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You can translate pages or paragraphs in non-English languages by visiting
Microsoft's Bing Translator service (click on the fish) fish from the old AV BabelFish translator. You can also use Bing Translator to translate each element of data for a submission page from English into another language. Bing Translator lists over fifty languages on the 'from' panel and the same fifty on the 'to' panel.

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flag of European Union      European Search Engines      flag of European Union

Übersetzungsbüro Lingo24


Google Belgium
Google Germany
Google Greece
Google Italy
Google Magyarországról 
Google Nederland
Google România
Google Sweden
Google Turkey

      Google remains the most popular search engine, and while they use ODP, there is also an 'add URL' submission page. They have many discrete search sites by country & language, each of which offers paid submission options. But the free submission to the main Google add URL function is still the best deal: the spider checks your entire website from your entry of the domain URL.
add URL


Anokato Greek engine

flag of Greece

      The Anokato search engine is for Greek-language or Greece-related content only. The Add URL page is simple to use, but the code tests for 'greece', 'greek', 'cyprus', 'limassol', 'athens', or 'athena' in the text and-or the Greek character set 'iso-8859-7'.
Greek content only
EuroPages business directory
      EuroPages is a web, print & CD-ROM business directory service covering 33 countries in 25 languages. Begun in 1993 and headquartered in Paris, France, the publisher Eurédit distributes a million copies of the printed and CD-ROM version each year. Partners include Tiscali & Lycos; inclusion is for-fee only.
Europe Regional Directory
      The Europe Regional Directory is new, but already full of info. The only method at present for suggesting a URL is by email; be sure to include a proposed country & category for each URL you send them. They expect a reciprocal text or graphic link if you are approved.
suggestion via email
European Internet Network

Czech Today
Germany Today
Hungary Today
Poland Today
Russia Today
U.K. Today

      European Internet Network provides directories for eight countries, with more being added. The English-language content is mostly business-related (B2B), but you can search for arts & humanities topics, etc. The top-level category for EIN is country; the free add URL requires you to find your category within a country and then click on 'add URL' or 'change URL', with the nice option of a second category. Site content is verified & reviewed before posting, and must be related to that country. The time-frame is not specified, but expect inclusion to be completed in a few days.
Click on a country/search link on the left, then click on the 'Submit URL' link near the top for instructions.
Furttal Web directory of Switzerland

flag of Switzerland

      The Furttal Web directory was begun in 2000, and is named for its location in Switzerland. The pages load in German, but a drop-down at upper right will convert that page to English; the categories & line entries are a mix of German & English. The FAQ instructions for free add says to sign up (for later modification) – click on 'Registieren', then find your Category and click on 'neuen Link eintragen' {Suggest New Link}; review by a human takes a business day or so.
      A couple of nice touches: the Suggest Link function grabs the Meta Description from your page; and when you sign up, you can choose to receive email notifications when certain Categories have new entries added.
instructions for free add-URL
SeGo search engine & directory of Switzerland

flag of Switzerland

      The German-language SeGo search engine & directory of Switzerland has an interesting structure. The 'Seite anmelden' link on the homepage or top-level category takes your URL & email for the general database; the 'Add Url / Website hier Eintragen' link at the sub-category level adds the submitted link into that category. Approval by a human takes a couple days. free general add to database

BellNet Germany

flag of Germany

      SuchMaschine is the search engine connected with the BellNet German-language directory, which was established in 1995 and now has 450K entries. The free add URL may take 8-10 weeks to be posted; the Express Anmeldung service costs €50 and your entry is posted in 8 days. [The free add URL page works inside BabelFish, other pages may not. Tip: Open a second window for BabelFish and cut&paste/translate each new page URL after it appears in German.]
free add

change entry

Szukacz search engine in Poland

flag of Poland

      Szukacz is a Polish-language search engine – 'szukacz' or 'sjukaj' means search – with a few site pages in English; almost all the search results are in Polish. They prefer Polish-language or Poland-related submissions, but might consider others for their 'best of the world' links.
submission page
WalHello multi-language search engine
      WalHello was launched in March 2000 and is based in The Netherlands; it has content in 40 languages and ten homepage languages. They use ODP, but also will spider your entire site into their index for free; Walhello's spider is named Appie. The add URL page has an option to pay US$5 thru PayPal® for rapid inclusion; otherwise, no guarantee and may take 6-8 weeks.
free add

flag of Switzerland

      Yoodle is based near Geneva, Switzerland, and the homepage that you first see is based on the language of your browser – English or German or French. The add function is free, but complicated: your site must be Swiss or Switzerland-related; if so, fill out the form which is then emailed to Yoodle for review; changes are also via email. Advertising is available from CHF99 {99 Swiss francs} per year.
Swiss-related content only


flag of Italy      Italian Search Engines      flag of Italy

Servizi di Traduzione Lingo24

WebElenco Italian search engine - "La miglior directory di ricerca di siti Italiani"      The WebElenco website is all Italian-language, but the Submit function is obviously in the upper right corner. That submission form requires submission for each page, and the site requests that you include a reciprocal link to them on your site. add page/URL
in Italian
Sygol international directory & classified ads [English interface]

Italian interface
      Sygol is an international directory with a classified ads function, begun in 2000 and based in Italy. The international domains page lists two dozen sites, each of which gives higher weight to specific language content in the displayed results. The add URL function is displayed in either English or Italian, with a choice for free spidering of your site or free classified ads by category. add URL in English

add URL in Italian

Italia Mia search engine
      ItaliaMia is a very commercial site, with many pages in English. The submission is strict, but easy; the instruction page is in both Italian & English. They ask for a reciprocal link/logo upon approval.
add URL
Italian & English
Pronto.IT: Elenco Telefonico ed Altro
      The Pronto – which means 'ready!' – Directory is small, but easy to submit to. Results from the directory are mostly in Italian, but secondary results from Google are in all languages. [NOTE: Pronto's homepage is a lookup of personal and business addresses & phone numbers & emails.]
aggiungi il tuo sito
Il Trovatore Italian search engine {motore di ricerca}
      The Il Trovatore search engine requires Italian-language or Italy-related content, and a signup (thru an email with a passcode) to submit your URL. The pages look just fine inside BabelFish, but the submit fails: open one window in BabelFish, open another live window, enter data & choose Category in the live window & 'aggiungi' from there. Approval may take just a day or two, with some submissions forwarded for inclusion in Web Italia.
aggiungi un sito a Il Trovatore, motore di ricerca italiano
TuttoNet portal in Italy
      The TuttoNet site is an Italian-language portal, and very eager for new members – the signup is free. However, the secure site pages do not operate inside BabelFish, so you practically have to know Italian to get listed. NOTE: website down 7/2011 but listed in whois as still active.
http://www.webelenco.com/ sign up & submit to TuttoNet portal in Italy
Virgilio: il bello di internet
      The Virgilio search engine shows results in Italian, with an option at the end of their results to supplement with results from Google, either in Italian or everybody. The add URL page promotes a for-fee Presenza submission service [price €149 + IVA tax ]. There seems to be a free add URL option [suspended 2004], but for Italian sites only. Either choice requires first signing up with their free Web Master Club. [Note: You must accept both contracts, and the signup process does not work inside BabelFish. Tip: Open a second window for BabelFish and, after each new page appears in Italian, cut&paste the TEXT – not page URL – and translate that.]
segnala un sito
Google Italia       Submit your Italian or Italy-related site or pages to Google Italia and they spider your entire site for free.

free add URL

Yahoo! Italia       Yahoo! Italia requires locating the proper page and then submitting your page URL for review & approval. The search results may be in English, but the site itself is all Italian.

free add page


Scandinavian Search Engines

100.nu of Sweden

flag of Sweden

      100.nu is a Swedish-language site that is very connected to Gula Sidorna ('Yellow Pages', a site in Swedish & English). The very simple add URL is free, and appears to crawl your entire site.
Föreslå en sajt (in popup window)
AEIWI of Denmark

flag of Denmark

      A.E.I.W.I. stands for "An Experiment In Web Indexing", and was constructed by a student at Aarhus University in Denmark. The directory already has 600K entries, and appears to be all-English. The add URL function is automatic, but requires that your URL not be a page name – enter URL of domain name or folder, ending in a slash. The page found must contain valid meta/keywords & meta/description tags. Once gathered, the directory is updated weekly.
free add URL
Kvasir engine of Norway

Scandinavia OnLine

flag of Norway

      The Scandinavia Online portal uses the Norwegian-language Kvasir search engine. The add URL is in Norwegian, but not too difficult to figure out: the Category selection is nifty! At the end of the add URL process, the for-fee entry is optional: just skip it and press the last button. [At 695 kroner, the for-fee option guarantees entry in 48 hours.]
Foreslå ny i emnekatalogen
SUnet of Sweden    flag of Sweden
English search
      Run by the University of Sweden, the SUnet Webbkatalog has pages in either Swedish or English. The free add URL requires Swedish or Sweden-related content.
anmälan av webbsida


flag of Netherlands      Dutch Search Engines      flag of Netherlands

De Zoekportal van Nederland!
      Alles Is Online is a Dutch-language search portal, but accepts submissions in both Dutch & English. They have two methods of free inclusion; both require joining first. The 'annmelden' [submission] page adds you to the database in 1 to 5 working days (with a faster for-fee option). The free advertisement is unique: submit a title and a URL and you are at the top of the free ad queue; as others come in behind you, you move down the queue and eventually drop off; you can log in and restore your free ad to the top at any time. Both methods require approval.
join (free)



free ad queue

Ilse search engine of Amsterdam, Holland
      Ilse's database is limited: mostly Dutch, some English results. The submission is very simple; the spider crawls your entire site. (Hint: Be 'a big frog in a small pond'.)
aanmelden/submit via Ilse
Kobala search engine in Holland 'by Wiseguys'
      Kobala is a Dutch-language site, owned by a company called Wiseguys; the database is used by other Dutch engines such as Zoeken {below} & Track. Specify your homepage URL and the spider will crawl your whole site. (NOTE: The third box on the submit page is to enter the security code displayed on the left.)
aanmelden/submit via Kobala


Rubrieken portal homepage
      Rubrieken means 'columns' in Dutch. Their add URL is free, but you must find the correct 'column' (category). This is simpler now that BabelFish added translation to/from Dutch, but the submission page is on temporary hold status [6/2004]. Just add your main index or primary subsite/folder indexes.
free add URL
Vinden Dutch engine
      Vinden is a Dutch meta-search engine; the free add URL page attempts to submit your URL to Dutch versions of Fast, Excite, Google, Yahoo, HotBot, Lycos & also to Vindex (see below).
Een site toevoegen


Vindex Dutch engine: de vindplaats op Internet
      The Vindex search engine has mixed Dutch- & English-language search results, but the site itself is in Dutch. The free add URL page now spiders your entire website; entering the security code in the little box is obvious (for prevention of automatic submissions); your email address is required.
voeg uw site toe
Zoek.nl Dutch engine
      Zoek – Dutch for 'seek' or 'search' – has no English site pages, but results may be in Dutch or English. The free add URL page requires setting up a logon account (to make modifications later). The entire process is in Dutch, which can now be translated using BabelFish. You must choose among categories & subcategories from a drop-down list; and the spider grabs the description & keywords from your homepage source code, which must be reduced in size per red error messages – in Dutch.
site toevoegen
Dutch search engine Zoeken.NL
      Zoeken is a new meta-search engine, pulling data from Google, Altavista, Yahoo, AllTheweb, MSN, Lycos, Teoma & WiseNut, plus Dutch-language results from Ilse {above} & Kobala {above}. Results are 'clustered' by topic [left frame], and you can select worldwide or Netherlands-only searches. Future plans include for-fee ad options.
nee aanmeld [5/2004]

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