Home Video VHS [9/2001] out of prod/used
full credits from IMDb
"The Hand Behind the Mouse: An Intimate Biography of Ub Iwerks" [2001]
companion book by Leslie Iwerks & John D. Kenworthy

Hyperion 9½x6½ hardcover [5/2001] for $17.47
Iwerks Collxns  
"The Cartoons That Time Forgot: The Ub Iwerks Collection" [1999]
58 cartoons on the two disks
Vol 1: Image Ent DVD [7/99] for $9.99
Vol 2: Image Ent DVD [7/99] for $9.99

Richard W. 'Dick' Cook: Disney Studios chairman 2000-2009

Michael Eisner: WDCo. chairman 1984, ousted 2004

Alan F. Horn, Disney Studios chairman since June 2012, ex-pres Warner Bros. 2007-2011

Robert Iger: president/COO/CEO, 2000-2012, prom WDCo. chairman 2012 to present

Steve Jobs [1955-2011]: board 2006-2011

Jeffrey Katzenberg: CEO, 1984-1994
co-founded DreamWorks SKG in 1994

John Lasseter: Chief Creative Officer, 2006 to present

George J. Mitchell: WDCo. chairman, 2004-2006

John E. Pepper, Jr.: WDCo. chairman, 2007-2012

agent Michael Ovitz: WDCo. president, 1995-97

Rich Ross: hired 1996, promoted to Disney Studios chairman 10/2009, ousted 4/2012

Frank Wells [1932-94]: president/COO, 1984-1994

Disney Legends Program
The Disney Company Legends Program is a largely hidden internal awards program that rewards actors and employees and executives for being major contributions to the company.
Each recipient receives a statuette, a plaque at the Disney Studio or a Disney park, and a lifetime pass to all the Disney parks.
The awards were presented annually from 1987 to 2009 and are now presented biennially at the Disney D23 Expo fan conference.

'Disney Legends' entry at Wikipedia

Award recipients include: actor Rex Allen, (1996); voice actor Tim Allen, (1999); voice actor Wayne Allwine, (2008); actor Julie Andrews, (1991); ABC-TV exec Roone Arledge, (2007); actor Beatrice Arthur, (2009); dancer Marge Champion, (2007); actor Maurice Chevalier, (2002); TV host Dick Clark, (2013); Les Clark, 9OM (1989); composer Phil Collins, (2002); voice actor Pinto Colvig, (1993); actor Tim Considine, (2006); actor Tim Conway, (2004); actor Kevin Corcoran, (2006); actor Billy Crystal, (2013); Marc Davis, 9OM (1989); actor Johnny Depp, (2015); Edna Francis Disney {wife of Roy O. Disney), (2003); Lillian Disney {wife of Walt}, (2003); exec Roy E. Disney, (1998); TV actor Jimmie Dodd, (1992); actor Karen Dotrice, (2004); SFX painter Eyvind Earle, (2015); actor Buddy Ebsen, (1993); composer Danny Elfman, (2015); SFX painter Peter Ellenshaw, (1993); actor/author Carrie Fisher, (2017); director Richard Fleischer, (2003); voice actor Paul Frees, (2006); actor Annette Funicello, (1992); actor Estelle Getty, (2009); ABC-TV announcer Frank Gifford, (2008); actor Whoopi Goldberg, (2017); ABC-TV exec Leonard H. Goldenson, (2004); actor John Goodman, (2013); actor Buddy Hackett, (2003); actor Mark Hamill, (2017); puppeteer Jim Henson, (); writer & narrator Winston Hibler, (1992); voice actor Sterling Holloway, (1991); animation technician Don Iwerks, (2009); Ub Iwerks, (1989); TV news anchor Peter Jennings, (2006); composer Elton John, (2006); actor Glynis Johns, (1998); Ollie Johnston, 9OM (1989); innovator Steve Jobs, (2013); actor Dean Jones, (1995); Milt Kahl, 9OM (1989); Ward Kimball, 9OM (1989); cartoonist Jack Kirby, (2017); actor Tommy Kirk, (2006); actor Angela Lansbury, (1995); Eric Larson, 9OM (1989); cartoonist Stan Lee, (2017); radio & TV host Art Linkletter, (2005); John Lounsbery, 9OM (1989); George Lucas, (2015); actor Susan Lucci, (2015); actor Fred MacMurray, (1987); writer-director Garry Marshall, (2017); actor Steve Martin, (2005); actor Rue McClanahan, (2009); actor Hayley Mills, (1998); actor Sir John Mills, (2002); voice actor Clarence Nash, (1993); composer Randy Newman, (2007); actor Robert Newton, (2002); actor Fess Parker, (1991); writer & animator Bill Peet, (1996); actor Regis Philbin, (2011); voice actor Thurl Ravenscroft, (1995); Wolfgang Reitherman, 9OM (1989); composer Sir Tim Rice, (2002); actor Kurt Russell, (1998); composer Richard Sherman, (1990); composer Robert Sherman, (1990); archivist Dave Smith, (2007); stage director Julie Taymor, (2017); Frank Thomas, 9OM (1989); actor Richard Todd, (2002); actor Dick Van Dyke, (1998); exec Card Walker, (1993); ABC-TV news anchor Barbara Walters, (2008); exec Frank Wells, (1994); actor Betty White, (2009); actor Guy Williams, (2011); actor Robin Williams, (2009); actor/TV host Oprah Winfrey, (2017); actor Bonita Granville Wrather, (2011); producer Jack Wrather, (2011); and actor Ed Wynn, (2013)

L i n k s
Walt Disney Pictures official website
Walt Disney Company entry at Wikipedia
Walt Disney Studios entry at Wikipedia
Magic Lantern's Walt Disney [1901-66] Page
Magic Lantern's Disney Films Page

official Disney® Store at Amazon

Adam's "Disney, Etc." (Pixar) blog [est. 2008]
Paul F. Anderson's 'Disney History Institute' blog
Ken Polsson's 'Chronology of the Walt Disney Company' website [est. 1995]

here on the Walt Disney Pictures Page at Magic Lantern Video & Book Store

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