G.E.N. Website Design
Services & Pricing

BASIC FEES: $20 per hour
for coding in HTML or Java
or using your page-building software

Have G.E.N. Website Design construct a custom ‘homepage’ presence for you on the internet, or fix/improve an existing website, or debug/fix problematic webpages.
Your presence on the internet will allow local and international customers seeking your personal, organizational or commercial products and services to find out about your ‘brick & mortar’ store when searching the internet.

You or your company will be able to list your website URL or homepage URL

  • at your Chamber of Commerce website;
  • your local city's website (if applicable);
  • in newspaper and other advertising;
  • on your letterhead and business cards and flyers;
  • in the Yellow Pages;
  • and on your answering machine.

    Standard Plans

    All plans include:

    • repeated and regular notification to major search engines, such as Google & Yahoo & AllTheWeb & MSN & AltaVista;
    • the simple home/index page can include:
      • business name;
      • promo paragraph;
      • possible logo or other art;
      • street/mailing address & MapQuest directions;
      • multiple phone numbers;
      • key department & personnel names;
      • multiple hyperlink email addresses;
      • hours of business;
    • and all pages include title, copyright, meta-description & meta-keywords.

    PLAN A is $100:
    Design, construction and implementation of a custom website / homepage of your very own, in the form www.whatever.com

  • (recommended domain registration at $10/year or less paid directly by client)
  • (suggested hosting at $60/year paid directly by client)
  • basic pages include default.htm, index.htm;
  • typical optional pages include robots.txt, contact.htm, about.htm;
  • possible other basic content pages.

    PLAN B is $50:
    Design and coding of several simple custom pages with URL address in the form www.genordell.com/gwd/yourcompany/

    PLAN C is $40:
    Same as Plan B for already-existing website (technically: a redirect page or pages on previous site).

    NOTE: No porn, no gambling, no hate-mongering, no scams.

  • Instructions for Initiating Work on Your Website

    G.E.N. Website Design & Construction
    moved to New Mexico in August 2005
    proprietor: G.E. Nordell
    phone: 505/864-3123 or 505/270-4406

    snail mail: 68 Calle de Chamesa
    Rio Communities, New Mexico 87002 USA

    email: GENwebdesign [at] email.com   =OR=   genordell [at] genordell.com

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