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The links on the 1,500+ pages of the Nordell Online Bookstores Group are coded for in the U. S. of A. The number of visitors to these websites from non-USA locations has grown, and are now the majority; this causes a revenue problem (sales links not coded for other than U.S.A.) and also prevents visitors from making any direct purchase.

Here is a possible solution or two, which will be implemented across those 1,500 pages as time allows.

If you want to purchase a book or video or poster from Amazon but do not live in the U.S.A., you can modify the code as shown in the table below:

My coded links go to with a specific product ID or search parameter; click on the item wanted, then modify the domain name in your browser address bar.
Click on 'enter' and you will go to the Amazon site for your country. (Results there easily might not be the same as on

In May of 2017, Amazon Associates started the OneLink program, which will convert results for site visitors who live in Canada and the U.K. So I signed up for Canada in August.
Unfortunately, this program requires adding one line of hidden script code to the bottom of every one of the 1,500+ pages on my main websites.
Fortunately, this has to be done only once per page. After a few weeks of testing, I signed up for U.K. in September.
By the time I get all the pages thus coded, Amazon will have added other countries, which will be reflected in the table below.
As expected, Amazon added OneLink for Japan, Italy & Spain in October 2017.

for Australia & New Zealand   '' should be changed to
for Brasil & South America   '' should be changed to
for Canada     '' should be changed to   amazon.CA
for China   '' should be changed to   amazon.CN
for France     '' should be changed to   amazon.FR
for Germany     '' should be changed to   amazon.DE
for India   '' should be changed to   amazon.IN
for Italy     '' should be changed to   amazon.IT
for Japan     '' should be changed to
for Mexico   '' should be changed to
for Netherlands   '' should be changed to   amazon.NL
for Spain/España     '' should be changed to   amazon.ES
for United Kingdom     '' should be changed to

Eventually, I will sign up at each of the Amazon sites for an Associate account, but until I add a non-USA information link and-or the OneLink script code
to each of the 1,500+ pages, or Amazon's OneLink covers all of their country sites, it won't much matter.

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