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'Secret Agent X-9'
'Sam Spade' radio

works about Dashiell Hammett

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Comic  Strips,  Radio,  Other  Works

Selected Letters of Dashiell Hammett edited by Richard Leyman, Julie M. Rivett & Josephine Hammett Marshall  "Selected Letters of Dashiell Hammett, 1921-1960" [2001]
Edited by Richard Leyman, Julie Rivett & Josephine Hammett Marshall

Counterpoint 9x5¾ pb [6/2002] for $25.00
Counterpoint 9½x6½ hardcover [5/2001] for $40.00
The Crime Wave Collected Nonfiction by Dashiell Hammett edited by Vince Emery  "The Crime Wave: Collected Nonfiction by Dashiell Hammett" [publication unclear]
Edited by Vince Emery

said to contain all of Hammett's "The Crime Wave" 1930 newspaper column, plus additional essays, advertisements, rare photographs
Vince Emery Publns hardcover [7/2011] unavailable per Amazon (2013)
Vince Emery Publns hardcover [7/2011] unavailable per Amazon (2013)

“Devil’s Playground” (unpublished screen treatment)

"Secret Agent X-9"
'Secret Agent X-9' entry at Wikipedia
Secret Agent X-9 comic book  
"Secret Agent X-9" comic strip [1934+]
written by Dashiell Hammett; illustrations by Alex Raymond

Intl Polygonics 10½x6 pb [4/83] out of print/used
Secret Agent X-9 serial 1937  "Secret Agent X-9" 12-episode serial [Universal April 1937]
Secret Agent X-9 sets out to recover the Belgravia crown jewels from master thief Blackstone.Starring Scott Kolk, Jean Rogers, David Oliver, Monte Blue, Henry Hunter, Lon Chaney Jr. & Henry Brandon
V.C.I. b&w DVD [1/2003] for $26.99
1937 serial credits from IMDb
Secret Agent X-9 serial 1945  "Secret Agent X-9" 13-episode serial [Universal July 1945]
American, Australian & Chinese agents join forces against the Nazis & the Japanese over the formula for a synthetic jet fuel. Starring Lloyd Bridges, Keye Luke, Jan Wiley, Victoria Horne, Samuel S. Hinds, Cy Kendall, Jack Overman, Benson Fong & Arno Frey
V.C.I. b&w DVD [1/2003] 2 disks for $17.99
V.C.I. b&w VHS [2/2003] 2 tapes for $28.49
1945 serial credits from IMDb

X-9 Secret Agent Corrigan book by Archie Goodwin & Al Williamson  "X-9: Secret Agent Corrigan" comic strips [1967-80]
by Al Williamson & Archie Goodwin

Volume 1, 1967-69: I.D.W. Publng 10x11½ hardcover [9/2010] for $34.99
Volume 2, 1969-72: I.D.W. Publng 11½x10¼ hardcover [4/2011] for $31.49
Volume 3, 1972-74: I.D.W. Publng 11½x10¼ hardcover [12/2011] for $35.07
Volume 4, 1974-77: I.D.W. Publng 11x10¼ hardcover [7/2012] for $35.83
Volume 5, 1977-80: I.D.W. Publng 11½x10¼ hardcover [2/2013] for $34.10

"Sam Spade" radio program, 1946-51
'Sam Spade' entry at Wikipedia
'Sam Spade' page at Thrilling Detective includes listing of radio shows, 1946-51

Adventures of Sam Spade starring Howard Duff audio CD from Radio Spirits  "The Adventures of Sam Spade, Detective" radio show
Radio Spirits UNABR audio CD [9/2004] 9 disks - out of prodn/used
CD contains 16 episodes (1947-49) starring Howard Duff plus
hour-long 1948 episode of "Suspense"
Adventures of Sam Spade starring Steven Dunne audio CD from Radio Spirits   "Sam Spade: The Final Capers"
Radio Spirits UNABR audio CD [9/2010] for $24.28
CD contains 15 episodes (1950-51) starring Steven Dunne, plus
program guide and 1951 episode of "The McCoy" starring Howard Duff
Adventures of Sam Spade audio CD from Old Time Radio  "The Adventures of Sam Spade, Detective" radio show
76 episodes on MP-3 audio CD from Old Time Radio
Radio Adventures of Sam Spade book by Martin Grams, Jr.  "The Radio Adventures of Sam Spade" [2007]
by Martin Grams, Jr.

A very comprehensive history of the radio show across three networks
and during the pressures of the Hollywood Blacklist on both Dashiell
Hammett & Howard Duff

O.T.R. Publng 8¼x5¾ pb [6/2007] for $29.95
Lost Sam Spade Scripts book edited by Martin Grams, Jr.  "The 'Lost' Sam Spade Scripts" [2009]
Edited by Martin Grams, Jr.

Of the 245 half-hour episodes that were broadcast, barely a third
survive. This book contains scripts of thirteen episodes (most do not
exist as recordings), plus bios and Introduction by editor Gram

BearManor Media pb [6/2009] for $21.95

Works About Dashiell Hammett

Dashiell Hammett Casebook  "Dashiell Hammett: A Life At The Edge - A Casebook" [1969]
by William F. Nolan, Introduction by Philip Durham

McNally & Loftin pb [1978] out of print/used
McNally & Loftin hardcover [1969] out of print/used
Hammett 1975 movie  "Hammett" [1975 novel] by Joe Gores
Ballantine mass pb [9/76] out of print/used
HarperCollins pb [9/82] out of print/used
Putnam hardcover [7/75] out of print/used
1982 movie directed by Wim Wenders
Starring Frederic Forrest, Peter Boyle, Marilu Henner, Roy Kinnear, Elisha Cook Jr., Lydia Lei, R.G. Armstrong, Richard Bradford, Sylvia Sidney, Royal Dano & Samuel Fuller
Paramount color DVD [11/2005] for $12.99
Warner color VHS [3/93] out of prodn/used
full credits from IMDb
Beams Falling, Art of Dashiell Hammett book by Peter Wolfe  
"Beams Falling: The Art of Dashiell Hammett" [1980]
by Peter Wolfe

Bowling Green State Univ Popular Press 9x6 pb [6/80] out of print/used
Bowling Green State Univ Popular Press 9½x6½ hardcover [6/80] out of print/used
Shadow Man biography by Richard Layman  "Shadow Man: The Life of Dashiell Hammett" biography [1981]
by Richard Layman

Manly, Inc. 8½x5½ pb [12/81] for $10.50
Harvest pb [3/84] out of print/used
Dashiell Hammett biography by Julian Symons  "Dashiell Hammett: HBJ Album Biography" [1985]
by Julian Symons

Harcourt 9½x7½ pb [3/85] out of print/used
Dashiell Hammett & Raymond Chandler Checklist & Bibliography book by Gary Lovisi  "Dashiell Hammett & Raymond Chandler: A Checklist & Bibliography of Their Paperback Appearances" [1994] Compiled by Gary Lovisi
Gryphon Publns 8½x5½ pb [1/94] out of print/scarce
Critical Response To Dashiell Hammett book edited by Christopher Metress  "The Critical Response To Dashiell Hammett" [1994]
Edited by Christopher Metress

Greenwood Publg 9½x6¼ hardcover [12/94] for $78.94
American Roman Noir - Hammett, Cain, & Chandler  "The American Roman Noir: Hammett, Cain, & Chandler" [1995]
by William Marling

Univ GA Press 8½x5½ pb [10/98] for $12.60
Univ GA Press hardcover [2/95] out of print/used
BlackHat Mystery Bookstore's James M. Cain [1892-1977] Page
BlackHat Mystery Bookstore's Raymond Chandler [1888-1959] Page
Dashiell Hammett / Detective Writer  "Dashiell Hammett: Detective, Writer" [1999]
documentary film directed by Joshua Waletzky

Fox/Lorber color DVD [10/99] for $22.48
Fox/Lorber color VHS [9/99] for $19.98
credits from IMDb
Literary Masters Dashiell Hammett biography by Richard Layman  "Literary Masters Series: Dashiell Hammett" [2000]
by Richard Layman

Gale Group 9½x7½ hardcover [1/2000] for $72.75
Dashiell Hammett Companion book by Robert L. Gale  "A Dashiell Hammett Companion" [2000]
by Robert L. Gale

Greenwood Publg 9½x6½ hardcover [2/2000] for $93.95
Daughter Remembers  "Dashiell Hammett: A Daughter Remembers" [2001]
by Josephine Hammett Marshall

Carroll & Graf 10¼x7¼ hardcover [11/2001] for $21.00

'Guns, Gams, and Gratitude' article in January Magazine  January Magazine asked a few dozen mystery authors & editors & scholars to contribute some words on Hammett and "The Maltese Falcon" for the book's 75th anniversary; they published 42 responses from: Ray Banks, Mark Billingham, James O. Born, Ken Bruen, Leonard Chang, Reed Farrel Coleman, Max Allan Collins, David Corbett, Bill Crider, Sean Doolittle, Loren D. Estleman, Robert Eversz, Robert Ferrigno, Jim Fusilli, Leonce Gaiter, Victor Gischler, Ed Gorman, Allan Guthrie, Denise Hamilton, Stuart M. Kaminsky, Simon Kernick, J.A. Konrath, Michael J. Koryta, Terrill Lee Lankford, Con Lehane, John Lutz, Michael McGarrity, Tom Nolan, George Pelecanos, Gary Phillips, Linda L. Richards, Peter Robinson, Arthur Rosenfeld, S.J. Rozan, Dylan Schaffer, Kerry J. Schooley, John Shannon, Duane Swierczynski, Kevin Wignall, John Morgan Wilson, James R. Winter, and Edward Wright
online text of the article in "January Magazine" (2005)
Hard-Boiled Masculinities book by Christopher Breu  "Hard-Boiled Masculinities" [2005] by Christopher Breu
A scholarly examination of how and why hard-boiled masculinity emerged during the unsettled times after World War I, shifting from Victorian-influenced depictions of men in top hats & mustaches to the portrayal of much more overtly violent & muscular men, moving back and forth across the divide between high and low culture in American society. Author cites examples from the works of Ernest Hemingway, Dashiell Hammett, Chester Himes, and William Faulkner, as well as many lesser-known writers of the hypermasculine 'tough-guy' pulp magazines of the 1920s and 1930s.
Univ MN Press 9x6 pb [12/2005] for $22.50
Univ MN Press hardcover [12/2005] for $60.00

Shamus in the Green Room mystery novel by Susan Kandel  "Shamus In The Green Room" [2006] by Susan Kandel
Professional researcher Cece Caruso's new biography about mystery author Dashiell Hammett is being made into a movie; when the male star's childhood sweetheart (and sister of his manager) is murdered, he asks Cece for help.
Avon mass pb [5/2007] for $6.99
Wm. Morrow 8¼x5¾ hardcover [5/2006] out of print/many used
Hammett's Moral Vision book by George J. Thompson  "Hammett's Moral Vision: The Most Influential In-Depth Analysis of Dashiell Hammett's Novels" [2006]
by George J. 'Rhino' Thompson, Introduction by William F. Nolan

Serialized over seven issues of The Armchair Detective Magazine; includes a new chapter in which the author discusses the impact Hammett has had on his own life
Kindle Edition from Vince Emery Prodns [2006 edition] for $9.99
Vince Emery Prodns 9½x6¼ hardcover [12/2006] for $18.96
interview with author Thompson about this book

Dashiell Hammett Tour  "The Dashiell Hammett Tour {of San Francisco}" [orig 1979, rev 2009]
by Don Herron

the 30th Anniversary Edition includes a Preface by daughter Jo Hammett
and an Introduction by Charles Willeford
Kindle Edition from Vince Emery Publns [3/2009] for $10.09
Vince Emery Publns 8¼x4½ pb [12/2010] for 11.62
City Lights Books 8½x4½ pb [11/91] out of print/used
Vince Emery Publns 8½x4¾ hardcover [3/2009] for $17.96
Devil's Garden novel by Ace Atkins  "Devil's Garden" [2009 novel] by Ace Atkins
Pinkerton agent (and future noir master) Dashiell Hammett was indeed hired by the defense team in the notorious San Francisco manslaughter trials of silent screen star Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle. From this seed of fact, Atkins weaves together the lives of Hollywood luminaries such as Arbuckle, his estranged wife Minta Durfee, newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst, and Hearst's very public mistress Marion Davies.
Berkley Trade 8¼x5½ pb [3/2010] for $11.70
Putnam 9x6 hardcover [4/2009] out of print/used
Making the Detective Story American book by J.K. Van Dover  "Making The Detective Story American: Biggers, Van Dine, and Hammett and The Turning Point of The Genre, 1925-1930" [2010] by J.K. Van Dover
Kindle Edition from McFarland & Co. [4/2010] for $14.74
McFarland & Co. 9x6 pb [4/2010] for $35.00

see also our pages about Earl Derr Biggers [1884-1933]
and S.S. Van Dine [1887-1939]

Hammett Unwritten mystery novel by Owen Fitzstephen  "Hammett Unwritten: A Novel" [2013]
by Owen Fitzstephen, Notes & Afterword by Gordon McAlpine

The story of the Maltese Falcon began as a real-life case for 1920s Pinkerton detective Dashiell Hammett; the conceit here is that Hammett bought the obsidian statue at a police auction, then gave it away when he became successful, after which his writing career went downhill; Hammett tries to recover the object and becomes tangled with the crooks from the old case . . .
Kindle Edition from Seventh Street Books [2/2013] for $7.69
Seventh Street Books 8x5½ pb [2/2013] for $10.45
The Lost Detective / Becoming Dashiell Hammett book by Nathan Ward  
"The Lost Detective: Becoming Dashiell Hammett" [2015]
by Nathan Ward

Kindle Edition from Bloomsbury USA [9/2015] for $9.99
Bloomsbury USA 8½x6 hardcover [9/2015] for $15.61

Audio Books
Dashiell Hammett audio catalog at Amazon

Dashiell Hammett's Dain Curse audiobook read by William Dufris  
"Dashiell Hammett's The Dain Curse" read by William Dufris
Isis Audio Books ABR [1/96] 7 tapes - out of prodn/used
Dashiell Hammett's The Glass Key audiobook read by William Dufris  "Dashiell Hammett's The Glass Key" read by William Dufris
Isis Audio Books ABR [7/96] 7 tapes - out of prodn/used
Isis Audio Books UNABR audio CD [2/2000] out of prodn/used
Dashiell Hammett's The Maltese Falcon audiobook read by William Dufris  "Dashiell Hammett's The Maltese Falcon" read by William Dufris [1996]
Mystery Masters audio CD [2/2004] for $22.76
Cassette Works audio [10/85] for $11.01
Isis Audio Books [1/96] for $64.95
Isis Audio Books UNABR audio CD [11/99] 6 disks - out of prodn/used
Maltese Falcon audio dramatization from Hollywood Theater of The Ear  "Dashiell Hammett's The Maltese Falcon" dramatization [2008]
Produced by Hollywood Theater of The Ear; script by Yuri Rasovsky; featuring
Edward Herrmann, Michael Madsen, Sandra Oh, and 'a distinguished cast'
Blackstone Audio UNABR audio CD [11/2008] for $15.56
Dashiell Hammett's Red Harvest audiobook read by William Dufris  "Dashiell Hammett's Red Harvest" read by William Dufris
Isis Audio Books ABR [1996] for $64.95
Isis Audio Books UNABR audio CD [12/2000] for $60.38
Dashiell Hammett's The Thin Man audiobooks  "Dashiell Hammett's The Thin Man" audiobooks
read by William Dufris
BBC Audiobooks America UNABR [10/2008] 6 disks for $21.86
Mystery Masters UNABR audio CD [3/2005] out of prodn/used
read by Lynne Lipton & Daniel J. Travanti
Caedmon audio cassette [12/95] out of prodn/used

Videos & DVDs
Dashiell Hammett credits [1930-2002] at Internet Movie Database

"City Streets" [Paramount Pictures April 1931]
French poster for 'City Streets' 1935 movie  poster for 'City Streets' 1935 movie  Directed by Rouben Mamoulian; script by Oliver H.P. Garrett & Max Marcin, based on original screen story "The Kiss-Off" by Dashiell Hammett; starring Gary Cooper, Sylvia Sydney, Paul Lukas, Wynne Gibson, William 'Stage' Boyd, Guy Kibbee
video/DVD/Blu-ray not available • full credits from IMDb

"Mister Dynamite" [Universal April 1935]
Directed by Alan Crosland; script by Harry Clark & Doris Malloy from the Dashiell Hammett story "On The Make"
video/DVD not available; credits from IMDb

"Watch On The Rhine" [Warner Bros. Aug 1943]
    Watch on The Rhine 1943 movie  A family flees to America from war-torn Europe; the German-born husband's involvment in the anti-Nazi underground is found out, and blackmail leads to murder. • Directed by Herman Shumlin; script by Dashiell Hammett from the Broadway stageplay by Lillian Hellman; starring Bette Davis & Paul Lukas; won Oscar for Best Actor, nominations for Best Picture, Best Script, Best Supporting Actress
Warner Video b&w VHS [3/2000] for $22.99
Region 1 DVD available only on the "Betty Davis Collection, Volume 3" 6-disk set [2012]
Warner Home Video b&w/color DVD [11/2012] out of prodn/used
full credits from IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

'The Thin Man' movie series
starring William Powell & Myrna Loy

Complete Thin Man Collection DVD boxed set  
"The Complete Thin Man Collection" DVD boxed set [2005]
Warner b&w DVD [8/2005] 7 disks for $39.99
includes all six 'Thin Man' feature films, plus radio show episode, tv series
episode, cartoons & shorts (including Robert Benchley's "How To Be A
Detective") and other extras
Thin Man Films, Murder Over Cocktails book by Charles Tranberg  
"The Thin Man Films: Murder Over Cocktails" [2008]
by Charles Tranberg

BearManor Media 8¾x6 pb [11/2008] for $22.45

more details (synopses, DVDs, books, posters, links) on
BlackHat Mystery Bookstore's 'The Thin Man' Movies Page

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