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Le Manifeste d'Esprits Fonctionnant: Pour un Monde qui Fonctionne

Agence de Traduction Lingo24


Advanced Search in English

      AngloFrance bills itself as "The Network of English-Speakers Exchanging Information about France: A Guide for Visitors and Expats in France and Info Seekers around the World." Paid advertising available (3000 unique visitors a month), but they accept free entries in their directory. The free add page also offers Extra Links placement at €10 per month.
Free Link
Société Antidot
      Société Antidot {formerly AntiSearch} restricts URL submissions to French-language content only. The database is used by LaPoste.net, WebCity.FR, CityVox.com, alifax.FR, and others.
websites français seulement
BonWeb of France
      BonWeb's slogan is 'right to the best sites'. Their add URL is free & easy, and the lower link provides a page translated into English via BabelFish.
free add

English translation

Canada [dot] com

Canada flag

      Canada.com is now a meta-search engine, and they advise adding your site/page URL to each engine individually (which they provide links for). Under pressure from the Québécois, Canada requires businesses to provide bilingual English-French services. This engine does have a French-language search option – Recherche Avancé en Français, but the results are the same as from the English search page.
add URL instructions
La Toile du Québec
      The La Toile – 'The Fabric' – search engine is strictly French-language, with emphasis on Québec in Canada. The hard-to-find submit site page displays 3 options which do not translate well in Babelfish: the 'Travailleurs autonomes' (independent business people) and the personal homepage options are free, while the 'Répertoire principal' (general directory) option has an Express for-fee option (inclusion in 7 days) and a free option that takes up to 12 weeks. Submissions are reviewed by humans; inclusion is not guaranteed; text may be modified; the FAQ pages go into more detail.
ajouter votre site

English translation

France Moteur
      The France Moteur search engine has a free add URL page, but they ask in return that you install a Java script that puts a small popup window on the top left of your page (you can see Earl's up there already). The free add appears to be for each page; the Title box is too short, the description is limited to 30 words, and the add URL page does not work inside BabelFish. Submissions are reviewed by a human, and confirmed by email.

The Belgique Moteur site is related, but the add URL function is for-fee only; the €1,12 cost is about US$1.20 (higher for other countries) and payment is by phone.

Ajouter votre site
Francité c'est différent!
      The Francité all-French site has a free add URL function, which posts to 15 engines. You must drill down to a Category, then fill out the boxes. After the page is added, the bottom of the page includes a link to directly submit the same information to Voila (which spiders your entire site: do this just once) and-or NetScan and-or Google Canada. (Tip: Cut&paste the Francité category page URL into BabelFish above: BabelFish translates each subsequent page into the language you requested.)
free add
by category
      Godado of France is powered by Northern Light and provides searches in French, German, Spanish, English & Italian. URL submission is by keyword bidding.
add = FEE

Google Belgium
Google France

      Google remains the most popular search engine, and while they use ODP, there is also an 'add URL' submission page. They have many discrete search sites by country & language, each of which offers paid submission options. But the free submission to the main Google add URL function is still the best deal: the spider checks your entire website from your entry of the domain URL.
add URL


Ixquick French-language
      Ixquick includes a Debriefing option for French-language search. They suggest submitting your URLs to each of the dozen major search engines that they look at =OR= you can pay them for either a one-time or monthly submission service. Ixquick also has the Spotlight option, a variation on keyword bidding: you can 'rent' a keyword for as little as $25 per year. (So the obvious option is to bid on French words.)
add = FEE

for-fee Spotlight

Reacteur search engine of France
      Reacteur – 'the engine' – is an all-French search engine, very fast, with good results. Unfortunately, the only means for inclusion is thru the for-fee Brioude referral service.
Référencement de site web {pour un prix seulement}
Ecila & Tiscali & Nomade
      Tiscali has taken over Ecila and Nomade.fr, and they receive over 3 million visitors a month; results are pulled from the FAST database. The entire site is French-language only, so many of you may need to utilize the BabelFish link at top. (The Tiscali website actually says 'Bon surf!')
add URL via FAST/ATW


Voila search engine

Wanadoo portal

      Submission to Voila is also posted to the Wanadoo portal site; submissions are reviewed by humans. [NOTE: The free submission does not work inside the BabelFish frame.] Voila's basic 'Soumission Express' service costs €199 including tax.
free add

for-fee Soumission Express

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