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Check out the websites below of people that I know
from various L.E.C. courses that I have taken,
plus a few that I found surfing the web ...

L.E.C. graduates in New Mexico
L.E.C. graduates in Southern California
L.E.C. graduates in other areas
L.E.C. celebrity graduates

Landmark Education Corp. headquarters

is now

Landmark Worldwide's new website [est. 2013]

click here for worldwide list of all Landmark Education offices & contact info

Landmark Education's experimental online
Introduction To The Landmark Forum (new 12/2006)
proved to be very successful (i.e. effective)
click here

the new two-day Direct Access Course was rolled out in June 2011
The new two-day "Direct Access: Creating and Living A Future You Really Want" Course
was rolled out in June 2011, with U.S. & worldwide events already scheduled into 2012
click here for info

Landmark Forum & seminars are delivered in Spanish in many U.S. & foreign cities:
El Foro: The Landmark Education Forum in Spanish

The koan of the Landmark Communication Curriculum is:
"How good are you willing to have it?"

Landmark Education Business Development, Inc.  became  Landmark Education's Vanto Group business development company

Landmark Education - Asia official website
Landmark Education - Tokyo, Japan official website [English language]
Landmark Education Japan graduates website

Landmark Education in Japan

L.E.C. Center in Atlanta, Georgia
L.E.C. Center in Chicago, Illinois
L.E.C. Center for Denver is in Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Louisville, Kentucky Landmark Community website
L.E.C. Center in Los Angeles [est. 1970s, moved 12/2012], 200 Corporate Pointe in Culver City, CA
Landmark Education New Mexico {parked 2012}
L.E.C. Center in New York City
L.E.C. Center in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona

Landmark Education - London, U.K. official website
Landmark Education - Sydney, Australia official website
Landmark Education - Israel official website
Landmark in Ireland

2003 Pat Summerall 'Champions of Industry' episode about L.E.C. [9:45] at YouTube

the 2008 Special Graduate Event was on the topic "Creating Happiness" (51 cities, April thru June 2008

Werner Erhard Page
at Working Minds Philosophy of Empowerment website

Three Laws of Performance book by Steve Zaffron & Dave Logan  "The Three Laws of Performance: Rewriting The Future of Your Organization and Your Life" [2009] by Steve Zaffron & Dave Logan
"This book filled with insights, real-life encounters and experiences shows us how we may do the work of transformation. Steve and David have written an inspiring, practical book, applicable in the corporate, labour, political, and civil society sectors, that will assist all who seek to rewrite the future of our world." — Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Laureate
Kindle Edition from Jossey-Bass [7/2011] for $9.99
Jossey-Bass 9x6 pb [8/2011] for $13.67
Jossey-Bass 9x6½ hardcover [2/2009] for $21.49
official book site

Conversations That Matter / Insights & Distinctions books by Nancy Zapolski & Joe DiMaggio   "Conversations That Matter: Insights & Distinctions" Series
by Nancy Zapolski, PhD & Joe DiMaggio, MD

Volume 1 (blue cover) [2009]
Lulu 9x6 pb [2/2011] for $10.99 via Lulu.com
Landmark Education UNABR audio book [11/2009] for $5.95 from Amazon
Spanish version of Volume 1 (green cover)
Lulu 9x6 pb [3/2011] for $10.99 via Lulu.com
Volume 2 (tan cover)
essays by Forum Leaders Cathy Elliott, Barry Grieder, Gale LeGassick, Manal Maurice, Larry Pearson, Laurel Scheaf, Balvinder Sodhi, Mark Spirtos, Jane Wright, and Steve Zaffron
Lulu 9x6 pb [3/2011] for $10.99 via Lulu.com

entries below are in New Mexico, U.S.A.

Kristina Anderson of Albuquerque, NM:  Easy Read Copywriting

Oscar Ardila's Hair Design in Santa Fe, NM

Joan Griffin of Albuquerque, NM [owns]  Griffin & Associates public relations & marketing [est. 1990]

Jake Harwell's Dirt Floor Gallery near Dixon, NM

David Hughes of Albuquerque, NM [owns]   Affordable Solar Group [est. 1998] in Albuquerque, NM

Lloyd Kreitzer, the Fig Man of New Mexico

Darby McQuaid of Santa Fe, NM [owns] Jackalope Intl. {5 locations in 3 states}

author / philosopher / revolutionary G.E. Nordell

Chris Porosky of Placitas, NM: Red Road Networks {ISP & webhosting}

The Rainosek Family [owns] Frontier Restaurant [est. 1971] in Albuquerque, NM

Deborah Reese [owned]  Seventh Goddess store [est. 2005, closed 3/2011] in Albuquerque, NM
and now manages Convivium Coworking workspace [est. 6/2012] in NE Albuquerque

Dr. Veronica E. Velarde Tiller
of Albuquerque, NM:
         personal website
Tiller Research, Inc.
browse published books

astronomer-beekeeper-athlete Daniel J. Vasicek of Albuquerque, NM

Jonathan Wolfe, PhD teaches math & fractals at The Fractal Foundation [est. 2003]
and also designs & builds fractal-image hot-air balloons at Sky Dyes

entries below are in the Los Angeles, California area
red asterisks below indicate links not yet coded [or parked domain names]
Landmark Education Corp. - Los Angeles [est. 1970s, moved 12/2012], 200 Corporate Pointe in Culver City, CA

Oscar & Nyla Arslanian [own]  'Discover Hollywood' Magazine

Ronald C. Banks, former Police Chief of Inglewood, California

actress/comedian Patt Benson

actress-writer-director Troy Beyer

Shawn Brennan's Brennan Capital Group

Gully Burns:  NeuroScholar [dot] org at U.S.C.

actress Erin Cahill: credits at IMDbentry at Wikipedia

Cort Casady

Barry Chait

Andrew & Peggy Cherng  [own]  Panda Restaurant Group [est. 1973]
which operates Panda Inn Mandarin Cuisine [est. 1973] - five locations in California, and Panda Express Gourmet Chinese Food [est. 1983] - 1,400 locations,
and Hibachi-San Japanese Grill [est. 1992] - 17 locations in 12 states, and Wasabi Sushi Restaurant [re-opened 10/2013] at City Walk, Universal City
official company policy at Panda Restaurant Group is that any employee of the 1,650-store company
is reimbursed for travel expenses related to taking the Landmark Forum course

Andra-Nina Davis

Jimmy Deer & Deluxe Noise

Michael Drennan [works at]  Weston Solutions, Inc. environmental engineering [new job 10/2007]

Fariborz 'Henry' Farasat [works at]  Imperial Paper in North Hollywood

Shane Fatemian's:  Cafe Luna Northern Italian Cuisine in Torrance, CA

Syd Field's Paradigm

The Finn Brothers:  
In-finn-Ity Direct
California Lottery® Big Spin® tv program

April Fitzsimmons:
credits at IMDb
   "Breaking & Entering: Land Your First Job in Film Production" [Lone Eagle 1997] by April Fitzsimmons

Mike Flynn
& Karen Solomon
       Vibrant Twist website development

Raw Awakening alternative health {parked}

George Foster:

credits at IMDb
   "Killer Me" on DVD [2002]

Steve Freedman [actor-writer-director]
& David Castenholz [producer]

More East To Go Films, Inc.
      "Ghosts Never Sleep" [2004]
movie credits
official movie site

Roy Fultun now has a weblog Design For A Wealthy Planet [est. 1/2010]

author & financial coach Rennie Gabriel

Lawrence Goldberg:  Customized Numismatic Portfolios [est. 1991]

Mariaelena Ontiveros Gonzalez [is COO at]  Trusted Hands Network agents for home health care providers

David Gregson:   "The Tao of Sobriety: Helping You to Recover from Alcohol & Drug Addiction" [St. Martin's Press 2002] by David Gregson & Jay S. Efran

Ernie Gritzewsky {a.k.a. comic 'Ernie G'}

journalist & leader Susan L. Hornik

motivational coach Cheryl Hunter
official website
watch 6/2016 video [4:46]
USE IT / Turn Setbacks into Success book by Cheryl Hunter  "USE IT: Turn Setbacks Into Success" [2012]
Kindle Edition from Venator [6/2012] for $9.99
Venator 9x6 pb [6/2012] for $19.18
official book site

Michael J. Jimerson, Esq.

Kimani from Kenya & golf-related The Missing Irons Co.

designer Bart Kresa

actor-dancer Jason Landau

actress Shannah Laumeister

film executive Bonni Lee

Virginia Levy and
Harlan Green
  Round Midnight Films [parked] **

Demian Lichtenstein:
Equilibrium Entertainment website
credits at IMDb

"3000 Miles to Graceland"
	[Warner Bros. release Feb 2001]
movie credits
DVD available
         "Love & Suicide"
	[indep. U.S. release 2006]
movie credits
DVD available
         "Discover The Gift"
	[indep. U.S. release 2010]
movie credits
movie site
book available
DVD available

Dennis & Debra Loomer's Goodness Happens website

Dave Markov:
works at Knowledge Box / Imagine Learning

and wrote a book (with Chris Bittler)

  "The Bad Idea Catalog: 10 to 100% Off Everything You'll Never Want & Never Need"

Luis Moro:

Moro Films / Productions website
credits at IMDb

Every Child Eats campaign
on IndieGoGo

"Anne B. Real"
	[indep. U.S. release Oct 2003]
movie credits
DVD available
         "Love & Suicide"
	[indep. U.S. release 2006]
movie credits
official movie site
DVD available

Prof. George Murphy at U.C.L.A. Dept. of Economics

David Nathan

Jesus Nebot:

official website
credits at IMDb
"No Turning Back"
	[U.S. release June 2003]    movie credits
official movie site
DVD available

clothing designer Kirk Nozaki lives in Silver Lake

Meredith O'Brien:  life coachingmovie/TV credits

Robb Ottenhoff

Dan Pallotta's blogsite
won SEVEN Fund's 'Morality of Profit' essay contest 8/2010
Advertising For Humanity [est. 2002]

A.D./director Otto Michael Penzato

Ruben Perez:  Vision Seeker site {parked}

writer/comedian Darrick Richardson

Amara Ross [owns] Danalex Products Corp. in Long Beach, California

Gregg Sarfaty:  Stewboss Band

Dr. Azita Sayan
& Gregory Morgan
       Embrace Growth website

"Love Talk" weekly program on NITV

Jack Schropp [retired Forum Leader]:   "Unbeatable: Recreate Your Life As Extraordinary Using the Secrets of a Navy Seal" [10/2003]

Carl Schurtz of Westlake Village, CA: credits at IMDbentry at Wikipedia

Lisa Schwab:  Cantalini's Salerno Beach Restaurant in Playa del Rey, CA

Dr. George Herbert Semel, MD

Andrea Shreeman:  website & blog

Sig Shonholtz:   Second Time Around Watch Co.

The Stiegler Family: Auto Stiegler

Roderick Sun:  Buzzplan LLC - consulting {parked}

John Sylvain:       Instant Films Workshops [est. 2001] website parked 2012
Sacred Fools Theater Company [est. 1997]

Gail Taylor & the gang at Growing Generations

Trish Taylor: New Life Agency: Insurance for Assisted Reproduction

actress-singer Noa Tishby:  IMDb creditsofficial website

Lynda Toth
"Why Can't I Remember?: Reversing Normal Memory Loss" book

Kieren van den Blink:  movie credits + Broadway creditsWikipedia

Annie Balikyan VandenHeuvel had a baby daughter July 2003
click here for picture [in new window]

Douglas R. Weinstein [manages] Martha Weinstein Organics, Inc. in West Los Angeles, CA

Michael Woo of Los Angeles

Company started & operated by four graduates of Landmark's
Team Management & Leadership Program [TMLP]
in Los Angeles, California
   Zootopia [est. 2008] Wildlife & Eco-Education Camp for Kids, Outreach and Green Community programs

L.E.C. graduates in other areas

Charles Altman [works at]  C.K. Visual {videoconferencing} in Miami, Florida

Brad Armstrong of Austin, Texas [owns] Blue Whale Moving & Storage [est. 1988]

Ness Carroll of Santa Barbara, CA

John Chmela of Chicago IL:  Top 100 Expo

Peter Ciccariello of Rhode Island:  Ciccariello Graphics

Simon Crosby:  East Sussex [UK] Psychotherapy Practice

Shawn Davis doing music in Nashville, Tennessee:  'The Road' CD

Carmella Diamond of Scottsdale, Arizona

musician & composer Nick Fevola of New York

Thomas Gallagher of Salt Lake City [works at] Access Cash Rewards

Rudy Gaskins of New York City

Eileen Gavin of Tucson, Arizona [owns] EastWest Integrative Massage & Bodywork

Aleia Schaum Goodman of Evergreen, Colorado [owns]  Peak Brainwaves, LLC

author-consultant Tracy Goss of Austin, Texas:  

Center for Executive Re-Invention  

"The Last Word On Power" [1995] by Tracy Goss

Steve Haag of Flagstaff, Arizona [works at] Realty Magazine

MaryJo McGrath Hazen of Santa Barbara, California:  McGrath Training Systems, Inc.

singer-songwriter Karen Jacobson of New York City

animal communicator Maia Kincaid, PhD of Sedona, Arizona

Mark Michael Lewis's book  "RelationDancing" [Aug 2003]

Jennifer Moore of U.K.

model & author  
April Needham of Ohio  
official website + blog  
       "Getting Started In The Modeling Industry" [2010] ebook
Kindle Edition from Dalotek Corp. [5/2010] for $1.99
"75 Tips On How To Be A Successful Bartender" [2010] ebook
Kindle Edition from Dalotek Corp. [5/2010] for $1.99

Dave & Anne Peterson of Dallas, Texas operate the
Quality Inn at Dallas Market Center + news story {12/2005}

Kevin Petrasek of Littleton, Colorado

Doreen Pollack [works at] Phoenix [AZ] Youth At Risk

Dana Roc of New York City

painter David Seacord of Arizona

singer-songwriter Jim Steed of DC area

actress-singer-realtor Adi Tamam of Toronto, Canada:   MySpaceblog

Tom Voccola
up there near Boise, Idaho
CEO Squared CEO Squared official website

Tom's CEOing blog [est. 12/2007]

Tom Voccola's Accidental CEO"The Accidental CEO: A Leader's Journey
From Ego To Purpose" [2006]

Lulu pb [4/2006] for $19.95

Celebrity Graduates

Martine Beswick

actor Jeff Bridges
co-founder End Hunger Network [est. 1984]

movie director Jane Campion
Cher {Bono}
Grammy®-winning composer Michael Colina of New York
Lindsay Crouse
John Denver [1943-97]
Jeff Goldblum
Valerie Harper
Julia Butterfly Hill
Raul Julia [1940-94]
Casey Kasem
Ms. Michael Learned
June Lockhart

actor-musician-DJ Ludacris:
official website
Disturbing Tha Peace Records
credits at IMDb
  Best Picture winner "Crash" feature film [2005]
Dr. Phil McGraw
Oscar®-winning composer Alan Menken
Carrie-Anne Moss
Yoko Ono
Diana Ross
activist Jerry_Rubin [1938-94]
Roy Scheider [1932-2008]
director Joel Schumacher
Shawnee Smith
Christopher Titus + tv series
Lily Tomlin and [writer] Jane Wagner
Sigourney Weaver
Emmy®-winning composer Michael Whalen

Jerome Downes died suddenly in December 2009, at the age of 59;
besides being a Landmark Education Forum Leader for over 25 years,
he was most recently in charge of the booming Team Asia market for Landmark Education
Jerome Downes memorial website
Jerome Downes Facebook Page [est. 2009]
The Jerome Downes Institute for Stem Cell Research & Development [est. 2010] in Switzerland

Several of Landmark Education's longer (non-seminar) courses have required reading lists; you will not get
the other course content from reading the few books listed here, but reading them will certainly advance
your education in the direction of Transformation.

"The Order of Things" [1970] by Michel Foucault /0679753354/
"Dire Mastery" [1982] by Francois Roustang /0880482591/
"The Gift" [1983 & 2007] by Lewis Hyde /0394715195/ or /0307279502/
"Sex, Ecology, Spirituality" [1995] by Ken Wilber /1570627444/
"Guns, Germs, and Steel" [1997] by Jared Diamond /0393317552/

Semi-Official Links

The Hunger Project [est. 1977]
World Runners [est. 1977]

The National Holiday Project [est. 1971]

est {Erhard Seminars Training} history website - archives, photos, video, and vivid shares about Werner Erhard's est training, the essence of that experience, and the impact est has made on society

Phoenix [AZ] Youth At Risk
New York Youth At Risk
New Mexico Youth At Risk
Colorado Youth At Risk

Publicity / Press
Top 100 Adventures endorsement
ABC News [US] news story of 13 August 2002
The Observer [UK] news story of 14 December 2003
Dallas, Texas Landmark Graduates Help Katrina Evacuees [Dec 2005]
article by Nathan Thornburgh in the 7 March 2011 issue of TIME Magazine

Other Links
one of the Landmark graduate e-groups
another Landmark graduate e-group
e-group for Landmark graduates & others interested

About Landmark Forum Blog [est. Nov 2004]
Australia & New Zealand Landmark Education Graduate Blog [est. 10/2006]
Bill Taylor's 'LEC Experience' site
Das Landmark Forum site for/by German-speaking Graduates
Dutch-language Landmark Forum Graduates site
El Segundo [CA] Possibilities

I Love Possibility

Landmark Education News (about Landmark Forum Graduates)
Landmark Forum & est Graduates On The Web
Landmark Forum Graduates in Ireland site
Life Positive website L.E.C. Page
Living Possibility
Mary's 'A Life You Love' site
The Possibility Directory
The Possibility Generator website
RAVE: Landmark Education in Seoul, Korea and Asia
The Scoop On The Landmark Forum
Self-Expression and Leadership Program site for/by graduates of S.E.L.P.
Team Leadership site for/by graduates of T.M.L.P.
"What's The Deal About Landmark?" sites in Dutch or in English

Landmark Worldwide's new website [est. 2013]

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