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Athearn HO-scale model of a Vista Dome passenger car of the Southern Pacific RR
Model  Railroads  &  Toy  Trains

National Model Railroad Assn. [est. 1935]
N.M.R.A. Directory of World Wide Model Railroading Websites
online index of model railroad magazines from 1933 [est. 1997]
The Great Train Expo - national traveling show
monthly Great Midwest Train Show in Wheaton, IL
TrainFest Model Railroad Show [Nov 2015 = #45] near Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Al's 'Model Railroad Layouts and Scenery' weblog

Model Railroad Groups
Train Life social network [est. 2005] based in Provo, Utah
Sheboygan [WI] Society of Scale Model Railroad Engineers, Ltd. [est. 1977]

Model Railroad Manufacturers
Athearn, Inc. 'trains in miniature' [est. 1946] in Carson, CA
Bachmann Industries, Inc. model trains [est. 1833]
Banta Model Works - P&S Building & Structure Co. of Vermont
Boulder Valley Models - On30-scale railroad model kits [est. 2002], based in Baltimore, MD
Foothill Model Works {On3) of Willitts, CA
Horizon Hobby Model Trains of Champaign, Illinois
Kadee® - The Coupler People
Life-Like Trains {div. of Walthers since 2005}
Overland Models, Inc. - brass models [est. 1976]
Republic Locomotive Works N/Nn3 Scale [est. 2000] in Washington State
Rusty Stumps O/HO/S/N Scale Models [est. 2002] in Indiana
Sierra Scale Model Supplies [est. 2003] in Tampa, Florida
Sierra West Scale Models [est. 1993] of Plano, Texas
Wm. K. Walthers, Inc. model trains [est. 1932]

Model Railroad Retailers
Internet Trains 'model train superstore', based in Brea, California
world's largest model trains store  Caboose Hobbies [est. 1938] model train store, 500 So. Broadway in Denver, Colorado
Highlands Station, LLC [est. 2007] in Lakewood, Colorado
InterMountain Railway Co. of Longmont, Colorado
Brass Trains [] in Ocala, Florida
H & R Trains in Pinellas Park, Florida
Balls of Brass railroad models [1977-2009] in Montana
Spring Creek Model Trains [est. 2000, store 2009] in Deshler, Nebraska
The Train Station [authorized Lionelฎ dealer] in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey
Trains West [1992-2013] in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Mario's Trains [authorized Lionelฎ dealer] in Winchester, Virginia
The Inside Gateway model train store [est. 1990], 14128 NE Woodinville-Duvall Road in Woodinville, WA
Backwoods Miniatures of U.K. {of U.K. & U.S. rolling stock}

Allied Trains [est. 1946] on Sepulveda Blvd. in Culver City, California            Wisconsin Illinois Trains [est. 2012] in Muskego, Wisconsin {south and west of Milwaukee}

Athearn® scale model trains category at Amazon
Atlas® scale model trains category at Amazon
Intermountain Railway® scale model trains category at Amazon

browse books on model railroads at Amazon
Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette {for modelers}
Maine 2-Foot Quarterly Magazine

Model Railroader Magazine [est. 1934] from Kalmback Publications
Model Railroader

subscribe at Amazon
12 issues/year for $42.95

subscribe on Kindle at Amazon
12 issues/year for $3.58/month

magazine website

Railroad Model Craftsman Magazine [est. 1933] from Carstens Publications
Railroad Model Craftsman

subscribe at Amazon
12 issues/year for $34.95

magazine website

Live Steam & Outdoor Railroading Magazine [est. 1966]
Live Steam and Outdoor
Railroading Magazine

subscribe at Amazon
6 issues/year for $39.95

magazine website

Model Railroading Magazine {defunct 2006}
Model Railroading

ceased publication
in August 2006

back issues available at
magazine website
Classic Toy Trains Magazine from Kalmback Publications
Classic Toy Trains

subscribe at Amazon
9 issues/year for $39.95

subscribe on Kindle at Amazon
12 issues/year for $3.33/month

magazine website

Model Railroad News [est. 1995] from Lamplight Publishing
Model Railroad News

subscribe at Amazon
12 issues/year for $34.95

magazine website

G-Gauge {Garden} Model Railroading
Just about all 'garden' railroads run on 45mm-gauge (1.772 inches) track; the locomotives and equipment are produced in multiple scales to run on that
universal track gauge. 'Gauge 1' is 1:32 scale to model standard-gauge trains; 'G Scale' is 1:22.5 scale to model European trains of 1,000mm gauge;
'H-Scale' is 1:24 scale to model 3½-foot narrow gauge trains; 'F- or Fine-Scale' is 1:20.32 scale to model U.S. 3-foot narrow-gauge trains;
'SE-Scale' is 1:13.7 (7/8" to the foot) scale to model U.S. 2-foot narrow gauge trains.
'G Scale' entry at Wikipedia

Large Scale Resource Pages
G-Scale Model Train Forum & Online Community
Lone Pine & Grizzly Flats G-scale garden railroad in Corona, CA
The Large Scale Trains Page by George Schreyer
Great Northern Pacific Large Scale Railway
Dave Bodnar's D&L Garden Railway website {with lousy navigation}
Pittsburgh Garden Railway Society [est. 1994]
Greater Cincinnati Garden Railway Society [est. 1990] based in Covington, KY
Gold Coast Garden Railroad Society [] in Ventura, CA

Northern Colorado Garden Railroaders [est. 1999]

animated Union Pacific Challenger 4-6-6-4 steam locomotive
Live Steam Model Railroading
Live steam-powered model railroad locomotives big enough for humans to ride on are very popular in the U.S.A, in the U.K. and in Australia. The most popular track gauges are 3½-inch, 5-inch, 7¼-inch, and 7½-inch; 'Grand Scale' amusement park train rides are usually 10-inch, 12-inch, or 15-inch gauge. Owners and builders tend to closely-matching the scale of the equipment with the track gauge. Coal- and oil-fired locomotives carry more prestige, but internal-combustion and electric motors power many locomotives that model steam-era engines; models of diesel and electric locomotives usually have matching power sources.
'Live Steam' entry at Wikipedia

Discover Live Steam [est. 1998]
RG's Live Steam Locomotives Supplies of Santa Paula, CA
Plum Cove Studios 1.5"-scale (7¼/7½-inch gauge) rolling stock in Gloucester, MA
Mason's Trains live steam products of Canada {website given up 2013}
TH's Live Steaming info site [est. 1995]
Live Steam and Outdoor Railroading Magazine [est. 1966]
INFO: company produces battery-powered made-in-USA 4-4-0 steam locomotives that run on either 7¼" or 7½" track, plus cars, track & accessories  The Great American Train Company [est. 2008] of Plymouth, MN

L.A. Live Steamers [est. 1956] at Travel Town in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California
Arizona & Pacific Railroad [est. 2002] 16-inch gauge live steamers in Peoria, Arizona
Flintridge & Portola Valley Railroad [est. 1991] is a 7½" gauge backyard railway in California
Colorado Live Steamers [est. 1998] located 40 miles east of Denver
GOLD STAR: the Tiny Town Railroad has 5/8 of a mile of 15-inch gauge track, and uses: coal-fired live steam 2-6-0 Mogul locomotive #10 'Cinder Belle'; propane-fired live steam 4-6-2 Pacific locomotive #22 'Occasional Rose'; F-3 model diesel-electric engine 'Molly'; F-7 model diesel-electric engine 'Betsy'; also Tiny Town is building a diesel-powered Mason-bogie 2-6-6 quasi-steam locomotive (2013)  Tiny Town Railroad [est. 1915; open May-Sept] 7 miles south & west of Morrison, Colorado
Arborway, T.T. & Northwestern Miniature Railroad []
private 15"-gauge railroad located in South Central Missouri between Steelville and St. James; not open to the public.
Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers [est. 1969] in Medina, Ohio + older Homestead site
Pacific Beach & Summit live steam railroad [est. 2004] on Whidbey Island, WA

GOLD STAR: over 36 miles of 7½-inch gauge track on 2,200 acres of pine forest  Train Mountain Railroad [est. 1987], 36941 So. Chiloquin Road in Chiloquin, Oregon
8/2012 video of Train Mountain Railroad [2:42] on YouTube

Walt Disney's Railroad Story book by Michael Broggie  "Walt Disney's Railroad Story: The Small-Scale Fascination That Led To
A Full-Scale Kingdom" [1997] by Michael Broggie

Pentrex 2nd edition 9x6½ hardcover [10/98] out of print/used
Pentrex 1st edition 12½x10 hardcover [9/97] out of print/used

"Walt Disney's Backyard Railroad" 3/2009 video with narration [7:37] at YouTube

Foreign Miniature Railroads

Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway [opened May 1875] in the Lake District, Cumbria, U.K.
7-mile route; 15-inch gauge (1/3 size); R&ER Preservation Society [est. 1960]

Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway [opened July 1927] in Kent, U.K.
13-mile route; 15-inch gauge (1/3 size)

Lionel Trains herald         herald/logo for Lionel Railroader Club
Lionel  Corp.  [1901-1969]
Lionel Corp. entry at Wikipedia
Lionel®, LLC official website
The Lionel® Store [est. 1999] based in Concord, NC
Lionel® Railroader Club

Lionel® Trains category {1200+ items} at Amazon

Lionel Electric Trains ad poster  
poster of Lionel Electric Trains ad circa 1930s
(ad page from Popular Science Monthly)

six sizes/3 formats - art prints available at AllPosters.com from $34.99
All Aboard / Lionel Train Company  "All Aboard: The Story of Joshua Lionel Cowen & His Lionel Train Company" [1981] by Ron Hollander
Workman Publng 10¾x8½ pb [11/91] out of print/many used
Workman Publng 11x8¾ hardcover [10/2000] for $18.96
Century of Lionel Trains video  "A Century of Legendary Lionel Trains" [video release 2000]
Narrated by Tom Snyder

T.M. Books & Video color DVD [12/2001] for $21.99
T.M. Books & Video color VHS [7/2001] 2 tapes - out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDb
The Magic of Lionel color DVD set  "The Magic of Lionel" DVD Set [2005]
Visits to 14 layouts in FL, IL, Iowa, MI, NJ, OH & PA; hosted by Tom McComas
T.M. Books & Video color DVD set [6/2005] 4 disks for $22.93
Big Book of Lionel Complete Guide book by Robert H. Schleicher  "The Big Book of Lionel: The Complete Guide To Owning and Running America's Favorite Toy Trains, Second Edition" [orig 2004, rev 2011]
by Robert H. Schleicher

Kindle Edition from Voyageur Press [3/2011] for $16.19
Voyageur Press 10¾x8¾ pb [3/2011] for $22.29
Metro Books hardcover 10¾x8¼ [3/2011] out of print/used

Lionel Trains / Santa Fe tin sign for purchase at AllPosters.com        Lionel Trains 1934 catalog cover tin sign for purchase at AllPosters.com [not available 7/2006]        Lionel Trains 1935 catalog cover tin sign for purchase at AllPosters.com

Lionel Trains 1942 catalog cover tin sign for purchase at AllPosters.com        Lionel Trains 1952 catalog cover tin sign for purchase at AllPosters.com        Lionel Pennsylvania Railroad 5200 tin sign for purchase at AllPosters.com

Railroad  Computer  &  Board  Games

Train Simulator video game  "Train Simulator" video game [2001] from Microsoft
jewel-case software for Windows [9/2004] for $30.95
software for Windows [3/2001] for $9.30
"Scenic Railway Add-On" [2002] from Abacus
software for Windows [5/2002] for $29.87
"Train Simulator Official Strategies & Secrets" book [2003]
by David Chong, Rick Selby & Richard Wayne Smith

Sybex 9x7½ pb [6/2001] out of print/40+ used

Railroad Tycoon board game  
Railroad Tycoon 3 video game  
"Railroad Tycoon: The Boardgame" [2005]
Eagle/Phoenix Lab Games gigantic board game [2005] for $59.99

"Railroad Tycoon 3" video game
Gathering of Developers software for Windows XP [undated] for $28.78
"Railroad Tycoon 3" video game
Jack of All Games software for Windows [9/2003] out of prodn/used
"Railroad Tycoon 2 - Platinum" video game
Take 2 Interactive software for Windows [10/2001] out of prodn/used
"Railroad Tycoon 2" video game
Gathering of Developers software for Windows [11/99] for $39.89
"Railroad Tycoon Official Strategy Guide" book [2003]
by Mark Walker

Brady Games pb [10/2003] out of print/used

Steam: Rails To Riches railroad board game by Martin Wallace from Denmark  
Steam: Rails To Riches railroad board game by Martin Wallace from Denmark  
"Steam: Rails To Riches" board game [10 years & up; 2009] by Martin Wallace
MayFair Games board game in 11½x9½" box for $44.41
"Steam: Map Expansion #1" by Martin Wallace
MayFair Games 3 maps {Europe & Mid-Atlantic USA} for $23.19
"Steam: Map Expansion #2" by Martin Wallace
MayFair Games 3 maps {China, California & Great Britain} for $21.69
"Steam: Map Expansion #3" by Martin Wallace
MayFair Games 4 maps {Westward Ho!, Japan, Hokkaido & Singapore} for $30.00
"Steam Barons Expansion" by Martin Wallace
MayFair Games board game accessory in 12½x9" box for $37.72
Railroading Merit Badge [est. 1992] of the Boy Scouts of America [est. 1910]
badge requirements [rev 1/2014]
    Railroad Merit Badge of the Boy Scouts of America

Railroad  Film  Festival

'To Trains' {pointing right) tin sign for purchase at AllPosters.com        now on a separate page        'To trains' (pointing left) tin sign for purchase at AllPosters.com

U.S.  Railroad  History

world railroad history timeline at Pacific Southwest Railway Museum
Railway & Locomotive Historical Society [est. 1921]
Pacific Coast Chapter [est. 1937] of the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society
National Railway Historical Society [est. 1935]
New Mexico Steam Locomotive & Railroad Historical Society
Pacific Railroad Society [est. 1936] in Alhambra, CA
Placer Sierra Railroad Heritage Society
Maps of The Past - restored historic railroad & other maps
AE's index to railroad historical societies
Prof. Jensen's 'Guide To Railroad History'
Sheboygan Model Railroad Engineers online collection of railroad heralds
Don's Utah Rails fansite
'Railroad History In A Nutshell' at Railroad Heritage web portal

Encyclopedia of North American Railroads reference work edited by William D. Middleton, George M. Smerk & Roberta L. Diehl  "Encyclopedia of North American Railroads" [2007]
Edited by William D. Middleton, George M. Smerk & Roberta L. Diehl

Indispensible reference work with over 500 alphabetical entries, extensive appendices, and a list of 130 'vital railroad books'
Indiana Univ Press 11x8½ hardcover [4/2007] for $61.05
North American Railroads Illustrated Encyclopedia book by Brian Solomon   "North American Railroads: The Illustrated Encyclopedia" [2012]
by Brian Solomon

Kindle Edition from Voyageur Press [10/2014] for $13.80
Voyageur Press 11x9¼ pb [10/2014] for $18.66
Voyageur Press 11¼x9½ hardcover [6/2012] for $25.69


Important  Railroad  Pioneers
Thomas Newcomen invented the 'atmospherical' steam engine in 1712 to pump water out of Britain's coal and tin mines; James Watt [1736-1819] of Glasgow invented a much-improved low-pressure steam engine in 1763; by 1800, around 2000 were put to use in mines and factories and water works around the world. The elderly Watt disapproved of experiments with high-pressure steam engines; he said that Trevithick's inventions were dangerous and also filed a series of lawsuits about patent infringement by Trevithick.

Mining engineer Richard 'Captain Dick' Trevithick [1771-1833] of Cornwall, U.K. demonstrated the first successful steam locomotive in Wales in 1804. His early experiments were with high-pressure steam engines, road-worthy steam carriages, and tramway steam locomotives. In 1803, Trevithick installed several boilers at the Pen-y-Darren Ironworks in Wales; the owner asked Trevithick to place a boiler onto wheels suitable for a local tramway; the owner made a bet for 500 guineas that the engine could haul ten tons of iron along a 9¾-mile tramroad; the engine did so on 21 February 1804 - along with 70 men in 5 wagons (at the speed of 2.5 miles per hour), thus winning the bet and making history. The tramway track could not handle the engine's weight, so it was returned to stationary boiler duty. A full-scale replica of Trevithick's historic 1804 locomotive was constructed for a museum in Cardiff, Wales in 1981, and is now housed at the National Waterfront Museum at Swansea; the replica Pen-y-Darren Locomotive is fired up several times a year to run on a 40-meter track outside the museum. { watch video [4:00] at YouTube }

replica of the 1802 Coalbrookdale Locomotive  click here for photograph of locomotive under steam outdoors at Blist Hills Museum in Shropshire (in a new window)   •    replica of the 1804 Pen-y-Darren Locomotive  click here for photograph of locomotive indoors at Swansea (in a new window)

the 1813 Puffing Billy.
The Beamish Open Air Museum of Northeast England built a replica engine in 1975, which operates on its Pockerley Waggonway
(along with replicas of the 1815 Steam Elephant and George Stephenson's 1825 Locomotion).

The Steam Elephant locomotive was built circa 1815 for the Wallsend Colliery in Northeast England. Existence of the engine was discovered in 1931 from an oil painting dated 1820. Research by the Beamish Museum found that the engine tended to slip on wooden rails, and was not considered a success until the introduction of iron rail; the Steam Elephant was scrapped in the late 1820s. The Beamish Open Air Museum of Northeast England designed and built a replica engine  click here for photograph of replica and train at Beamish Museum (in a new window)
in 2002, which operates on its Pockerley Waggonway (along with replicas of George Stephenson's 1825 Locomotion and of the 1813 Puffing Billy).

George Stephenson [1781-1848] of U.K. built The Locomotion in 1825 for the world's first public steam rail company, the Stockton & Darlington Railway.
The Beamish Open Air Museum of Northeast England built a replica engine in 1975, which operates on its Pockerley Waggonway
(along with replicas of the 1815 Steam Elephant and of the 1813 Puffing Billy).

John Stevens [1749-1838] of New Jersey, USA built a working 'steam carriage' in 1825.

After difficulties with surveys and with getting approval from Parliament, the Liverpool & Manchester Railway hired George Stephenson [1781-1848] in 1828 to construct the 35-mile railway for them. Major engineering feats were designed and completed – the Sankey Viaduct, Wapping Tunnel, the rock cut at Olive Mount, the cast iron Water Street Bridge, and others. Meanwhile, there was controversy about the best choice for motive power – iron rail adhesion steam locomotives were rumored to be dangerous, cable-driven trains were not reliable, and some even insisted on horse-powered trains. So the L&MR announced a series of trials at the Rainhill section of the line (with suitable difficulties such as a 2% uphill grade); the tests took place in October 1829.

Stephenson's son built the Rocket locomotive in 1829, which was entered in and won the Rainhill Trials.  click here for color drawing (in a new window)
Rocket's innovations included multiple (24) small-diameter flues thru the horizontal boiler, and directly-connected driving rods.

The Liverpool & Manchester Railway opened on 15 September 1830 with eight locomotives and a busy timetable.

The 170th anniversary of the Rainhill Trials was marked in 1999 by a renactment on the Llangollen Railway heritage line in North Wales
using the York replica and replicas of Novelty and Sans Pareil (the other serious contenders in 1829); Rocket repeated its win.

The original Rocket locomotive is on display at the Science Museum in London, UK; in 1928, Henry Ford commissioned a replica of the Rocket locomotive
which is housed at the Ford Museums in Dearborn, Michigan; a 1970s replica Rocket locomotive is based at the Railway Museum in York
and offers short rides (back and forth on short track). { watch video [2:52] at YouTube }

The 3-mile Granite Railway in Massachusetts began operations in October 1826, powered by horse-drawn railcars; the line became a branch
of the Old Colony & Newport Railway in 1871, which was absorbed into the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad in 1893
– the Granite Railway is considered the first commercial railroad in the U.S.

The Delaware & Hudson Canal Company imported the Stourbridge Lion locomotive [built 1828] from England  click here for color drawing (in a new window)
and began testing in 1829 at Honesdale, Pennsylvania.

Robert Stephenson & Company built early steam locomotive Planet in 1830 as engine #9 for the Liverpool & Manchester Railway; design improvements
over Rocket included cylinders inside the frame, a steam dome, and standardized buffers & couplings. Railfans built a working replica of Planet in 1992;
the engine is based in Manchester but often travels to other cities.  click here for photograph (in a new window)

Peter Cooper [1791-1893] built the Tom Thumb locomotive in 1830 for the Baltimore & Ohio RR.  click here for photograph of the replica train (in a new window)
The Tom Thumb was for demonstration and not used in revenue service; the original was not preserved.
The Tom Thumb replica built in 1927 is based at the B&O Museum in Baltimore.

The Best Friend of Charleston steam-powered railroad locomotive was built in 1830 in New York for the South Carolina Canal & Rail Road
Company.  click here for color drawing (in a new window) Best Friend is considered to be the first locomotive built in the United States for revenue service; it also
experienced the first locomotive boiler explosion in the U.S. The garishly-painted replica was built in 1928 and is based in Charleston.  click here for color postcard (in a new window)

The Camden & Amboy Railroad of New Jersey imported the John Bull locomotive from England in 1831.  click here for 1893 photograph (in a new window)   click here for magazine illustration (side view) (in a new window)
The B&O Museum houses the original John Bull.

The Mohawk & Hudson Railroad of New York began operation in 1831 using the locally-built DeWitt Clinton locomotive.  click here for magazine illustration (in a new window)

The New York Central RR built a replica DeWitt Clinton locomotive and train in 1893 for the Chicago World Fair. It also appeared at the 1927 Fair of The Iron Horse in Maryland, then was used for promotional purposes by N.Y.C., and in 1935 was loaned to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan; the replica also appeared at the 1939-1940 New York World's Fair and at the Chicago Railroad Fair in 1948-1949.  click here for recent photograph of the replica 'DeWitt Clinton' at the Dearborn museum (in a new window)

The Mohawk & Hudson RR ordered another locomotive in 1832; first named Experiment, later changed to Brother Jonathan.  click here for 1987 U.S.P.S. 22ข 'Brother Jonathan' postage stamp (in a new window)

The Norris Locomotive Works [1832-1866] of Philadelphia built locomotives Black Hawk and George Washington {famous for record incline test
of July 1836} for the Philadelphia & Columbia Railroad, and the 1837 Lafayette 4-2-0 locomotive for the B&O Railroad.
The B&O Museum houses an operational 1927 replica of the Lafayette.  click here for photograph (in a new window)

The first railway service in Europe opened in May 1835 on a network of rails built by the Belgian government, using three locomotives – the 2-4-0 locomotive
Elephant built by Tayleur & Company, and 2-2-2 locomotives Stephenson and Arrow built by Robert Stephenson & Company in England.

Eastwick and Harrison of Philadelphia built the 4-4-0 freight locomotive Gowan & Marx in 1839 for the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad; the engine
introduced the equalizing lever, a spring suspension system that remained in use until the last steam locomotive.  click here for photo of 1987 U.S.P.S. 22ข postage stamp (in a new window)

Steam Pioneers episode of Britain's Greatest Machines With Chris Barrie TV series  "Britain's Greatest Machines With Chris Barrie: Trains - The Steam Pioneers"
[National Geographic Channel Feb 2010]

Featured locomotives (mostly replicas) include 1802 Coalbrookdale Locomotive, 1803 London Steam Carriage, 1804 Pen-y-Darren Locomotive, 1825 Locomotion, 1829 Rocket, and 1830 Planet
Directed by Tom Adams; hosted by Chris Barrie • Region 1 DVD not available • credits at IMDb
watch full episode [47:28] online at YouTube

Railroad  Equipment
Steam Locomotives Database
Iron Horse Preservation Society
Railroad Station Historical Society [est. 1967]

Spirit of America Bookstore's Geared Steam Locomotives Page

Spirit of America Bookstore's Railroad Equipment Page
top of page • short history • Whyte's notation system • steam locomotives • articulated locomotives • geared locomotives
diesel locomotives • electric locomotives • gasoline-powered • streetcars, subways & interurban other designs •
passenger cars • freight cars • maintenance equipment • books • videos & other media • image gallery • links

Narrow-Gauge  Railroads  (in General)
Narrow Gauge Preservation Foundation [est. 2000]
Colorado Rockies Narrow Gauge Circle
Old Time Narrow Gauge Railroading on the Net
RB's Slim Rails fansite {last update 2002?}
Don Richter's Narrow Gauge Discussion Forum
BEK's Southwest Narrow Gauge [est. 2001] modeling & info site based in Phoenix, Arizona
Narrow Gauge Madness Presents Ontario Narrow Gauge Show ]April 2014 = #9] in Canada

Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette [est. 1975] bimonthly for modelers
official website • Wikipedia

National Narrow Gauge Convention [Sept 2012 = #32] in Bellevue/Seattle, Washington State
National Narrow Gauge Convention [Aug 2013 = #33] in Pasadena, California
National Narrow Gauge Convention [Sept 2014 = #34] in Kansas City, Missouri
National Narrow Gauge Convention [2015 = #35] in Houston, Texas
National Narrow Gauge Convention [Sept 2016 = #36] in Augusta, Maine

'narrow gauge railway' entry at Wikipedia
list of 3-foot 6-inch gauge railways in U.S.A. at Wikipedia
list of 3-foot gauge railways in U.S.A. at Wikipedia
list of 2-foot 6-inch gauge railways (including U.S.A.) at Wikipedia
list of 2-foot gauge railways in U.S.A. at Wikipedia

Narrow Gauge Nostalgia book by George Turner  
"Narrow Gauge Nostalgia: A Compendium of California Short Lines" [1965]
by George Turner

Trans-Anglo Books hardcover [1971] out of print/used
Johnston & Howe hardcover [1965] out of print/used
Narrow Gauge To The Hills book by Edgar T. Mead  "Narrow Gauge To The Hills: Exploring Narrow Gauge Railroads In The American West, Europe, Latin America, and India" [1983] by Edgar T. Mead
Weedy Rail Books hardcover [12/83] out of print/used
David & Charles hardcover [12/83] out of print/used
American Narrow Gauge Railroads  "American Narrow Gauge Railroads" [1990]
by George W. Hilton

Stanford Univ Press 12x9 pb [12/94] for $28.32
Stanford Univ Press 12½x11 hardcover [10/90] for $90.00
California High Country Narrow Gauge Railroads book by George Turner  "California High Country Narrow Gauge Railroads" [2001]
by George Turner

Oso Publng 11½x8¾ hardcover [7/2001] out of print/used

The 12-volume "Narrow Gauge Pictorial" book series [1981-2001] covering locomotives, freight cars, passenger cars, and work equipment of the R.G.S.,
D&RGW, and Colorado & Southern narrow-gauge railroads of Colorado's Rocky Mountains are coded over on the Colorado Railroads Links Pages.

Historic  Rail  Lines
Fallen Flags & Railroad Photos
HR's East Coast Railroad history site

G.E. Nordell's Colorado Travel / Railroads Links Pages
G.E. Nordell's New Mexico Travel / Railroads Links Page
G.E. Nordell's New Mexico Travel / Railroads Links Page
G.E. Nordell's Utah Travel / Railroads Links Page

Akron, Canton & Youngstown RR Historical Society
Ann Arbor RR Technical & Historical Assn.
Anthracite RRs {Lehigh Valley & Jersey Central & Reading} Historical Society
Atlantic Coast Line RR - Seaboard Airline RR Historical Society
Baltimore & Ohio RR Historical Society
Boston & Maine RR Historical Society
British Columbia Railway Historical & Technical Society
Friends of the Burlington Northern [est. 1993]
Central of Georgia RR Historical Society
Central Vermont Railway Historical Society
Chesapeake & Ohio RR Historical Society
CB&Q / Burlington Route Historical Society [est. 1979]
Chicago & Eastern Illinois RR Historical Society
Chicago & North Western RR Historical Society
Colorado Midland RR Historical Society
Colorado & Southern Narrow Gauge RR Historical Society
Conrail Technical Society
Delaware & Hudson Bridge Line RR Historical Society
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range RR Historical Society
East Tennessee & West North Carolina RR Historical Society
Erie Lackawanna RR Historical Society
Great Northern Railway Historical Society
LK's Great Northern Railway fansite
Gulf, Mobile & Ohio RR Historical Society
Illinois Terminal RR Historical Society
Louisville & Nashville RR Historical Society
Maryland & Pennsylvania RR Preservation & Historical Society
Milwaukee Road RR Historical Assn.
Missouri-Kansas-Texas 'Katy' RR Historical Society
Monon RR Historical & Technical Society
Missouri Pacific Lines - Texas & Pacific Railway Historical Society
New Haven RR Historical & Technical Assn.
New York, Ontario & Western Railway Historical Society
Nickle Plate RR Historical & Technical Society
Northwestern Pacific RR Historical Society
Pere Marquette RR Historical Society
Reading Lines RR Co. Technical & Historical Society
Rock Island RR Technical Society
Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society [est. 1994]
Southern Pacific RR Historical & Technical Society
Wabash RR Historical Society
Western Maryland Railway Historical Society

Carson & Colorado Railway [narrow-gauge; 1880-1905]
Nevada & California Railroad [narrow-gauge; 1905-1912]
Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Railway [narrow-gauge; 1912-1960]
Carson & Colorado Railroad entry at Wikipedia
Carson & Colorado Railroad [1880-1960] history site
C&C - N&C - Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge RR fansite

G.E. Nordell's Carson & Colorado / Nevada & California / Southern Pacific Narrow-Gauge Railroads Page

old-fashion letterhead logo for Central Pacific Railroad Company, circa 1869          old-fashion yellow & black logo for Central Pacific Railroad, circa 1869
Central Pacific Railroad Company [1861-1885]
Central Pacific Railroad entry at Wikipedia
Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum [est. 1999]
BP's 'Big Four' history site
Central Pacific Railroad Across Nevada - historic comparisons, 1868 & 1997

Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad [originally narrow-gauge; 1870-1988]
Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad entry at Wikipedia

G.E. Nordell's Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad [1870-1988] Page

El Paso & Southwestern Railroad of Texas & New Mexico herald
El Paso & Southwestern Railroad [1888-1963]
Known as the Arizona & South Eastern Railroad until 1902; mainline ran from Bisbee, Arizona to El Paso, Texas; there were stations at
Douglas, Morenci & Tucson in Arizona, at Alamogordo, Animas, Carrizozo, Colfax, Columbus, Dawson, Deming, Lordsburg, Maxwell,
Rodeo, Roy, Santa Rosa, Tucumcari, Tularosa & Vaughn in New Mexico, and at Nacozari de Garcํa in Old Mexico.
no official website • Wikipedia

Illinois Central herald, 1950-1967
Illinois Central Railroad [1851-2001]
Illinois Central Railroad entry at Wikipedia
Illinois Central RR Historical Society
TP's Illinois Central fansite

Louisville & Nashville Railroad herald, 1850-1986
Louisville & Nashville Railroad
[reporting mark LN; est. 1850, absorbed by Seaboard in 1971, now CSX]
L&N Railroad Historical Society [est. 1982] • entry at Wikipedia


Nevada-California-Oregon Railway herald
Nevada-California-Oregon Railway [narrow-gauge; 1881-1929]
TA's Nevada-California-Oregon Railway fansite
N.C.O. Railway history pages at Narrow Gauge on the Net

N.C.N.G. engine #5 at the N.C.N.G. Railroad Museum in Grass Valley, CA         N.C.N.G. Railroad Museum herald
Nevada  County  Narrow  Gauge  Railroad  [1876-1942]
Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum in Grass Valley, California

G.E. Nordell's Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad [1876-1942] Page

Norfolk & Western Railway [1838-1982]
Norfolk & Western Railway entry at Wikipedia
Norfolk & Western Railroad Historical Society [est. 1984]

Northern Pacific Railway herald
Northern Pacific Railway [1864-1995]
Northern Pacific Railway entry at Wikipedia
Northern Pacific Railway Historical Assn. [est. 1981]
JAP's Northern Pacific Railway fansite

Oregon, Pacific & Eastern Railway [1904-1994] at Cottage Grove, Oregon

Pennsylvania Railroad
Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society

The Reader Railroad of Arkansas & Texas
Reader Railroad [est. 1925] of Arkansas & Texas
apparently still in business, though mostly for use in motion pictures such as "3:10 To Yuma" [2007]
Reader Railroad official website

Rutland Railroad [1843-1950] and Rutland Railway [1950-63]
The Rutland Railroad Archives at Middlebury College in Vermont
Rutland Railway Assn. & Museum at the depot in Center Rutland, Vermont
Rutland RR Historical Society [est. 1968 & 1987]

Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway
Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway Historical Society & S.I.G.

         modern logo for the Virginia & Truckee Railroad
Virginia & Truckee Railroad [1869-1950, rebuilt 1972 & 2006]
Virginia & Truckee / Northern Nevada Railway Foundation [est. 1991]
Virginia & Truckee Railroad entry at Wikipedia

G.E. Nordell's Virginia & Truckee Railroad Page

Western Pacific Railroad [1910-1982]
Western Pacific Railroad Museum in Portola, CA
Feather River Rail Society
Western Pacific Railroad Historical Society [est. 1996]
Western Pacific RR Virtual Museum
California Zephyr Virtual Museum

The  Transcontinental  Railroads

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