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The contents of this page encompass all of Great Britain – England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland

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★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Dame Ngaio Marsh, OBE [1899-1982] of New Zealand
browse books • browse audio • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

Insp. Roderick Alleyn & Insp. Fox series: series books

Inspector Alleyn Mysteries DVD box sets   "Inspector Alleyn Mysteries" [1993-94]
starring Patrick Malahide, William Simons & Belinda Lang; series credits from IMDb
B.B.C. & P.B.S.'s Mystery Theater made 9 episodes based on Ngaio Marsh's Insp. Alleyn novels; the 1990 pilot episode "Artists In Crime" starred Simon Williams (omitted from the DVD sets); the five episodes in 1993 and three episodes in 1994 starred Patrick Malahide
Volume 1: Acorn Media color DVD [2/2004] 4 disks for $53.99
includes "A Man Lay Dead"; "The Nursing Home Murder"; "Death At The Bar"; and "Final Curtain"
Volume 2: Acorn Media color DVD [2/2006] 4 disks for $53.99
includes "Death In A White Tie" [1993]; "Hand In Glove" featuring Sir John Gielgud; "Dead Water"; and "Scales of Justice"

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

BlackHat Mystery Bookstore's
Andrew Martin Page

railway cop Jim Stringer mystery series

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Sarah J. Mason + Trewley & Stone series
browse books (out of print)

(writing as Hamilton Crane)
octogenarian Miss Seeton of Scotland Yard series

browse books (1991-99; mostly out of print)

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

William McIlvanney [b. 1936]
books & audio • author's official website/weblog • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

Insp. Jack Laidlaw of Glasgow, Scotland trilogy

"Laidlaw" [1977]
1977 Crime Writers' Association Macallan Silver Dagger for Fiction

"The Papers of Tony Veitch" [1983]
1983 Crime Writers' Association Macallan Silver Dagger for Fiction

"Strange Loyalties: A Laidlaw Investigation" [1991]

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Adrian McKinty lives in Melbourne, Australia
browse books • Wikipedia

Detective Sergeant Sean Duffy of Belfast, Northern Ireland
"The Cold Cold Ground" [2012]
"I Hear The Sirens In The Street" [2013]
"In The Morning I'll Be Gone" [2014]
"Gun Street Girl" [2015]

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

James McLevy [1796-1875] of Edinburgh, Scotland
semi-official website {ownership unclear} • Wikipedia [1975] [2012] [2014]
Curiosities of Crime In Edinburgh
Sliding Scale of Life
The Disclosures of A Detective

McLevy The Edinburgh Detective book by James McLevy  "McLevy: The Edinburgh Detective" [2004]
by James McLevy, Foreword by Quentin Jardine

Kindle Edition from Birlinn, U.K. [12/2012] for $8.11
Mercat Press 8x6¼ pb [4/2004] out of print/used

BBC Radio 4 series: pilot show in 1999, 41 later shows 2000-2014

Inspector McLevy mystery novels by David Ashton based on the BBC Radio series [2007] [4/2011] [4/2011] [12/2011] [5/2013] [10/2013]

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Herman Cyril McNeile [1888-1937] aka 'Sapper'
books & audio • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

Capt. Hugh 'Bulldog' Drummond series
McNeile's 1920s-era dialogue includes casual racism against Africans, Germans, Jews, and others
browse videos/DVDs • Wikipedia


"Bullshot Crummond" stage farce
[London & New York City & U.S. tour in 1979, movie 1983]
Bullshot Crummond stageplay broadcast on H.B.O.  
sold-out VHS tape is the Low Moan Spectacular Comedy Troupe original London/New York
cast as taped live in Los Angeles during the 1979 tour
• stageplay entry at Wikipedia

"Bullshot Crummond" [1979] 90-minute episode of "Broadway On Showtime"
not available on VHS/DVD/Blu-ray • bare TV show credits at IMDb

Bullshot Crummond stage farce as a feature film  "Bullshot" parody film [HandMade Films 1983]
Lovely young Rosemary asks intrepid war hero Hugh 'Bullshot' Crummond for help in rescuing her absent-minded scientist father from the clutches of evil mastermind Otto Von Brunno Directed by Dick Clement; written by Ronald E. House, Diz White & Alan Shearman; starring Alan Shearman {as Hugh Crummond}, Diz White, Ronald E. House, Frances Tomelty, Ron Pember, Mel Smith, Michael Aldridge, Christopher Good, Billy Connolly, Geoffrey Bayldon & Albert Evansky {as Albert Einstein}
Image Ent. color DVD [2/2011] for $11.93
Starz/Anchor Bay color VHS [9/97] out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia

Bulldog Drummond Chronicles in Kindle format from Ignacio Hills Press  
"The Bulldog Drummond Chronicles (Illustrated)" for Kindle [2009]
Kindle Edition from Ignacio Hills Press [7/2009] for 99ข {sic}
New illustrations by T.S. Greer; contains two books written by McNeile/Sapper:
"Bite of The Bulldog" (12 stories) and novel "Bulldog and The Black Gang" [1922]
★     ★     ★     ★     ★

BlackHat Mystery Bookstore's
Keith Miles Page

XIth Century Domesday mystery series (writing as Edward Marsden)
XVIth Century Elizabethan Theatre mystery series (writing as Edward Marsden)
XVIIth Century Restoration mystery series (writing as Edward Marsden)
1850s The Railway Detective series (writing as Edward Marsden)
1900s Dillman and Masefield mystery series (writing as Conrad Allen)

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Denise Mina + mysteries in Scotland
browse books • author's website • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

"Garnethill" [G#1 1998]
"Exile" [G#2 2000]
"Resolution" [G#3 2001]

"Sanctum" [2003] US title "Deception" [2004]

Patricia 'Paddy' Meehan novels
"The Field of Blood" [P#1 2005]
"The Dead Hour" [P#2 2006]
"The Last Breath" [P#3 2007] US title "Slip of The Knife"

Alex Morrow novels
"Still Midnight" [AM #1 2009]
"The End of The Wasp" Season [AM #2 2010]
"Gods and Beasts" [AM #3 2012]

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Gladys Mitchell [1901-83] of U.K.
browse books • Wikipedia

Mrs. Beatrice Adela Lestrange Bradley
was featured in 66 mystery novels, 1929-84

"Sleuth's Alchemy: Cases of Mrs. Bradley and Others" [stories 2/2005]

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Arthur Morrison [1863-1945] of U.K.
browse books • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

"Arthur Morrison: The Novelist of Realism In East London and Essex" [Alderton Press 2008] by Stan Newens ISBN 978-1-905269-10-5
"A Child of The Jago: Chronology of Arthur Morrison" [Oxford Univ Press 2012] by Peter Miles ISBN 978-0-19-960551-4

"Tales of Mean Streets" [1894]
"Martin Hewitt, Investigator" [MH #1 = 1894]
"Zig-Zags At The Zoo" [1894]
"The Chronicles of Martin Hewitt" [MH #2 = 1895]
"The Adventures of Martin Hewitt" [MH #3 = 1896]
"A Child of The Jago" [1896]
"The Dorrington Deed Box" [1897]
"To London Town" [1899]
"Cunning Murrell" [1900]
"The Hole In The Wall" [1902] filmed in 1955 & 1972
"The Red Triangle" [MH #4 = 1903]
"The Green Eye of Goona" - US title "The Green Diamond" [1904)
"Divers Vanities" [1905]
"Green Ginger" [1909]
"Fiddle o'Dreams and More" [1933]
"The Shadows Around Us" [15 supernatural tales 2015]

Martin Hewitt Complete 25 Cases collection by Arthur Morrison  "Martin Hewitt: The Complete 25 Cases In Four Books" [2015]
by Arthur Morrison

Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [8/2016] for 99ข {sic}
Kindle Edition from Business & Leadership Publng [1/2015] for 99ข {sic}
CreateSpace 9x6 pb [4/2016] for $13.95
Timeless Wisdom Books 9x6 pb [10/2016] for $14.99
Private Investigator Martin Hewitt Complete Collection in Kindle format   "Private Investigator Martin Hewitt: 25 Detective Stories - Complete Collection" [2016]
Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [1/2016] for 99ข {sic}
Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [1/2017] for 99ข {sic}
Arthur Morrison Ultimate Collection in Kindle format  "Arthur Morrison Ultimate Collection: 80+ Mysteries, Detective Stories & Supernatural Tales In One Volume (Illustrated)" for Kindle [2016]
15 books by Arthur Morrison: includes four novels, 25 Martin Hewitt stories in four books, six books of mystery stories, and 15 supernatural tales
Kindle Edition from e-artnow [5/2016] for 99ข {sic}
★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Steve Mosby of U.K.
browse books • author's website • no entry at Wikipedia

"The Third Person: A Journey Into The Heart of Darkness" [2003]

"The Cutting Crew" [2005]

"The 50/50 Killer" [2007]

"Cry For Help" [2008]

"Still Bleeding" [2009]

"Black Flowers" [2011]

"Dark Room" [2012]

"The Murder Code: A Novel" [USA 12/2013]
Mosby's first American publication, featuring Detective Inspector Andrew Hicks in retitled version of "Dark Room"

eighth novel will be published in May 2014

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

T. Frank Muir of Glasgow, Scotland
browse books • author's website • no entry at Wikipedia (2012)

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Gilchrist of St. Andrews, Scotland series

"Eye For An Eye" [4/2007]
A serial murderer stabbed his six victims in the left eye

"Hand For A Hand" [1/2009]
A severed hand found at St Andrews clutches a note addressed to Insp. Gilchrist

"Tooth For A Tooth" [6/2012]
A woman's skeleton connects to the 35-year-old killing of Insp. Gilchrist's brother

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Patrick Neate: all books • author's website • Wikipedia

City of Tiny Lights by Patrick Neate  "City of Tiny Lights" [2005]
Ugandan-Indian P.I. Tommy Akhtar of London in a comic neo-noir mystery: A hooker hires Tommy to find her missing flat-mate, leading to competition with Britain's MI5 and the C.I.A. in solving the murder of a Member of Parliament.
Riverhead 8x5¼ pb [4/2006] for $11.90
Viking hardcover [6/2005] out of print/used
★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Baroness Emma Orczy [1865-1947]
full name Baroness Emma Magdolna Rozแlia Mแria Jozefa Borbแla 'Emmuska' Orczy de Orci
browse books • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

armchair detective The Old Man series

Lady Molly of Scotland Yard series

The Scarlet Pimpernel series

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Anne Perry {real name Juliet Marion Hulme}
browse books • author's website • Wikipedia

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Ellis Peters {real name Edith Pargeter} [1913-95]
browse all books • browse audio • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

Edith Pargeter entry at U.K. Literary Heritage

★ ★

Brother Cadfael in XIIth Century Britain series
series books • browse videos/DVDs • Wikipedia

AW's Brother Cadfael fansite
SC's "Cadfael Chronicles" fansite
AK's Brother Cadfael fansite {in German or English}

★ ★

Insp. George Felse series: series books
Bastulli's Felse Family fanpage

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

"Pie In The Sky" BBC-TV series [March 1994 to August 1997
Light-hearted 40-episode British 'cozy' detective TV series with location filming at Old Town High Street, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire;
having just been shot in the line of duty, the Detective Inspector really wants to retire and spend more time with his passion, a local restaurant;
but his boss is incompetent and doing everything possible to prevent Insp. Crabbe's retirement . . .

Pie In The Sky 40-episode BBC-TV series  "Pie In The Sky Complete Collection" [2011]
Starring Richard Griffiths, Maggie Steed, Malcolm Sinclair, Nick Raggett, Bella
Enahoro, Samantha Womack, Joe Duttine, Nicholas Lamont, Ashley Russell
Acorn Media color DVD [11/2011] 13 disks for $75.89
series credits at IMDb • series entry at Wikipedia

           R   thru   Z
★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Ian Rankin of Edinburgh, Scotland
browse books • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

BookTrust's Ian Rankin page

"The Flood" [1986]
"Watchman" [1988]
"Westwind" [1990]
"A Good Hanging and Other Stories" [1992]
"Beggars Banquet: Short Stories" [2002]
"Rebus's Scotland: A Personal Journey" [non-fiction 2005] awarded CWA Cartier Diamond Dagger
"Doors Open" [2008]
"A Cool Head" [Quick Reads 2009]
"Dark Entries" graphic novel [Vertigo Crime 2009] featuring John Constantine

Insp. John Rebus of Edinburgh, Scotland series
videos/DVDs • Wikipedia
"Knots and Crosses" [JR#1 1987]
"Hide and Seek [JR#2 1991]
"Tooth and Nail" [JR#3 1992]
"Strip Jack" [JR#4 1992]
"The Black Book" [JR#5 1993]
"Mortal Causes" [JR#6 1994]
"Let It Bleed" [JR#7 1995]
"Black and Blue" [JR#8 1997] won Macallan Gold Dagger for Fiction
"The Hanging Garden" [JR#9 1998]
"Dead Souls" [JR#10 1999]
"Set In Darkness" [JR#11 2000]
"The Falls" [JR#12 2001]
"Resurrection Men" [JR#13 2002] won The Edgar Award
"A Question of Blood" [JR#14 2003]
"Fleshmarket Close" [JR#15 2004]
"The Naming of The Dead" [JR#16 2006]
"Exit Music" [JR#17 2007] won ITV3 Crime Thriller Award
"Standing In Another Man's Grave" [JR#18 & MF#3 2012]

D.I. Malcolm Fox of Edinburgh, Scotland series
"The Complaints" [MF#1 2009
"The Impossible Dead" [MF#2 2011]
"Standing In Another Man's Grave" [MF#3 & JR#18 2012]

Writing as Jack Harvey
"Witch Hunt" [1993]
"Bleeding Hearts" [1994]
"Blood Hunt" [1995]

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Derek Raymond {real name Robert William Cook} [1931-94]
all books • credits at IMDb {as Robin Cook} • Wikipedia

JK's Derek Raymond fansite

The Factory Series
"He Died With His Eyes Open" [#1=1984]
"The Devil's Home On Leave" [#2=1985]
"How The Dead Live" [#3=1986]
"I Was Dora Suarez" [#4=1990]
"Dead Man Upright" [#5=1993]

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Ruth Rendell, CBE
browse books • browse audio • browse DVDs • listing at IMDb • Wikipedia

U.K. publisher's Ruth Rendell page
Gusworld's Ruth Rendell fansite
Bastulli's Ruth Rendell fansite

Ruth Rendell Mysteries series on DVD - volume 1  
Ruth Rendell Mysteries series on DVD - volume 2  
Ruth Rendell Mysteries series on DVD - volume 4  
"The Ruth Rendell Mysteries" [1987-2000]
76-episode series credits from IMDb
Set 1 includes "The Double" [1997] starring Jason Flemyng; "Master of The Moor" [1994] starring Colin Firth; "The Secret House of Death" [1996] starring Amanda Redman; "Vanity Dies Hard" [1995] starring Eleanor David, Jane Gurnett & Mark Frankel; plus a Ruth Rendell bio & other bonus features
Set 1: Acorn Media color DVD [2/2007] 3 disks for $31.49
Set 2 includes "A Case of Coincidence" [1996] starring Keith Barron, Pip Torrens & Kate Buffery; "A Dark Blue Perfume" [1997] starring Susannah York & John Castle; "Bribery and Corruption" [1997] starring James D’Arcy, Paul Freeman, Tim Woodward & Abigail Cruttenden; "Front Seat" [1997] starring Edward Hardwicke, Janet Suzman & Richard Johnson; "May & June" [1997] starring Phoebe Nicholls & Christine Kavanagh; "The Orchard Walls" [1998] starring Sylvia Syms & Honeysuckle Weeks; plus a Ruth Rendell biography & other bonus features
Set 2: Acorn Media color DVD [10/2007] 3 disks for $44.99
Set 3 includes "The Fallen Curtain" [1999] starring Ben Brazier; "The Going Wrong" [1998] starring James Callis & Josephine Butler; "Harm Done" [1997] starring George Baker {as Insp. Wexford}; "The Lake of Darkness" [1999] starring Jerome Flynn & Sadie Frost; "You Can’t Be Too Careful"
[1998] starring Serena Evans & Jane Hazlegrove; plus a Ruth Rendell bio & other bonus features

Set 3: Acorn Media color DVD [6/2008] 3 disks for $44.99
Set 4 includes "Simisola" [3 parts Jan-Feb 1996] and "Road Rage" [2 parts Nov 1998] both starring George Baker & Christopher Ravenscroft; plus the Ruth Rendell bio, documentary "Super Sleuths: Inspector Wexford" featuring George Baker, and other bonus features
Set 4: Acorn Media color DVD [4/2009] 2 disks for $35.99
Ruth Rendell Mysteries Collection DVD box set  "Ruth Rendell Mysteries Collection" DVD Box Set [2010]
Acorn Media color DVD set [3/2010] 11 disks for $69.99
contains all 17 feature-length mysteries on 11 disks {same as four sets above}
★ ★

Insp. Reginald Wexford & Det. Burden of Kingsmarkham
series books • Wikipedia

★ ★

writing as Barbara Vine: all books

"The Child's Child" [12/2012]  

Gusworld's Barbara Vine fansite

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Robert Richardson
+ amateur sleuth Augustus 'Gus' Maltravers series

browse books • agent's page • publisher page

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Michael Robertson + Heath Brothers of Baker Street series

Baker Street Letters mystery novel by Michael Robertson   "The Baker Street Letters: A Mystery" [2009]
Two attorney brothers rent office space on Baker Street and are required to receive delivery of any mail addressed to Sherlock Holmes. When an eight-year-old girl in Los Angeles writes to Holmes for help in finding her missing geological surveyor father, hapless Nigel decides to investigate; he flies off to California, and Reggie follows with an actress friend. When Nigel is arrested, Reggie and Laura engage in solving the case.
St. Martin/Minotaur 8x5¾ hardcover [6/2009] for $16.47
Blackstone Audio UNABR audio CD [6/2009] for $19.77

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Peter Robinson of Toronto, Ontario Canada
browse books • Wikipedia

Yorkshire Insp. Alan Banks series
official website • Wikipedia

"Gallows View" [#1 = 1987]
"A Dedicated Man" [#2 = 1988]
"A Necessary End" [#3 = 1989]
"The Hanging Valley" [#4 = 1989]
"Cๆdmon's Song" [1990] is resolved in "Friend of The Devil" [#17 = 2007]
"Past Reason Hated" [#5 = 1991]
"Wednesday's Child" [#6 = 1992]
"Dry Bones That Dream" [#7 = 1994]
"Innocent Graves" [#8 = 1996]
"Dead Right" [#9 = 1997]
"In A Dry Season" [#10 = 1999]
"Cold Is The Grave" [#11 = 2000]
"Aftermath" [#12 = 2001]
"The Summer That Never Was" [#13 = 2003]
"Playing With Fire" [#14 = 2004]
"Strange Affair" [#15 = 2005]
"Piece of My Heart" [#16 = 2006]
"Friend of The Devil" [#17 = 2007]
"All The Colours of Darkness" [#18 = 2008]
"Bad Boy" [#19 = 2010]
"Watching The Dark" [#20 = 2012]

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Kate Saunders
browse all books • Wikipedia

Secrets of Wishtide mystery novel by Kate Saunders  "The Secrets of Wishtide: A Laetitia Rodd Mystery" [#1 = 2016]  9/2016
Middle-aged widow Mrs. Laetitia Rodd is handed undercover detective work from her criminal barrister brother Frederick Tyson; Frederick arranges for Laetitia to take up a position in Lincolnshire as the new governess for the family of Sir James Calderstone, but her investigation of the suitability of a potential bride is derailed by a murder . . .
Kindle Edition from Bloomsbury USA [9/2016] for $9.44
Bloomsbury USA 8¼x5½ pb [9/2016] for $13.84
Bloomsbury USA 8½x5¾ hardcover [9/2016] for $20.90

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Blackhat Mystery Bookstore's
Dorothy L. Sayers [1893-1957] Page

Lord Peter Wimsey series: Wikipedia

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

octogenarian Miss Seeton of Scotland Yard series

created by actor-author Heron Carvic [d. 1980]
browse books (1968-75; out of print) • IMDb listing • Wikipedia
series books written by Hampton Charles
browse books (three in 1990; mostly out of print) • IMDb listing
series books written by Sarah J. Mason {as Hamilton Crane}
browse books (1991-99; mostly out of print)

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

William Shaw + Breen and Tozer trilogy
browse books • official website • Wikipedia

DetSgt. Cathal Breen works in the Marleybone C.I.D.; his partner is Women's D.C. Helen Tozer
"A Song From Dead Lips" (UK title) / "She’s Leaving Home" (US title) [#1]
"A House of Knives" (UK title) / "The Kings of London" (US title) [#2]
"A Book of Scars" (UK title) / "A Song For The Brokenhearted" (US title) [#3]

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Paige Shelton lives in Arizona
all books at Amazon • official website
she also writes the Farmers' Market Mystery, Country Cooking School Mystery, and Dangerous Type Mystery series.

'The Cracked Spine' Scottish Bookshop mystery novel by Paige Shelton  "The Cracked Spine: A Scottish Bookshop Mystery" [SB#1 = 2016]  3/2016
by Paige Shelton

American Delaney Nichols starts a wonderful new job at an antiquarian bookstore in
Scotland, but soon a Shakespeare folio is stolen and the owner's sister is murdered . . .

Kindle Edition from Minotaur/Macmillan [3/2016] for $12.99
Minotaur Books 8¼x5½ hardcover [3/2016] for $17.76
★     ★     ★     ★     ★

author & critic Julian Symons [1912-94]

Bloody Murder book by Julian Symons  "Bloody Murder: From The Detective Story To The Crime Novel - A History"
[orig 1972, rev 1993] by Julian Symons

Mysterious Press; 3rd edition 8¾x5¾ hardcover [2/93] for $24.69
Penguin Books 2nd edition 7½x5 pb [6/86] out of print/used
Faber and Faber 8¾x5½ hardcover [1972] for $24.69
A Three Pipe Problem mystery novel by Julian Symons  "A Three Pipe Problem: A Harper Novel of Suspense" [1975] by Julian Symons
Minor actor Sheridan Haynes is a fan of Sherlock Holmes, so he grabs the chance to star as the famous detective in a television series; and when a series of murders begin occurring in London, it seems only natural to take his role into real life . . .
Kindle Edition from House of Stratus [10/2011] for $7.99
House of Stratus 8½x5½ pb [2001] for $13.46
Avon mass pb [1976] out of print/used
Harper & Row 8¼x5½ hardcover [1975] out of print/used

The Great Detectives collection by Julian Symons  "The Great Detectives: Seven Original Investigations" [1981]
by Julian Symons, Illustrated by Tom Adams

Orbis 10¾x8¾ hardcover [1981] out of print/used
Seven slightly-interlinked original short stories from prolific author Symons, featuring elderly Sherlock Holmes (with a young Miss Marple), Nero Wolfe, Hercules Poirot, Philip Marlowe, Jules Maigret (with Poirot), Ellery Queen, and Miss Jane Marple
Penguin Classic Crime Omnibus edited by Julian Symons  "The Penguin Classic Crime Omnibus" [1984] Edited by Julian Symons
Penguin Books 7¾x5 pb [3/89] out of print/many used
Penguin Books 8x5½ pb [11/84] out of print/40+ used
"All the famous names are here – but not the stories [that] you might expect" • Nineteen short detective stories by authors G.K. Chesterton; Roald Dahl; Arthur Conan Doyle ("The Copper Beeches"); Stanley Ellin ("The Question"); William Faulkner ("Smoke"); Jacques Futrelle ("The Phantom Motor"); Michael Gilbert ("Counterplot"); Graham Greene ("The Case For The Defence"); Patricia Highsmith ("The Mobile Bed Object"); Edward D. Hoch ("The Most Dangerous Man"); P.D. James ("The Victim"); Q. Patrick ("All The Way To The Moon"); Edgar Allan Poe ("Thou Art The Man"); Ellery Queen ("The Adventure of The Bearded Lady"); Ruth Rendell ("The Clinging Woman"); Dorothy L. Sayers ("The Man Who Knew How"); Georges Simenon ("Inspector Maigret Pursues"); Roy Vickers ("The Man Who Murdered In Public"); and Arthur Williams ("Being A Murderer Myself")

Dashiell Hammett bio by Julian Symons  "Dashiell Hammett: HBJ Album Biography" [1985] by Julian Symons
Harcourt 9½x7½ pb [3/85] out of print/used

see also BlackHat Mystery Bookstore's Dashiell Hammett [1894-1961] Page

Conan Doyle / Portrait of an Artist book by Julian Symons  "Conan Doyle: Portrait of An Artist" [1987]
by Julian Symons

Mysterious Press 8¼x5¾ pb [10/88] out of print/used
Mysterious Press 8½x5¾ hardcover [11/87] out of print/70+ used

see also BlackHat Mystery Bookstore's Arthur Conan Doyle [1859-1930] Page

The Man Who anthology edited by H.R.F. Keating  "The Man Who..." anthology [12 stories 1992] Edited by H.R.F. Keating, 'published by the Detective Club in honor of author Julian Symons'
stories by authors Catherine Aird, Eric Ambler, Simon Brett, Len Deighton, Antonia Fraser, Michael Gilbert, Reginald Hill, P.D. James, editor Keating, Peter Lovesey, Ruth Rendell, George Sims & Michael Underwood
Pan Books pb [12/93] out of print/used
Macmillan London 8½x5½ hardcover [5/92] out of print/used
★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Scottish author Josephine Tey [1896-1952]
browse books • credits at IMDb • Wikipedia

Young and Innocent 1937 movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock  "Young and Innocent" [Gaumont British Pictures Nov 1937]
USA Title "The Girl Was Young"; a writer finds the body of his ex-lover, a married film actress, on the beach and is arrested for the murder. He escapes with the help of the police constable's infatuated daughter, and they set out to prove his innocence. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock; based on Tey's 1936 novel "A Shilling For Candles"; starring Nova Pilbeam, Derrick De Marney, Percy Marmont, Edward Rigby, Mary Clare, John Longden, George Curzon, Basil Radford, Pamela Carme & George Merritt
M.G.M. Home Video b&w DVD [2/2009] for $17.99
Diamond Ent. b&w VHS [5/95] for $19.98
full credits at IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia
11"x17" "The Girl Was Young" poster available for $14.99 at

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Charles Todd of U.S.A.
writing team of Charles Todd of Delaware, USA and his mother Caroline Todd of North Carolina
browse all books • their website • entry at Wikipedia

"The Murder Stone" [2003]
"The Walnut Tree: A Holiday Tale" [2012]

Scotland Yard Insp. Ian Rutledge series
"A Test of Wills" [#1 = 1996]
"Wings of Fire" [#2 = 1998]
"Search The Dark" [#3 = 1999]
"Legacy of The Dead" [#4 = 2000]
"Watchers of Time" [#5 = 2001]
"A Fearsome Doubt" [#6 = 2002]
"A Cold Treachery" [#7 = 2005]
"A Long Shadow" [#8 = 2006]
"A False Mirror" [#9 = 2007]
"A Pale Horse" [#10 = 2008]
"A Matter of Justice" [#11 = 2009]
"The Red Door" [#12 = 2010]
"A Lonely Death" [#13 = 2011]
"The Confession" [#14 = 2012]
"Proof of Guilt" [#15 = 2013]
"Hunting Shadows" [#16 = 2014] ISBN 978-0-06-223718-7

Nurse Bess Crawford in France & England series
"A Duty to the Dead" [#1 = 2009]
"An Impartial Witness" [#2 = 2010]
"A Bitter Truth" [#3 = 2011]
"An Unmarked Grave" [#4 = 2012]
"A Question of Honor [#5 = 2013] ISBN 978-0-06-223715-6
"An Unwilling Accomplice" [#6 = 2014]

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Nicola Upson
browse books • Wikipedia

author Josephine Tey & Scotland Yard Insp. Archie Penrose series

"An Expert In Murder: A Josephine Tey Mystery" [#1 = 2008]
was serialised on B.B.C. radio

"Angel With Two Faces: A Mystery Featuring Josephine Tey" [#2 = 6/2010]

"Two For Sorrow [#3 = 2/2011]

"Fear In The Sunlight" [#4 = 4/2013]
Filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock wants to make a movie based on Tey's "A Shilling For Candles";
during his weekend visit, two murders and a possible suicide occur, which go unsolved despite Insp. Penrose's best efforts.

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Minette Walters
browse books • author's website • Wikipedia

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Colin Watson [1920-83]
browse books • Wikipedia

"Murder Most English" TV mini-series [BBC-TV 1977] /B001ROVUTI/
Directed by Ronald Wilson, starring Anton Rodgers, Christopher Timothy

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Ethel Lina White [1876-1944]
all books • entry at Wikipedia

one of the best-known crime writers in Britain and the USA during the 1930s & 1940s; most famous today
for "The Lady Vanishes" [1938] film directed by Alfred Hitchcock & based on her 1936 novel "The Wheel Spins"
stage adaptation of "The Lady Vanishes" toured the U.K. in 2001
B.B.C. Radio 4 broadcast an abridged version

The Wheel Spins / The Lady Vanishes novel by Ethel Lina White  "The Wheel Spins" [1936 novel] by Ethel Lina White [1876-1944]
When a train is forced to stay overnight at a small station in the mountains of Europe, a young woman talks to a nice old lady; in the morning, she realizes that the old woman is missing, and when everyone tries to convince her that there never was such a woman on board, she is determined to find out the truth. Filmed as "The Lady Vanishes" [1938] directed by Alfred Hitchcock and remade in 1979
I Books / Otto Penzler mass pb [8/2004] out of print/used
Zebra / Otto Penzler mass pb [2/87] out of print/many used
Bloomsbury Publng 7½x5 pb [5/97] out of print/used
Hamish Hamilton, Ltd. hardcover [6/69] out of print/used

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Emily Winslow {an American living in England}
browse books • author's website

"The Whole World: A Novel" [5/2010] by Emily Winslow

"The Start of Everything: A Novel" [1/2013] by Emily Winslow

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Jacqueline Winspear
+ Maisie Dobbs in post-WWI England series

browse books • author's website

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Sara Woods [1922-85]
+ barrister-sleuth Antony Maitland series

all books • Wikipedia

Other  Mystery  Series  On  British  Television
This section was created for British television detective shows that have no books as source (or multiple authors).

"The Chinese Detective" [BBC-TV 1981-82]
The Chinese Detective 1981-82 BBC-TV series  Provided the first lead role for a Chinese actor on British television; police translator becomes an active detective when crime increases among the Chinese in the Thames-side 'docklands'; first season had 6 episodes, second season had 8 episodes, basically cancelled due to BBC bumbling
Series created and mostly written by Ian Kennedy Martin; starring David Yip, Robert Lee, Derek Martin, Arthur Kelly, Larrington Walker, John Bott, Richard Rees • Region 1 Blu-ray/DVD not available
BBC-TV color DVD [4/2008] 4 disks - import/used PAL format
2entertain color DVD [4/2008] 4 disks for €49,99 PAL format via Amazon UK
full credits at IMDb • series entry at Wikipedia

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