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         French & American auteur & movie studio owner Alice Guy-Blaché [1873-1968]

The only woman filmmaker to this day who owned her own studio.

"Every bit as important as D.W. Griffith or Cecil B. DeMille." — film historian Anthony Slide

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Alice and her husband Herbert Blaché arrived in the United States on 19 June 1909,
and established the Solax Film Co. in Fort Lee, New Jersey in 1910.

official Alice Guy Blaché-Bolton website (in French}
Alice Guy-Blaché entry at Wikipedia
Alice Guy-Blaché credits [1896-1920] at Internet Movie Database
official chronology of Alice Guy-Blaché's life

signature of Alice Blaché

Movies  of  Alice Guy-Blaché
Blaché supervised 1,00 films at Gaumont in France, directing maybe 400; she produced or directed several hundred films in the United States;
130 films survive, but only 3 of her 40 features. Of those 1,000-plus films, only 430 are listed on IMDb (2014).

Alice Guy-Blaché credits [1896-1920] at Internet Movie Database
search for Alice Guy-Blaché on DVD at Amazon

Gaumont Treasures Alice Guy-Blaché on DVD  "Gaumont Treasures: 1897-1913" DVD Box Set [2009]
Kino Video b&w DVD set [9/2009] 85+ films on 3 disks for $79.95
DISK 1 contains 70+ silent short films produced and-or directed from 1897 to 1907 by Alice Guy-Blaché [1873-1968], including the 33-minute religious epic "La Vie du Christ" [1906]; also performances by Félix Mayol with 'Phono-Cinema' synchronous sound
DISK 2 is films of Louis Feuillade [1873-1925]; DISK 3 is films of Léonce Perret [1880-1935]
·            ·

Movies  in  France,  1896-1907

"La Fée aux Choux (The Cabbage Fairy)" [first film 1896]

"Chez le Magnétiseur" [1898]

"Langue Collante (Sticky Tongue)" [1900] [3:15]

"Five O'Clock Tea" [1905] sound film with Dranem [2:55]

"Faust" [1906]

"La Vie du Christ" 33-minute silent religious epic [1906]
aka "The Birth, The Life, and The Death of Christ"
available on the "Gaumont Treasures" DVD box set above [32:55]

"Les Résultats du Féminisme (The Consequences of Feminism)" [1906] [6:56] [6:44]

"L'Emeute sur la Barricade" [1906] [4:51]

"La Glu" silent short [1907] the mischievous adventures of a boy with a bucket of glue

"Madame a des Envies" [1907] [4:20]

"Une Héroïne de Quatre Ans (A Four-Year-Old Heroine)" [1907] /tt0764909/

"Le Piano Irresitible" [1907] [5:05]

·            ·

round logo for Solax Films of New Jersey
Solax  Company  Productions, 1910-1914
Solax filmography dated September 2009

"A Child's Sacrifice" first Solax film October 1910]

"The Pawnshop" [Dec 1910]

"The Burstrup Homes Murder Case" silent short [circa 1911] spoof of Sherlock Holmes

"Tramp Strategy" silent short [1911]
directed by Alice Guy Blaché; being preserved by NYWIF (2014)

"The Girl and The Broncho Buster" Western movie [Solax July 1911]
lost film starring The Cheyenne Riders

"Outwitted By Horse and Lariat" Western movie [Solax July 1911] probably directed by Alice

"Algie, The Miner" [1912]

"Canned Harmony" [1912]

"Making An American Citizen" [1912]
glass slide ad for 'The Making of An American' [1912]

"A Man's A Man" [Jan 1912]

"Parson Sue" comedy Western [Jan 1912]

"Falling Leaves" [Solax March 1912] /tt0210675/
uncredited adaptation of an O. Henry story [11:40]

"The Sewer" [April 1912]

"A Fool and His Money" [Solax Oct 1912]
the first-known all-black-cast film; directed by Alice Guy-Blaché • credits at IMDb
available with six other restored early silent one-reelers on the "Seven Silent Films: Lost For A Century" DVD
American Media Intl. b&w silent DVD [8/2012] - sold out

"New Love and The Old" [Nov 1912]

"The Thief" [1913]

"Matrimony's Speed Limit" [1913]

"Beasts of The Jungle" [1913]

"A House Divided" [1913]

"Brennan of The Moor" [1913]

"The Coming of Sunbeam" [Jan 1913] /tt1234627/ print at Library of Congress

"The Roads That Lead Home" [Jan 1913]

"Dick Whittington and His Cat" [March 1913]

·            ·

After  Solax

"The Ocean Waif"  [Solax?/I.F.S. Nov 1916]
'Ocean Waif' and '49-17' silent features on DVD  Typical romance from Hearst's I.F.S. movie mill; a parody of the Pygmalion story that skewers
class conventions; release prints were color-tinted.
Directed by Alice Guy; starring Doris Kenyon
Kino Video b&w DVD [4/2008] for $17.99
credits at IMDb
double featured on DVD with "49-17" [Universal Oct 1917]
early Western spoof co-written & directed by Ruth Ann Baldwin; starring Joseph W. Girard,
Jean Hersholt & Donna Drew; credits at IMDb

"The Great Adventure" [Pathé Players March 1918] starring Bessie Love
glass slide ad for 'The Great Adventure' [1918] starring Bessie Love

"Tarnished Reputations" [Alice's last film; March 1920]

·            ·

Later  Works

"Un Chapeau de Paille d'Italie (The Italian Straw Hat)"
silent feature [France Jan 1928]
A script was written by Alice Guy-Blaché prior to 1920, when she offered it to Charlie Chaplin in Hollywood; he declined. The tale is based on a nineteenth-century French farce, updated by René Clair to 1895. A groom preparing for his marriage takes a shortcut thru the forest, where his horse eats the unique straw hat of a married woman who is dallying with her lover. The lover threatens to destroy the groom's house unless he replaces the hat, to preserve the woman's reputation. Adapted & directed by René Clair; based on the 1851 stageplay by Eugène Labiche & Marc Michel; starring Albert Préjean, Geymond Vital & Olga Tschechowa
DVD/Blu-ray not available • Connoisseur Video b&w VHS [7/94] out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

Other Works by Alice Guy-Blaché

'wrote novels from film scripts', after moving back to France in 1922

Works  About  Alice Guy-Blaché

Alice Guy Blache - 1963 TV interview - at age 90    
"Alice Guy" episode [July 1963] of "Hieroglyphes" TV series from I.N.A. Paris
15-minute interview filmed by Paul Seban, introduced by Charles Ford
(most of this footage is included in the 1995 documentary "The Lost Garden")

"Qui est Alice Guy?" 11-minute documentary [1975] produced & directed by Nicole-Lise Bernheim /tt0073599/

"Elle Voulait Faire du Cinéma" TV biopic [France 1983] /tt0228259/

Memoirs of Alice Guy Blaché book  "The Memoirs of Alice Guy Blaché" [1986]
Translated by Roberta & Simone Blaché, Edited by Anthony Slide

Scarecrow Press 8½x5½ hardcover [5/96] for $29.50
Scarecrow Press hardcover [8/86] out pf print/used
Alice Guy-Blaché biography by Victor Bachy  "Alice Guy-Blaché, 1873-1968: La Première Femme Cinéaste
du Monde" [1993] by Victor Bachy

Institut Jean Vigo 8¼x5½ hardcover [2/93] for €21,73 via Amazon in France
Institut Jean Vigo French-language 8¼x5½ hardcover [2/93] imported/scarce

"The Lost Garden: The Life and Cinema of Alice Guy-Blaché" documentary
aka "Le Jardin Oublié: La Vie et l'Oeuvre d'Alice Guy-Blaché"
[National Film Board of Canada 1995]
53-minute documentary, French & English versions; co-written & directed by Marquise Lepage
DVD/Blu-ray not available; full credits at IMDb

Alice Guy Blaché biography  "Alice Guy Blaché: Lost Visionary of The Cinema" [2002]
by Alison McMahan

"A monumental job..." — Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times
Continuum 9¼x5½ pb [10/2003] for $24.95
Continuum 9½x6½ hardcover [3/2002] out of print/used
author's Alice Guy-Blaché website

"Alice Guy ou l'Enfance du Cinema" 52-minute TV documentary [1997] by Florida Sadki

Alice Guy Blache, Cinema Pioneer book edited by Joan Simon  "Alice Guy Blaché: Cinema Pioneer" [2009]
catalog for the exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art
in New York City; edited by {Whitney curator} Joan Simon

Yale Univ Press 9¼x6½ hardcover [11/2009] for $40.00

Whitney Museum Alice Guy-Blaché exhibition Nov 2009 - Jan 2010

"Looking For Alice" 52-minute TV documentary [2009] directed by Claudia Collao

"Frame By Frame: Alice Guy-Blache" [2010 webisode]
featuring UNL Film Studies professor Wheeler Winston Dixon 9/2010 [3:13]

"Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché" docufilm [in production 2015]  2/2015
Executive produced by Robert Redford, narrated by Jodie Foster
Kickstarter page: funded 8/2013Quicktime video from Kickstarter page [8:14] at Vimeo
official websiteofficial trailer [4:14] at Vimeoentry at IMDb

The Kickstarter video includes mostly-short clips of Marc Abraham, Stephanie Allain, John Bailey, Peter Billingsley, James Bobin, Diablo Cody, Howard Cohen, John Chu, Julie Delpy,
Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Dino Everett, Anne Fletcher, Catherine Hardwicke, Cheryl Hines, Chris Horak (UCLA), Neil Hunt (Netflix), Sir Ben Kingsley, Kevin MacDonald, Anastasia Masaro,
Alison McMahan, Vadim Perelman, Robert Redford, Julie Anne Robinson, Martin Scorsese, Floria Sigismondi, Joan Simon (Whitney Museum), Anthony Slide, Valerie Steel, Mark Stetson,
Kevin Stitt, Julie Taymor, Anand Tucker, Marc Wanamaker, Loretta Weinberg & Alan Williams

Family & Friends
Alice Guy was born near Paris, France in 1873; her film career lasted from 1896 to 1922; she died in New Jersey in 1968 at age 94.

husband Herbert Blaché-Bolton [1882-1953], married 1907, divorced 1922
credits [1912-29] at Internet Movie Database

daughter Simone Blaché [1908-??]
son Reginald [1912-??]

L i n k s
official Alice Guy Blaché-Bolton website (in French}
Alice Guy-Blaché entry at Wikipedia
search for Alice Guy-Blaché on DVD at Amazon
Alice Guy-Blaché credits [1896-1920] at Internet Movie Database

Whitney Museum (NYC) Alice Guy-Blaché exhibition Nov 2009 - Jan 2010

Online sales in association with  silent film DVD catalog at Amazon

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