NO WEBSITE ? ! ? !
Not even a parking space alongside
the information highway ??

          At the very minimum, you should set up a ‘homepage’ presence on the internet, so that local and international customers looking for your products and services can find your ‘brick & mortar’ store when searching the internet.

PLAN A is $100: Design, construction and implementation of a custom website / homepage of your very own, in the form (recommended domain registration at $10/year and local hosting at $60/year not included).

PLAN B is $50: Design and coding of a simple homepage with URL address in the form .

PLAN C is $40: Same as Plan B for already-existing website (technically: a redirect page or pages).

All plans include: repeated and regular notification to major search engines; the simple homepage can include business name, promo paragraph, possible logo or other art, street address & MapQuest directions, multiple phone numbers, key personnel names & departments, multiple hyperlink email addresses, and hours of business; all pages include meta-description & meta-keywords.

          You or your company will now be able to list your website URL or homepage URL at the Chamber of Commerce website, the Culver City website (if applicable), in newspaper and other advertising, on your letterhead and business cards and flyers, in the Yellow Pages, and on your answering machine.

NOTE: No porn, no hate-mongering, no scams.

Additional coding work on any website available for $20 per hour.

G.E. Nordell
website design & construction

GENwebdesign [at]

Rio Communities, New Mexico 87002 USA
505/864-3123 or 505/270-4406


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