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"I became an entertainer not because I wanted to but because I was meant to."
— Danny Kaye

David Daniel Kaminski
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Danny Kaye entry at Wikipedia
Danny Kaye credits [1935-86] at Internet Movie Database

star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Recording at 6125 Hollywood Blvd.  star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Motion Pictures at 6563 Hollywood Blvd.  star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Radio at 6101 Hollywood Blvd.  won an Honorary Oscar in 1955  received the Academy's Jean Herscholt Award in 1982  won Emmy Award in 1963     Danny Kaye won an Honorary Oscar® in 1955
and received the Academy's Jean Herscholt Award in 1982
He also received
a Special Tony Award® for his Broadway variety show (1953)
an Emmy Award for his CBS-TV show (1963)
the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award (1983)
Kennedy Center Honors tribute (1984)
three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (for Movies, Radio & Recording)
and footprints in the forecourt at Grauman's Chinese Theatre {19 Oct 1969}

Movies & TV of Danny Kaye
Danny Kaye credits [1935-86] at Internet Movie Database
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"Danny Kaye Collection" on VHS [] $39.00
"Up In Arms" [1944], "Wonder Man"[1945], "The Kid From Booklyn" [1946], "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" [1947], "A Song Is Born" [1948], and "Han Christian Anderson" [1952]

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"Up In Arms" [1944]

"Wonder Man" [1945]

"The Kid From Brooklyn" [1946]

"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" feature film
[Samuel Goldwyn Co./R.K.O. Radio Pictures Aug 1947]
1947 movie "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" starring Danny Kaye   Walter Mitty is a minor editor at a pulp magazine publishing house who is kicked around by the people in his life. His daydreaming of a life of adventure & heroism often leads to trouble, until a real adventure appears: the girl of his dreams is after some Dutch crown jewels hidden from the Nazis. Produced by Samuel Goldwyn; directed by Norman Z. McLeod; screenplay by Ken Englund, Everett Freeman & Philip Rapp, based on the story by James Thurber; starring Danny Kaye, Virginia Mayo, Boris Karloff, Fay Bainter, Ann Rutherford, Thurston Hall, Gordon Jones, Florence Bates, Konstantin Shayne, Reginald Denny, Fritz Feld, Minerva Urecal, Vernon Dent, Robert Altman, Chris-Pin Martin, and a bevy of Goldwyn Girls
H.B.O. Home Video color DVD [8/98] for $40.22
11"x17" yellow poster from Amazon for $5.99
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

"The Screen Guild Theater: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" [aired Nov 1947]
30-minute radio adaptation of the movie, with Danny Kaye & Virginia Mayo reprising their film roles

"A Song Is Born" [1948] /tt0040820/
Directed by Howard Hawks; co-written by Thomas Monroe, Harry Tugend & Billy Wilder;
starring Danny Kaye & Virginia Mayo

"The Inspector General" [1949]
copy to MdE/philosFF; see also Russian "InspGen" 1954

"On The Riviera" [1951]

"Hans Christian Andersen" musical [1952]

"Knock On Wood" [1954] starring Danny Kaye, Mai Zetterling

"White Christmas" [1954]

"The Court Jester" musical [1955]
SK's movie fansite

"Merry Andrew" [1958] starring Danny Kaye, Pier Angeli, Baccaloni, Noel Purcell

"Me and The Colonel" [1958]

"The Five Pennies" [1959]

"The Millionairess" [1960]

"On The Double" [1961]

"The Danny Kaye Show with Lucille Ball" [1962 TV special]

"The Man From The Diner's Club" [1963]

"The Danny Kaye Show" CBS-TV series [1963-1967]

"The Madwoman of Chaillot"
[Commonwealth United Oct 1969]
Madwoman of Chaillot 1969 movie starring Kate Hepburn  This adaptation of Jean Giraudoux's play pits the dotty team of Kate Hepburn, Giulietta Masina, Edith Evans & Margaret Leighton, with help from Danny Kaye and ingenues Richard Chamberlain & Nannete Newman, against villainous titans of the international business world portrayed by Charles Boyer, Yul Brynner, Oskar Homolka, Paul Henreid & Donald Pleasance
Directed by Bryan Forbes, and the soundtrack by Michael J. Lewis is especially fine
Warner Archive color DVD-R [11/2011] for $20.56
Warner Home Video color VHS [2/95] for 19.99
full credits from IMDbplay entry at Wikipediamovie entry at Wikipedia
playscript [1943] by Jean Giraudoux [1882-1944], translated by Maurice Valency
Dramatists Play Service, Inc. 7½x5¼ pb [1998] for $7.20

"Here Comes Peter Cottontail" [1971 TV special]

"The Enchanted World of Danny Kaye: The Emperor's New Clothes" [1972 TV special]

"An Evening With Danny Kaye" [1981 TV special]

guest appearance on "The Muppet Show" [Feb 1979] /tt0653181/
watch "Muppets: Swedish Chef and His Uncle (Danny Kaye)" [2:53] on YouTube
Magic Lantern's 'The Muppets' Page

"Skokie" [1981]

Recordings by Danny Kaye

Books by Danny Kaye

Other Works by Danny Kaye

listen online to radio show episodes at Radio Lovers
Danny Kaye credits [1939-70] at the Internet Broadway Database VHS

Works About Danny Kaye

"The Kid From Brooklyn: The Danny Kaye Story"
stage musical [Florida 2006, Los Angeles 2007, Chicago 2008]
The Kid From Brooklyn musical stageplay  4-person stageplay focusing on Danny Kaye and his wife Sylvia Fine, supported by Eve Arden, Kitty Carlisle, Gertrude Lawrence, Cole Porter & Laurence Olivier; script by Mark Childers & Peter J. Loewy; directed by Peter J. Loewy; starring Brian Childers, Karin Leone, Christina Purcell, Adam LeBow
2008 stage run details at 'Theatre In Chicago' website

Family & Friends & Lovers

wife Silvia Fine

co-worker & lover Eve Arden

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Danny Kaye credits [1935-86] at Internet Movie Database
Danny Kaye credits [1939-70] at the Internet Broadway Database
browse Danny Kaye on DVD at Amazon

Kennedy Center Honors biography page for Danny Kaye
SK's Danny Kaye Tribute fansite;id=5;prvw
Danny Kaye Media Center at UNICEF Headquarters in New York City

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