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Japanese auteur Yasujiro Ozu [1903-63]          short profile

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"I want to make people feel without resorting to drama."
— Yasujiro Ozu

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Yasujiro Ozu entry at Wikipedia
Yasujiro Ozu credits [1927-64] at Internet Movie Database
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Yasujiro Ozu Retrospective at the Berlin Intl. Film Festival [2003=#53]
Yasujiro Ozu Retrospective at the Mostra Intl. Film Festival [2003=#27] in São Paulo, Brasil
Yasujiro Ozu Retrospective at the Northwest Film Forum [2005] in Seattle, WA
Ozu Intl. Short Film Festival [1993-2007] in Sassuolo, Italy

Movies  of  Yasujiro Ozu

Yasujiro Ozu credits [1927-64] at Internet Movie Database
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Criterion Collection's Yasujiro Ozu Dept. {15+ films on DVD}

Ozu's Floating Weeds double DVD  
"Stories of Floating Weeds" double DVD [2004]
Criterion Collxn DVD [4/2004] 2 disks for $31.96

"A Story of Floating Weeds" [1934 silent]: full credits from IMDb
"Floating Weeds" [1959]: full credits from IMDb

Late Ozu DVD box set   "Late Ozu" DVD box set [2007]
Eclipse/Criterion DVD box set [6/2007] 5 disks for $62.99
includes "Early Spring" [1956]; "Tokyo Twilight" [1957]; "Equinox Flower" [1958]; "Late Autumn" [1960]; and "The End of Summer" [1961]
Silent Ozu Three Family Comedies DVD box set  "Silent Ozu: Three Family Comedies" DVD box set [2008]
Eclipse/Criterion b&w DVD set [4/2008] 3 disks for $40.49
includes late silent films "Tokyo Chorus" [Shochiku 1931] starring Tokihiko Okada; "I Was Born But..." [Shochiku 1932] starring Tatsuo Saitô; and "Passing Fancy" [Shochiku 1933] starring Takeshi Sakamoto
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Silent  Films  of  Yasujiro Ozu

"Sword of Penitence" [1927 silent]
"Dreams of Youth" [1928 silent]
"Wife Lost" [1928 silent]
"Pumpkin" [1928 silent]
"A Couple On The Move" [1928 silent]
"Body Beautiful" [1928 silent]
"Treasure Mountain" [1929 silent]
"The Life of An Office Worker" [1929 silent]
"Days of Youth" [1929 silent]
"Fighting Friends" [1929 silent]
"I Graduated But ..." [1929 silent]
"A Straightforward Boy" [1929 silent]
"That Night’s Wife" [1930 silent]
"Introduction To Marriage" [1930 silent]
"Walk Cheerfully" [1930 silent]
"I Flunked But ..." [1930 silent]
"The Revengeful Spirit of Eros" [1930 silent]
"Lost Luck" [1930 silent]
"Young Miss" [1930 silent]
"The Lady and Her Favorite" [1931 silent]
"Beauty’s Sorrows" [1931 silent]
"Tokyo Chorus" [Shochiku 1931 silent] starring Tokihiko Okada
"Spring Comes From The Ladies" [1932 silent]
"I Was Born But..." [Shochiku 1932 silent] starring Tatsuo Saitô
"Where Are The Dreams of Youth?" [1932 silent]
"Until The Day We Meet Again" [1932 silent]
"Women On The Firing Line" [1933 silent]
"Passing Fancy" [Shochiku 1933 silent] starring Takeshi Sakamoto
"A Mother Should Be Loved" [1933 silent]
è "A Story of Floating Weeds" [1934 silent]: full credits from IMDb

Sound  Films  of  Yasujiro Ozu

"An Innocent Maid" [1935 sound film]
"An Inn In Tokyo" [1935]
"Kikugoro no Kagamijishi" [1936]
"College Is A Nice Place" [1936]

"The Only Son" aka "Hitori Musuko"
[Shôchiku Japan Sept 1936, USA April 1987]
The Only Son sound film by Yasujiro Ozu  Ozu's first fully-synchronous sound film; a worker in a silk factory decides to send her son to Tokyo for better schooling; thirteen years later she visits and finds that he has a wife and son, and a low-paying job as a teacher. DVD also includes "There Was A Father" [1942] Co-written & directed by Yasujirô Ozu; starring Chôko Iida, Shinichi Himori, Yoshiko Tsubouchi, Masao Hayama & Chishû Ryû
Criterion subtitled b&w DVD set [7/2010] 2 disks for $32.49
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

"What Did The Lady Forget?" [1937]
"The Brothers and Sisters of The Toda Family" [1941]

"There Was A Father" aka "Chichi Ariki"
[Shôchiku Japan April 1942, USA Nov 1982]
The Only Son sound film by Yasujiro Ozu  A widowed school teacher takes his son to a smalltown boarding school, then returns to Tokyo to pay for the boy's education; the temporary arrangement becomes permanent, and the boy grows up to become a rural schooltecher. DVD also includes "The Only Son" [1936]
Co-written & directed by Yasujirô Ozu; starring Chishû Ryû, Shûji Sano & Haruhiko Tsuda
Criterion subtitled b&w DVD set [7/2010] 2 disks for $32.49
full credits at IMDb

è "The Record of A Tenement Gentleman" [1947]
"A Hen In The Wind" [1948]
"Late Spring" [1949]
"The Munekata Sisters" [1950]
è "Early Summer" [1951]
è "Green Tea Over Rice" [1952]

è "Tokyo Story" [1953]
listed on Time Magazine's All-TIME 100 Movies (5/2005)

è "Early Spring" [1956]
"Tokyo Twilight" [1957]
è "Equinox Flower" [1958]
è "Good Morning (Ohayo)" [1959]
è "Floating Weeds" remake [1959]: full credits from IMDb
"Late Autumn" [1960]
"Early Autumn" [1961]
"The End of Summer" [1961]
"An Autumn Afternoon" [1962]

Other  Works  by  Yasujiro Ozu

Yasujiro Ozu Music Anthology music album  
"Yasujiro Ozu Music Anthology" [2003]
Teichiku soundtrack CD [9/2003] 19 tracks on 2 disks for $64.99
Yasujiro Ozu Original Soundtrack Scores music album  "Yasujiro Ozu: Original Soundtrack Scores" [2003]
Crown Records soundtrack CD [10/2003] 9 tracks for $30.49

Works  About  Yasujiro Ozu

Ozu by Donald Richie  
"Ozu" [1977] by Donald Richie
Univ of CA Press 9x6 pb [7/77] for $24.95
I Lived, But documentary film about Yasujiro Ozu  
{view larger}  

"I Lived, But ...: The Life and Works of Yasujiro Ozu" aka "Ikite wa Mita Keredo - Ozu Yasujirô den" [Shochiku Japan Oct 1983, USA April 1987]
123-minute color/b&w feature documentary co-written & directed by Kazuo Inoue; co-written by Kôki Takaoka; featuring Shohei Imamura, Donald Richie & Chishu Ryu
available as part of the Criterion "Tokyo Story" DVD {above} • full credits at IMDb
Tokyo-Ga documentary film by Wim Wenders  "Tokyo-Ga" documentary film [Germany April 1985] by Wim Wenders
Long inspired by Ozu's films, German director Wenders traveled to Tokyo to visit the locations used in Ozu's movies. (More about Wenders than about Ozu, but still belongs here.)
Co-produced, written & directed by Wim Wenders; featuring Wim Wenders, Chris Marker, Chishu Ryu & Yuuharu Atsuta
available on DVD within Wenders & Ozu collections {see above)
Atlas Film color VHS [undated] out of prodn/scarce
full credits at IMDb
Ozu and The Poetics of Cinema book by David Bordwell  "Ozu and The Poetics of Cinema" [1988]
by David Bordwell

B.F.I. Publng 10x8 pb [8/88] out of print/rare
B.F.I. Publng hardcover [8/88] out of print/rare
author's official website

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